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10x is a new, professional level IDE\editor
by Stewart Lynch

The 10x Vision

The 10x vision is for an IDE/Editor targetted at the professional developer with an emphasis on performance and scalability. As professional developers, we need a tool that we can rely on to get the job done. 10x takes an uncompromising stance on performance and productivity and is written from the ground up by one developer.

10x is written from the ground up in C++ and OpenGL/DirectX. Stewart takes his decades of experience in developing and optimising AAA game engines and applies it to developer tools. 10x is not just another editor, it's hand-crafted by an experienced developer to meet the needs of experienced developers. Read more about the vision for 10x here.


10x has all of the usual features that you would expect from a professional IDE/editor, this includes a powerful C++ parser, auto-complete and goto-definition, syntax highlighting and instant project search and navigation. It also has built-in python scripting.

Beta Build 0.*.*

The 10x Beta has been released to allow you to try out the latest build and follow progress. The beta is usable, but is still missing some important features. Development so far has focused on de-risking the project by working on the hardest features first, namely the UI engine and C++ parser (currently 10x only supports C++).

This early build allows you to start using 10x and provide feedback. By supporting and following development you can be a part of this project. The Beta build is for you to provide feedback and help to make the best IDE/editor possible.

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10x Development Blog

Follow development on the 10x blog

Stewart shares the current status of the project, the development philosophy and design goals. Keep up to date on the features that are currently in development and what's coming next.

10x Live Streams

Watch the 10x Live Streams where Stewart takes you through the 10x codebase and talks about the implementation and design decisions of 10x.