Command Line

10x.exe [<arg>]

There can be zero or more args. Order is not important.

<arg> is one of the following

  • command line argument (starting with -)
  • filename
  • 10x command
  • python statement

10x will try and interpret the argument in the order above.

Command line args

-NewInstance Stops it opening the file in an existing instance


Starts 10x without any file

Starts 10x and opens a workspace
10x.exe d:\code\test.10x

starts 10x and opens a file
10x.exe d:\code\test.cpp

Starts 10x and opens two files
10x.exe d:\code\test.cpp d:\code\test.h

Open a file and toggle the read only using the built in 10x command
10x.exe d:\code\test.cpp N10X.Editor.ExecuteCommand("ToggleReadOnly")

Open a file and move the cursor to line 10 using a python statement
10x.exe d:\code\test.cpp N10X.Editor.SetCursorPos((0,10))

Open a file in a new instance (don't open it in an existing instnace)
10x.exe d:\code\test.cpp -NewInstance

10x_notepad.exe works in the same way as 10x.exe

If a file or workspace is specified and 10x or 10x_notepad is already open with that file or workspace then the file is opened in the existing process which is then given focus.

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