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A High-Performance C++ Editor

Uncompromising performance

Fast and efficient editing
For the professional developer working on large complex projects

Experience the difference

Fast Workspace Load

open workspace

Visual Studio projects

Open and build Visual Studio projects

10x Workspaces

Open a folder or create a custom workspace

Create Workspace
Create Workspace

C++ Parser

No setup required, the built-in C++ parser will parse your project once and incrementally parse edits in real-time.

Autocomplete, goto-definition, find references, rename symbol and much more.


Quickly navigate around the largest projects

Instant Search

Find what you want - fast!

Create Workspace


Customise color schemes, fonts, UI layout


Extend 10x functionality using the built-in Python scripting


The 10x philosophy

1. Uncompromising performance

2. Handles huge projects with ease

3. Don't get in the way

10x is the new C++ Editor from Stewart Lynch. Developed over 6 years, with almost everything written from scratch, 10x is a new breed of editor, combining the raw speed of traditional old-school editors with the productivity features of a modern-day IDE.

The 10x philosophy is that every operation, from opening projects to searching for text should be instant.

At the heart of 10x is a custom-written C++ parser, which provides syntax highlighting, autocomplete, goto-definition, find references and a lot more.

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The future of editing

Enjoy C++ coding again!