10x Changelog

11/07/2024Version (1.0.189)
-fixed parser deadlock

11/07/2024Version (1.0.188)
-fixed stall opening VS projects
-fixed symbol hover box info for symbols with preprocessor macros

11/07/2024Version (1.0.187)
-fixed crash showing symbol hover box (introduced in previous build)

11/07/2024Version (1.0.186)
-fixes to auto-column and auto-panel modes
-it's now possible to close empty panels/columns
-empty columns are now removed in auto column count mode
-empty vertical panels are now removed in auto panel count mode
-fixed column widths when adding/removing columns in auto mode
-fixed panel heights when adding/removing panels in auto mode
-fixed drag-drop target rectangles for inserting new column
-fixed panel placement for drag-dropping to above or below panel
-fixed column getting smaller each time column is added/removed in auto mode
-allow creation of new columns with drag-drop in non-auto mode
-removed 1 pixel gap above tabs in focus mode (makes tabs easier to click on when mouse at top edge of screen)
-removed 1 pixel gap between tab and panel in some zoom modes
-stopped focus mode being disabled when exiting fullscreen
-added CloseAllPanelsInColumn to python API
-made symbol hover box show unpreprocessed lines
-fixed symbol comments not showing in hoverbox for functions with empty macros
-fixed symbol hover box not showing comments for virtual functions
-made symbol hover box show unpreorocessed lines instead of preprocessed lines
-made symbol hover box show whichever symbol has a comment out of the function definition and declaration
-fixed rare crash showing hover box on lines with macros and auto keyword
-fixed parser deadlock
-fixed Unreal string class sometimes not parsing
-(parser cache update)

08/07/2024Version (1.0.185)
-fixed altgr+OEM keys not working

08/07/2024Version (1.0.184)
-stopped GotoNextBuildError skipping errors with idential line/pos
-dismiss symbol hover box with escape

05/07/2024Version (1.0.183)
-added error and warning counts to build panel status bar
-made GotoPrevBuildError and GotoNextBuildError not include warnings
-added GotoPrevBuildWarning and GotoNextBuildWarning commands
-added GotoPrevBuildWarningOrError and GotoNextBuildWarningOrError commands
-GotoNextBuildError now defaults to F8
-made FindFile panel show recently focused files if filter is empty
-fixed InsertNextAutocomplete getting into weird state if used with Autocomplete enabled
-InsertNextAutocomplete now submits autocomplete dropdown if it's visible
-fixed parsing of typedef struct names with pointer specifiers
-fixed parsing of typedef struct names with attributes
-fixed parsing of function declarations with __export keyword
-made GotoNextBuildError skip notes
-(parser cache update)

03/07/2024Version (1.0.182)
-File history backups. Now stores backup of modified files every 60 seconds to folder in appdata (Help Menu -> Open Folder -> Open File History Folder)
-Fixed MultiCursorMoveDown not moving past word wrapped lines
-added InsertPrevAutocomplete and InsertNextAutocomplete commands to insert the next autocomplete without the dropdown (F14, shift+F14)
-added FindSymbolFuzzyMatching to allow disabling of fuzzy search in FindSymbol panel
-fixed focused file not being remembered on restart of tree view is visible
-added GetColumnWidth and SetColumnWidth to python API
-added GlobalDefines setting to setting defines for the parser aross all workspaces
-show Run exit code in hex for 10x workspaces
-fixed crash setting MaxScrollBarWidth to 0
-added Search.GlobalDirectories setting to allow adding extra WorkspaceSearch files for all workspaces
-disabled include autocomplete if Autocomplete setting is false
-stopped parser from trying to update symbol refreences in files included from the additional include paths (fixed parser max'ing cpu after symbols removed)
-fixed array operator function not being found in parent classes
-fixed string values not appearing in symbol holver box for initialized variables
-fixed variable values not appearing in symbol hover box for variables initialized with braces values
-fixed symbol hover box not including commends for functions with comment to the right
-fixed indent for multi-cursor rect select with word wrapped lines
-made escape cancel tree node rename
-(parser cache update)

28/06/2024Version (1.0.181)
-fixed parser crash introduced in previous build

28/06/2024Version (1.0.180)
-fixed undo sometimes breaking in vim
-parser fix for unity builds (no longer necessary to add force includes)
-vim.py: changed g_Mode check to an assert in EnterInsertMode()
-fixed sln workspace needing to be reloaded after adding force include
-fixed quoted force include paths not working
-now logs out force include paths when reparsing
-fixed force includes not working for included files that are not in the workspace
-(parser cache update)

27/06/2024Version (1.0.179)
-fixed Run command (ctrl+F5) for working directories with backslashes
-fixed Run command for commands with spaces in the path
-also show Run exit code as hex

27/06/2024Version (1.0.178)
-disabled F2 rename in workspace tree because it isn't supported yet

26/06/2024Version (1.0.177)
-hide symbol hover box on scroll
-fixed first indent sometimes being wrong on multi-line hover box

22/06/2024Version (1.0.176)
-removed CommandLineArgSelector context menu setting to properties panel
-allow arbitrary strings in CommandLineArgSelector prefix/postfix
-fixed delete key deleting node when renaming node
-added AddDebugCommandLineChangedFunction and RemoveDebugCommandLineChangedFunction to python API
-fixed CompileSingleFile for files specified in VS proj files with relative paths

21/06/2024Version (1.0.175)
-added prefix and postfix settings for CommandLineArgSelector nodes
-added Quotes option in CommandLineArgSelector to wrap child args in quotes
-add copy/paste to CommandLineArgSelector
-fixed build single file for VS proj files with absolute file names
-fixed control+alt key combos not working for some keys
-fixed hover box text for function args
-made hover box not include comment above symbol if there is a comment to the right
-fixed Home/End keys selecting new node in tree node rename

19/06/2024Version (1.0.174)
-improvements to keyboard tree view navigation
-added Control+N and Delete keys for adding and deleting nodes in the CommandLineArgSelector tree
-Space key now toggles tree node checkbox
-added tab-select to CommandLineArgSelector
-CommandLineArgSelector now selects tree when focused
-fixed root node in CommandLineArgSelector defaulting to Single mode
-VisualStudioEnvBat setting now defaults to vcvars64.bat instead of VsDevCmd.bat. Fixes "build tools error" in BuildSingleFile after building from VS
-fixed hover box comments including preprocessor lines and pragmas before classes
-comments at the end of the line now included in symbol hover box
-(parser cache update)

18/06/2024Version (1.0.173)
-show comments in symbol hover box
-fixed templated function calls not showing up in Find References
-stopped group nodes in Command Line Arg selector from being added to the command line
-fixed templated classes with size_t template arg not parsing
-fixed indirection off a bracketed function call not parsing
-added Single and Multi child selection options to Command Line Arg Selector folders
-added Include in command line option to Command Line Arg Selector folders
-mew ToggleCommandLineArgSelector command
-added IsCommandLineArgSelectorPanelOpen() to python API
-(parser cache update)

17/06/2024Version (1.0.172)
-fixed crash in Command Line Arg Selector dragging tree node to self or child

17/06/2024Version (1.0.171)
-fixed goto-def sometimes going to wrong symbol for constructors
-improved resolving of function symbols by argument count
-improvements to registration expired UI notifications
-fixed 10x gaining focus when VS SyncDebugLine changes the file
-fixed relative paths in the Debug current working directory path
-improvements to preprocessor for includer defines for headers (defines defined before the header if included)
-fix for formatting *this and *(type)var
-fixed rare crash parsing incomplete statement at end of file
-fix for parsing built in std types such as std::uint8_t
-removed minus sign from relative line numbering
-(parser cache update)

14/06/2024Version (1.0.170)
-added RelativeLineNumbers setting
-show message box on save giving the option to make read only files writable
-fixed crash renaming symbol in file that has changed
-show messsage box if symbols fail to rename
-fixed auto-formatting for <=>

12/06/2024Version (1.0.169)
-re-enabled the auto-adding of external additional include paths for Unreal
-fixes to the way additional include paths are handled. Now checks project paths before global paths
-significant multi-thread parsing optimisations (significantly reduces full parse time)
-fixed parser updating after writing macro call with arguments
-fixed parser updating after block commenting code
-added SolarizedLight colour scheme
-new CppParser.LogParseStatus command to show what files are currently parsing
-symbol hover box now shows assigned values for variables
-fixed rare crash hitting Enter in menu item
-passing a workspace in on the command line to 10x_notepad now opens the workspace instead of the file
-fixed crash when DX device is lost
-stopped find panel buttons getting focus when clicked
-fixed long stall with FindPrev on long lines
-show parse time in minutes and seconds
-(parser cache update)

06/06/2024Version (1.0.168)
-temporarily disabled the Unreal additional include paths change

05/06/2024Version (1.0.167)
-now automatically adds additional include paths for external code in Unreal
-(parser cache update)

04/06/2024Version (1.0.166)
-added VisualStudioInstallPath setting for setting which VS install 10x launches when debugging
-default VisualStudioInstallPath to use the VisualStudioEnvBat path
-added support for parsing symbols with unicode chars
-fixed word highlighting not working for words with unicode chars
-(parser cache update)

31/05/2024Version (1.0.165)
-new CommandLineArgSelector panel
-made FindFunction panel select the current function when opened with no filter text
-fixed active workspace toolbar not updating debug args when they are changed in the workspace settings
-added debug command arguments setting to 10x workspaces
-added command CloseAllButPinnedTabs

30/05/2024Version (1.0.164)
-fixed find references not finding function declarations for functions defined in a namespace scope

29/05/2024Version (1.0.163)
-fixed goto-def on overloaded functions in namespace scopes not checking arg count
-(parser cache update)

29/05/2024Version (1.0.162)
-fixed long parse times for some projects with usng namespace in headers support added in the last build
-various fixes to using namespace in header support
-added support for qualified using namespace statements in headers
-(parser cache update)

20/05/2024Version (1.0.161)
-general optimisations
-optimisations to reparse when files change externally
-fixed stall auto-writing workspace ui settings when layout changes
-fixed duplicating of additional file paths in workspace settings file
-disabled syncing of VS config for 10x workspaces
-optimisation to xml file reading
-fixed it not remembering open files after an update restart if no workspace open

16/05/2024Version (1.0.160)
-updated vim.py
-fixed control+tab recent files panel not working in vim
-fixed parsing of using namespace statements in headers
-fixed workspace settings such as additioanl includes not updating for parser until workspace is reloaded
-fixed parser doing a full reparse every time a 10x workspace setting is changed
-fixed column index in status bar not updating for tab with spaces
-force include files are now automatically picked up from the VS proj file
-added AddOnPostKeyFunction and RemoveOnPostKeyFunction to Python API
-added AddCursorMovedFunction and RemoveCursorMovedFunction to Python API
-fixed files in folder filters in VS project showing up twice in workspace tree
-fixed natvis file location in Unreal workspace tree
-fixed ifndef header guards sometimes failing to parse correctly
-optimised ToggleSourceHeader command (300ms -> 4ms for large workspaces)
-ToggleSourceHeader will now find the closest file to the current file
-fixed editor defines for Unreal game project editor configs
-fixed constant reparsing when non-workspace file modifications are detected
-fixed preprocessor conditional statements not always updating after edits
-(parser cache update)

10/05/2024Version (1.0.159)
-fixed FindInFiles panel getting bigger each time 10x is restarted

07/05/2024Version (1.0.158)
-fixed F5 triggering a build while debugging (introduced previous build)

06/05/2024Version (1.0.157)
-fixed potential memory corruption if disk read fails

02/05/2024Version (1.0.156)
-installer now adds 10X_INSTALL_PATH environment variable
-when launching from command line and focusing existing instance restore window if minimized

01/05/2024Version (1.0.155)
-re-enabled the new OEM key mappings

01/05/2024Version (1.0.154)
-fixed UE defines for Game Editor configs
-fixed broken mapping of char keys mapped by OEM vk codes (eg /) (broken in previous build)
-(parser cache update)

30/04/2024Version (1.0.153)
-fixed parser losing info further down the file after writing open-ended block comment
-fixed parser losing info on templated types after template class modified
-always write workspace settings after layout changes
-tool state is now stored in workspace settings
-added BackspaceDeletesTabs setting
-added SaveAsUsesPrevPanelPath setting
-added command history dropdown to command panel
-fixed RestartDebugger not building if BuildBeforeStartDebugging is set
-now warns if there are unsaved files when the user requests a windows shutdown
-made it backup unsaved files and write the workspace settings on a windows force shutdown
-fixed 10x workspace always reloading after submitting workspace properties panel
-can now map VK_OEM_1 - VK_OEM_8 and VK_OEM_102 key codes
-fixed workspace search Rescan not re-scanning unsaved files
-fixes and improvements to registration UI panels and registration flow

23/04/2024Version (1.0.152)
-more registration fixes
-show license renew date in about panel for business licenses

22/04/2024Version (1.0.151)
-show warning for 30 days for expired business licenses

19/04/2024Version (1.0.150)
-fixed source panel in find symbol and find references panels resizing each time 10x is restarted (introduced in previous build)

18/04/2024Version (1.0.149)
-fixed crash updating 10x workspace folder files

18/04/2024Version (1.0.148)
-fixed wordwrap bug introduced in previous build
-fixed formatting of asterisk for dereference and built in pointer types

18/04/2024Version (1.0.147)
-fixed typedef struct with multiple comma separated names not parsing
-fixed struct definition with multiple comma separated variable declarations not parsing
-fixed space formatting for amperstand and asterisk
-fixed formatting of ULL literals
-fixed cursor move up/down sometimes getting stuck on word wrapped lines
-fixed word wrapping for very long indented words
-stopped word wrapping wrapping the first word to the next line leaving an previous empty line
-fixed crash in OpenCurrentFileInVS
-stopped 10x trying to set the config/platform while VS is debugging (caused VS to pop up a message box)
-(parser cache update)

11/04/2024Version (1.0.146)
-fixed new python scripts not reloading on save until 10x restarted
-fixed message boxes and switch file panel getting smaller each time they are opened (introduced in previous build)
-fixed potential crash bug related to expand/collapse regions

11/04/2024Version (1.0.145)
-added exe product, developer and version to 10x_notepad.exe file properties
-updated to latest vim.py from github
-fixed undo breaking in vim when switching to another file in insert mode
-added AddOnFileLosingFocusFunction to python API
-added new setting UseSpacesAfterCurrentIndent which defaults to false (used to default to true)
-always open drag-droped files in the panel they are dropped on
-improved error message box if failed to start debugging in VS
-fixed crash with OpenCurrentFileInVS if not connected
-fixed class constructor not parsing if member initializers contain lambdas
-(parser cache update)

09/04/2024Version (1.0.144)
-fixed register on website requiring re-register each time 10x is launched
-various fixes to registration system
-fixed long stall shutting down large workspaces
-fixed About panel getting smaller each time it is shown when scale is not 1 (broken in previous build)
-optimisation to reading of UE workspace for first time
-show warning if failed to verify registration with local license server

05/04/2024Version (1.0.143)
-fixed floating panels getting bigger each time they are opened (introduced in previous easly access build)

05/04/2024Version (1.0.142)
-fixed file system monttor creating a new thread for each external file change

04/04/2024Version (1.0.141)
-fixed include autocomplete sorting by longest match instead shortest
-added OnFileOpened callback to python API (AddOnFileOpenedFunction)
-added PrintThreadCounts command to help track down high thread count bug
-shift-click on standard scroll bar now jumps to the mouse location
-fixed UI scaling issues opening and closing panels for scales other than 1 and 1.5 or 2

02/04/2024Version (1.0.140)
-fixed the parser getting the wrong defintions for symbols defined in multiple languages
-speed optimisations for full parse
-set the company name, product name and version in the executable metadata
-added OpenCurrentFileInVS command and removed VSSync.py script
-show app dropdown message when subscription about to expire
-show number of days left for subscription in registration panel
-fixed update subscription menu item not working for business licenses
-made free trial days left include the current day (was showing days left - 1)
-fixed perforce reconnect not using connect info in p4config file
-fixed some p4v commands not using connect info in p4config file
-made syntax highlighting rules colour all regex match groups
-significant speedup to app shutdown time (now takes around 1/3 the time)
-fixed parsing of class with container class prefix, eg, class OuterClass::InnerClass
-fixed overlapping text in dropdown list box items containing multi-line items
-added SetCursorRectSelect to python API for muti-cursor rectangular select
-(parser cache update)

26/03/2024Version (1.0.139)
-fixed building and setting active project for VS projects with project references (broken in previous build)

21/03/2024Version (1.0.138)
-fixed undo not working until cursor is moved after typing (introduced in previous build)
-if a reconnect fails during a perforce operation stop retrying and show an error
-fixed single line if statements not being indented if they start with a ++
-made GetSymbolDefinitionFilename return path with correct case
-made double clicking on whitespace select the whitespace instead of the previous word

21/03/2024Version (1.0.137)
-(parser cache update)
-support for auto in range based for for std::vector
-support for auto in range based for for std::map
-support for structure binding auto in map range based for
-fix for range based for auto type resolving when begin/end functions in parent
-updated vim.py
-fixed force included defines headers for Unreal game projects
-made perforce PerforceOpenForEdit and PerforceAdd commands always try and reconnect if the operation fails
-fixed unrecognised file types not showing up in VS projects
-fixed files in VS projects not being put into folders with Extensions list
-stopped undo from working inside undo groups (fixed bugs in undo in vim script)
-added GetSymbolDefinitionFilename() to python API

14/03/2024Version (1.0.136)
-added ToolFont and ToolFontSize settings
-added OutputPanelFont and OutputPanelFontSize settings
-added SpaceBrackets setting for adding spaces between open/close brackets
-fixed autocomplete not working in macro calls
-fixed PerforceDiff diffing against the head instead of the current revision

13/03/2024Version (1.0.135)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed designated initalizers without equals not parsing
-fixed muti-cursor rect-select over collapsed regions
-a number of other minor fixes to multi-cursor and collapsed regions
-fixed workspace name box showing when WorkspaceTextInTitleBar is set to None
-fixed update panel showing early access changlists if early access is not enabled
-fixed build error lines without space between error and the colon not parsing
-made FormatBracesOnEnterSplit also work for open bracket and square bracket types
-fixed parsing of eastl unique_ptr
-fixed parser finding wrong string class in Unreal
-improved the way the parser detects Unreal codebase
-fixed member functions showing up twice in find symbol panel
-fixed some find symbol results showing filename in lowercase
-parser now finds Unreal generated header files
-fixed function args with volatile not parsing
-fixed Unreal force includes headers for game projects with non-matching module names
-adding a multi-cursor over an existing multi-cursor will remove it
-disabled DuplicateLine, InsertLine and InsertlineAfter for read-only files

06/03/2024Version (1.0.134)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed parser deadlock
-support for C99 style designated initializers

05/03/2024Version (1.0.133)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed crash parsing llvm/clang codebase
-fixed crash in multi-cursor delete with collapsed regions
-stopped it clearing selection and multi-cursors when collapsing/expanding regions
-fixed incorrect rendering of multi-cursors in collapsed ranges

02/03/2024Version (1.0.132)
-removed default key mapping for ToggleTextToSpeech command. Can be toggled with menu using Alt, H, S

28/02/2024Version (1.0.131)
-fixed crash closing files with word wrap enabled (introduced in previous build)

28/02/2024Version (1.0.130)
-(parser cache update)
-Accessibility: added support for text to speech and braille (Supports NVDA and windows SAPI speech)
-added ToggleTextToSpeech command to toggle the windows SAPI text to speech
-added TextToSpeech and SendBraille functions to python API
-fixed parsing of member calls with template keyword, eg my_class.template Function(); (also fixes formatting of angle brackets)
-fixed build single file with new Unreal Engine per-target project setup
-fixed default config and platform setting for new Unreal per-target projects
-added CollapseAllRegionsRecursive and ExpandAllRegionsRecursive functions
-made ExpandAllRegions not be recursive
-made the collapse/expand all regions commands work with the current selection
-added "10x Notepad" shortcut to 10x task bar context menu
-added AllowEditingOfReadOnlyFiles setting
-added ExtendEmptyLinesUsingSpaces settings (used to default to true, now defaults to false)
-fixed tab showing full path after saving new untitles files
-fixed disabling of PerforceAutoOpenForEdit setting
-stopped perforce showing "not on client" errors when trying to check out files not under the depot
-fixed potential rare bug with RestoreUnsavedFiles restoring old versions of the file
-fixed a number of accessilibity UI keyboard navigation issues
-fixed crash building single file before workspace has finished loading
-fixed early_access html text in update change list
-fixed Enter key submitting update panel when cancel button is focused
-fixed parser stalls after syncing lots of file changes
-fixed parsing of auto with dereference of explicit cast, eg auto test = *(Test*)Func();
-fixed preprocessor undef in header not propergating to source file
-added support for perforce servers with streams enabled
-made goto prev/next word treat newline as a word
-made goto next word skip whitespace at the start of the next line

23/02/2024Version (1.0.129)
-fixed 10x maxing out a core when it loses its connection to the 10xEditorLink VS extension

15/02/2024Version (1.0.128)
-fixed pointer asterisk formatting (bug introduced in prev build)
-fixed GotoDefResolvesTypedefs setting not working for typedefs decalred in macros

13/02/2024Version (1.0.127)
-(parser cache update)
-added EarlyAccessUpdates setting to get the new build before it is put on general release
-updated to latest perforce api dll to make it work with the latest perforce versions
-fixed formatting of asterisk operator
-fixed parsing of multiple variables defined in one statement
-added 'Include files without ext' checkbox to allow for including files without an extension in 10x workspace folders
-put max limit on current highlighting in build panel scroll bar
-added CheckParserIntegrity command
-fixed various perforce commands failing if the PerforceServerAddress setting isn't set and there is a p4 config file
-fixed syncing of the startup/active project to/from visual studio (now updates immediately)
-added FolderAndName to WorkspaceTextInTitleBar and WindowTitle settings autocomplete
-fixed crash in FindFile panel entering full paths
-fixed BuildSingleFile command for VS projects with custom build steps (eg FX files)
-added Search.SetFindText setting to stop workspace search from setting the current find text
-stopped workspace search setting find text when search term includes keywords (when Search.SetFindText is on)
-fixed all edits of define names showing the autocomplete
-fixed force include (pch) files including themselves and breaking ifndef checks
-added .yml and .toml to default workspace search extensions
-fixed current line highlight not showing when there is a single line selection
-fixed MoveCursorLeft moving the cursor when there is a selection, now puts the cursor at the start of the selection and clears the selection
-added UseVisualStudioEnvBat setting to Get/SetWrokspaceSetting python API
-fixed defines still appearing in autocomplete after external file update

05/02/2024Version (1.0.126)
-fixed scroll bar clipping (broken in last update)
-fixed formatting adding spaces around pointer asterisk

03/02/2024Version (1.0.125)
-(parser cache update)
-made ctrl+right word select not select whitespace after the word
-parser support for typedefs with multiple comma separated names
-fixed auto-formatting for + - / * operators
-fixed PerforceEnableP4Config setting not working
-fixed debugger not starting after building with an overridden build command
-show error if it can't open a file due to bad encoding
-added MinLineNumberWidth setting and defaulted it to 3 chars
-made Build panel be added to the ctrl+Tab recent files list when it shows
-stopped it trying to save new files that haven't been saved yet when building
-reduced the number of times it retries opening a locked file
-fix for finding VS2022 installs
-fixed rare crash bug in workspace search and code preview source windows
-fixed opening menu and pressing Up going to the second to last item
-fixed scroll bar drawing below bottom of panel when there are lots of items

30/01/2024Version (1.0.124)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed config syncing with VS
-added parser support for array pointer function args
-added GetWindowRect and SetWindowRect to python API
-fixed alignments in about panel text
-added Next Bill Date to about panel
-fixed alignment of update button
-added OnDebuggerStarted and OnDebuggerStopped to python script to let 10x know when the debugger is running
-added OnDebuggerPaused and OnDebuggerResumed to python script to let 10x know when the debugger is paused
-deactivate debug menu items depending on whether the debugger is running or paused
-changed "Start Debugging" menu item to "Continue Debugging" when debugger running
-fixed build spinner not showing for overridden build commands
-When the build command is overridden from python it now automatically calls OnBuildStarted (controls things like the build spinner)
-added OnBuildFnished to the python API to let 10x know when an overridden build command has finished
-made it warn about non-code files that can't be saved when starting a build
-fixed Continue Debugging (F5) not working if BuildBeforeStartDebugging settings is set
-fixed debug step line indicator not disappearing when debugger is resumed
-added support for Configurations and Platforms to Get/SetWorkspaceSetting python API
-added support for detecting VS2022 install
-support for parsing build error: "error : no such file or directory"

28/01/2024Version (1.0.123)
-fixed crash setting debug step line marker with duplicated file panels

26/01/2024Version (1.0.122)
-fixed debug step line arrow rendering
-made OpenInVS python function go to the current cursor pos
-stopped SetDebuggerStepLine python API logging errors for files that don't exist
-stopped SetDebuggerStepLine python API logging going to start of file when line index is -1
-added ClearDebuggerStepLine to Python API

26/01/2024Version (1.0.121)
-fixed config and platform being cleared when build completes

26/01/2024Version (1.0.120)
-(new 10xEditorLink extension version: 1.2)
-added SyncDebugLine setting to show an arrow next to the current debugger line (when using VS debugger)
-added Editor.DebuggerStepLine colour setting
-added Editor.DebuggingStatusBarColour colour setting
-added OpenIn10x command (alt+X) to 10xEditorLink VS extension. Switches to 10x and opens the current file/line.
-Find symbol and find references now support GotoNextResult (F4)
-fixed alignment of workspace name box next to menu
-status bar now changes colour when debugging
-config and platform settings now sync both ways with VS and update when they are changed
-added DebugStepOver, DebugStepInto, DebugStepOut commands. Work with VS debugging and can be hooked with script)
-fixed "Opening..." spinner showing when 10x is opened without a workspace
-fixed python build hooks not getting called when building from the workspace tree menus
-show message box if 10xEditorLink extension needs updating
-fixed rare crash scrolling quickly through symbol results
-breakpoints now sync with VS immediately
-fixed bug with menu showing in focus mode on mouse over with HideMenu setting enabled
-added SetForegroundWindow to python API
-added AddDebugStepOverFunction, AddDebugStepIntoFunction, AddDebugStepOutFunction to python API
-added AddProjectRebuildFunction to python API
-added SetStatusBarColour and ClearStatusBarColour to python API
-added SetDebuggerStepLine to python API
-fixed unterminated lines in build output not showing and being prepended to the next build output
-fixed memory leak with build output
-fixed symbol hover box text clipping
-fixed line "fatal error" not parsing as errors in build output
-fixed empty configs/platforms strings being set from the 10x workspace settings
-added AllowPreprocessorLineIndenting setting to stop preprocessor statements being indented to zero automatically (defaults to true)
-fixed crash in parser in the symbol hover box on auto statements
-stopped empty lines being indented with block indent/unindent
-added tab/shift focusing to Workspace Search controls
-fixed text alignment for description hover box
-fixed active tabbed panel sometimes not showing if there are too many pinned tabs
-fixed cursor being moved to indent level after line paste

26/01/2024Version (1.0.119)
-Build rolled back

18/01/2024Version (1.0.118)
-add default fullscreen and focus command key mappings

18/01/2024Version (1.0.117)
-added ToggleFullscreen command (alt+Enter)
-added ToggleFocusMode command (alt+control+Enter)
-added ToggleFullScreenFocusMode command (alt+shift+Enter)
-fixed parsing of multiple variables declared in one statement with assignments
-fixed automatic indenting of labmdas passed to functions
-Extension setting in syntax highlighting files now takes wildcard
-fixed config control showing over workspace name when window is too small
-renamed ClearAllBookmarks command to RemoveAllBookmarks
-fixed progress bar and spinner sometimes not showing
-stopped floating text panels from automatically centering when shown
-fixed WorkspaceTextInTitleBar setting
-added FolderAndName option to both WindowTitle and WorkspaceTextInTitleBar settings
-made symbol definition hover box wrap long lines
-fixed crash closing file restored from the file backup system
-added AddOnWorkspaceCreatedFunction and RemoveOnWorkspaceCreatedFunction to python API
-added SetCursorX and SetCursorY to python API
-added GetWorkspaceSetting and SetWorkspaceSetting to python API
-added GetSymbolType to python API
-added GetSymbolDefinition to python API
-disabled adding new referenced workspace to a sync'd folder
-fixed multi-line message box text clipping
-fixed 10x workspace force includes setting not updating properly when switching configs
-improved setting of default active workspace when workspace opened for the first time
-fixed GotoNextError trying to go to MSVC linker info lines
-fixed some build error lines with pos separated by colons not parsing
-support for Import reading VS projects
-fixed goto definition from auto-resolving typedefs declared in macros
-made GetScopeName ignore labmdas
-fixed preprocesor incorrectly showing code as defined out after certain edits
-fixed bitwise | and & in preprocessor conditionals

10/01/2024Version (1.0.116)
-fixed crash in GetCurrentScopeName python function when called in the global scope

10/01/2024Version (1.0.115)
-fixed comment block formatting on Enter with a multi-line selection
-fixed workspace search entries showing up multiple times for WorkspaceSearchFolders settings with overlapping paths
-added GetCurrentScopeName() to python API
-fixed 10x workspace changing to a folder workspace if it fails to save
-fixed long stall/hang doing a build in 10x workspaces while a previous build is still in progress
-fixes to stl parsing (added _MSVC_LANG define)
-fixed "Sync from project" checkbox resetting when workspace is loaded
-support for control+click multi-select in Find File and Workspace Search panels
-fixed additional include paths setting adding multiple identical entries when saving/loading
-preserve the currently selected node in the workspace tree when loadng workspace
-fixed workspace tree scrolling to the top on first click after load
-fixed breakpoint clicking taking priority over panel resizing
-fixed middle mouse button not going to symbol defintion (broke last build)
-added new GotoSymbolDefinitionUnderMouse command (mapped to middle mouse button by default)
-added CloseBuildOutputAfterBuild setting

04/01/2024Version (1.0.114)
-added AddCursorAtMousePos command
-added StartDraggingRectSelect command
-fixed stall with 10x workspaces during build

04/01/2024Version (1.0.113)
-moved build output parsing to separate thread to avoid slowdown when logging
-added OnBuildFinished example python script to close the build panel when a successful build completes
-optimised build output parsing
-fixed .verify registration files being saved to appdata root
-fixed free trial panel appearing very slowly
-fixed potential stalls when 10x workspace tree is refreshed
-fixed GetActiveWorkspace() python function sometimes stalling the main thread
-re-enabled auto refreshing of 10x workspace folders
-fixed undo stack being cleared opening the find symbol or find references panel
-fixed undo stack being cleared creating a duplicate panel
-fixed word wrap failing typing on the last line of the file
-fixe crash reloading workspace while a previous reload is in progress (also can crash regenerating UE project files)

22/12/2023Version (1.0.112)
-fixed 10x using cpu when idle (introduced in last build)

20/12/2023Version (1.0.111)
-temporarily disabled the automatic syncing of 10x workspace folders when files are added/removed. It was causing some stalls.

19/12/2023Version (1.0.110)
-(parser cache update)
-support for Show All Files in VS projects
-automatically update 10x workspace folders when files are added/removed
-automatically update projects with Show All Files when files are added/removed
-fixed 10x_notepad always opening a new instance
-parser support for designated initializer assignment
-fixed mutable unnamed structs not parsing
-fixed opening 10x log file in 10x eating up memory
-fixed excessive disk access when detecting file changes
-fixed floating panels not remembering their size
-stopped autocomplete adding an open bracket when autocompleting a function if there is already an open bracket
-support for parsing build errors starting with "inlined at"
-fixed build errors with space before colon not parsing
-fixed functions with attributes after the function name not parsing
-fixed autocomplete showing in strings
-fixed workspace search setting the find text when opening a file
-fixed tree nodes staying selected after collapsing parent
-added InsertGuid() function to Utils.py
-fixed type resolving of stl vector iterator in parser
-significant speedup for build and 10x output logging

18/12/2023Version (1.0.109)
-stopped 10x calling out to a bat file to get MS build env vars

03/12/2023Version (1.0.108)
-fixed crash with docking and crash loading workspace with some saved dock layouts
-fixed crash calling CloseAllOtherTabs command with unnamed modified files
-fixed build errors with relative paths not parsing
-improved map scroll bar rendering speed
-removed extra separator in help menu

30/11/2023Version (1.0.107)
-default DisablePresentWhenIdle setting to false to fix flickering

30/11/2023Version (1.0.106)
-fixed rendering glitches
-reinstated waitable swap chains optimisation

29/11/2023Version (1.0.105)
-temporarily rolled back waitable swap chains optimisation to fix graphical glitches

29/11/2023Version (1.0.104)
-fixed 10x workspace file being cleared if settings panel is submitted without any changes

28/11/2023Version (1.0.103)
-fixed 1 sec stall minimising/maximising introduced in previous build

28/11/2023Version (1.0.102)
-reworked the create 10x workspace panel to make it obvious you have to specify a path for the workspace
-cancel 10x workspace creation if it fails to write the .10x file
-fixed goto-def (and a few other things) not using the ReopenFileInCurrentPanel setting
-fixed build errors with .. or - chars not parsing
-fix for graphical artifacts (mostly showed up on high refresh rate monitors with g-sync)
-made app not go into idle sleep mode if vsync is enabled

24/11/2023Version (1.0.101)
-fixed single instance start bug from last build

24/11/2023Version (1.0.100)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed opening file from the command line using "10x.exe workspace file" (broken in (1.0.97). Fixes Unreal goto source
-fixed multi-instance start, now checks all instances for a matching workspace
-fixed wrong indent after single line if containing square brackets
-fixed panels docked to the edge of the window not restoring correctly
-fixed open workspace spinner not showing
-fixed "Read workspace time" log message
-fixed files marked with CopyFileToFolders not showing in VS projects
-added timeout to file parsing to stop very large files stalling the parser

22/11/2023Version (1.0.99)
-fixed map scroll bar rendering (randomly missing sections, introduced in 1.0.97)

22/11/2023Version (1.0.98)
-fixed workspace search going to the wrong column (whitespace was being stripped)

22/11/2023Version (1.0.97)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed opening of files with relative paths from command line args in existing 10x instance
-added links to github python scripts and color schemes to help menu
-added menu items to open appdata folders to help and settings menu
-optimisation to make idle update use up less cpu
-added SelectAllOccurances to use multi-cursor to select all results from find in file (alt+ctrl+shift+J and alt+F3) or Alt+Enter when find panel is focused
-stopped escape clearing find highlights if cancelling multi-cursor
-set the find in file text after a find in files finishes
-set the find in file text after a workspace search is submitted
-fixed F3 and control+F3 not setting find in file text
-fixed stalls updating map scroll bar
-fixed distributed builds not working on console for Unreal
-made distributed build setting per config/platform
-fixed bug with app going to sleep too soon, now sleeps after 5 seconds of idle
-reduced idle speed times to improve wake from sleep times on high refresh rate monitors
-removed 1 frame of latency by switching to waitable swap chains
-set MaximumFrameLatency to 1
-fixed empty workspace file with no extension being created when opening a folder workspace using the path \.
-refactor of DefNode child map
-fixed FindFile panel opening files by filename with line number, eg test.cpp:100
-fixed build errors with . in folder and file names not parsing
-fixed build errors with spaces in file names not parsing
-fixed goto error not working for filenames with spaces
-fixed prev/next location sometimes missing locations, for example on goto-def
-fix for some MSVC link errors not showing as errors in the build output
-fixed column off by one in goto build error

17/11/2023Version (1.0.96)
-fixed crashes selecting nodes in workspce tree after a reload

14/11/2023Version (1.0.95)
-fixed crash in workspace tree
-fixed blank files being opened when restoring unsaved files if -NewInstance command line arg is set

12/11/2023Version (1.0.94)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed parser sometimes losing information doing incremental parse
-removed unnecessary parser log warning

12/11/2023Version (1.0.93)
-parser crash fix

10/11/2023Version (1.0.92)
-(parser cache update)
-bumped parser cache version number to flush out bad data left over from build (1.0.90)

10/11/2023Version (1.0.91)
-fixed parser crash on some codebases introduced in (1.0.89)

10/11/2023Version (1.0.90)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed it triggering a reparse all when non-workspace file modifiications are detected by the directory watcher (introduced previous build)
-fixed it not showing the opening workspace spinner when reloading a workspace
-fixed Open Workspace Time log value when reloading workspace
-stopped it logging out to the log file every time a file change is detected (could cause slowdowns in parsing while building or syncing)
-fixed rare deadlock in parser

08/11/2023Version (1.0.89)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed parser bug where deleting a namespace could invalidate symbols in all namespaces
-fixed "unable to find DefNode" for error message
-support for renaming namespaces
-fixes for parser stalls after large sync
-parser now does a full reparse if a lot of files after a sync
-fixes for reloading workspace
-fixed open files with a relative path from the command line
-vertical alignment fixes for UI text
-tweaks to vertical UI spacing
-fixed Free Trial box popping up briefly on launch when registered
-fixed last workspace loading for "New Instance" taskbar context menu item when OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup setting is true
-allow for arguments and quoted paths in the VisualStudioEnvBat setting
-focus workspace tree when it's made visible
-fixed rare crash closing tool panels
-fixed ReopenFileInCurrentPanel setting when opened from Find File, Go To Definition, Find Symbol or Find Symbol References
-fixed directory watcher missing file changes when lots of files change
-support for opening files with absolute paths in Find File panel (with autocomplete)
-support for opening files with lines numbers in Find File panel, eg d:\temp\test.txt(10) or d:\temp\test.txt:10
-double clicking a column splitter will now center it
-added some more error types to build output parser
-fixed autocomplete when changing an existing include line

26/10/2023Version (1.0.88)
-fixed crash loading workspace with multiple docked workspace search panels
-stopped initial search panel losing results after opening a new search panel
-made Search command open the last focused search panel
-stopped previous workspace from loading when OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup is set and NewInstance arg is pass on the command line
-added tooltip for NewWorkspaceSearch button

26/10/2023Version (1.0.87)
-fixed crash parsing huge files

25/10/2023Version (1.0.86)
-fixed rare crash showing symbol hover box on preprocessed line with auto

25/10/2023Version (1.0.85)
-fixed fatal error build lines not parsing as errors
-fixed build error and warning lines with line ranges eg.(1-10) not parsing
-fixed MSVC warnings sometimes not parsing
-fixed NewSearchPanel command not settinng initial text

25/10/2023Version (1.0.84)
-fixed workspace search closing on submit when docked to the edge of the window
-fixed crash opening 10x_notepad

24/10/2023Version (1.0.83)
-fixed crash adding more than 3 workspace search panels

24/10/2023Version (1.0.82)
-(parser cache update)
-Multiple Workspace Search panels. Added NewSearchPanel command, and a + button in the Search panel
-made current tab always visible even if too many pinned tabs
-fixed bug where current tab sometimes would not be scrolled into view
-fixed resolving of indirection operators in templated base classes
-stopped goto-def resolving typedefs if they are in preprocessed lines and the goto-def is valid in the unpreprocessed line
-fixed uifont also changing editor font if they were the set to the same value on startup
-made 10x workspace run paths be relative to the workspace folder
-fixed deleted color schemes showing up in colour scheme manager panel
-log out the build time at the end of the build
-fixed Active Project Settings menu item not working for sln workspaces
-fixed compiler lines incorrectly being colored as errors
-fixed slashes being added to end of include autocomplete
-fixed spaces at the start of typedef symbols in std
-fixed goto-def highlighted range in preprocessed lines
-fixed typo in successfully registered message box

13/10/2023Version (1.0.81)
-(parser cache update)
-added PerforceEnabled setting to completely disable perforce and remove the context menu items
-added SyncWorkspace command
-added "10x - New Instance" to taskbar context menu if OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup is true
-when opening a folder, if it contains a 10x workspace open that instead
-fixed opening a folder workspace from overwriting 10x workspace files in that folder
-reload sln workspace when .filters files change
-fixed opening of new unsaved files with FindFile and Workspace Search panels
-fixed crash opening workspace that has a new empty unsaved file open
-changed bracket colors in light color schemes
-added jai regex syntax highlighting
-added SyncWorkspace command for syncing all folders in a 10x workspace
-support for subdirectories in PythonScripts folder
-made relative paths in Run Working Directory setting relative to workspace path
-fixed panel grid columns sometimes getting smaller by one pixel when workspace tree is shown/hidden
-made sln workspace run cmd exe's from a cmd prompt to show output and pause before exiting
-stopped bracket coloring in comments
-fixed missing defines for some UE projects
-fixed perforce randomly timing out if machine left on for a long time
-stopped DeleteToEndOfLine from deleting the \n at the end of a line

22/09/2023Version (1.0.80)
-fixed PerforceDiff command (definitely fixed this time!)

21/09/2023Version (1.0.79)
-fixed PerforceDiff command

21/09/2023Version (1.0.78)
-(parser cache update)
-add parser support for defaut template args
-added parser support for templated parents
-added parser support for templated templated args
-fixed workspace tree resetting when VS project file updated externally
-made FindPrev put cursor at start of work instead of end in vim
-fixed breakpoints not working in jai files
-fixed broken perforce diff command
-fixed comma separated NOT IN workspace search filters

13/09/2023Version (1.0.77)
-(parser cache update)
-partial support for import keyword (at the moment just treats it like an include)
-stopped function declarations at the global scope being coloured as member functions
-fixed namespace function definitions not being coloured as member functions
-fixed Unreal defines not working if engine is in a root folder ending in Engine
-fixed crash deleting the last colour scheme
-added __cplusplus, __INTELLISENSE__ and __10X__ defines to 10x workspaces
-added UIFontSize setting
-added then keyword to lua syntax highlighting
-updated MSBuildVars lib to latest version in an attempt to fix workspaces not building if VS2019 is not installed
-autosize width of active workspace toolbar args dropdown
-stopped DeleteLine and DeleteToEndOfLine working in read-only text editor panels
-fixed crash in DeleteToEndOfLine deleting the last line in a file
-updated vim.py
-new Pink colour scheme

06/09/2023Version (1.0.76)
-fixed syntax highlighting in Workspace Search results (broke in previous build)

06/09/2023Version (1.0.75)
-fixed crash in workspace search syntax highlighting (introduced in previous build)

05/09/2023Version (1.0.74)
-(parser cache update)
-support for designated initializers (autocomplete, goto-def and renaming)
-color braces by depth (rainbow braces) enable with the ColorBracesByDepth setting
-added Editor.BraceDepth1-BraceDepth6 colour settings
-fixed parsing of raw multiline strings with delimiters (fixes NewObject in UE5)
-renamed "Close All Tabs" menu item to "Close All Files" and made it only close file panels
-stopped "Error stopping debugger" message box showing building 10x workspaces
-made perforce annotate file open in the current panel
-made perforce commands use the depot path instead of the local file path (history, showinp4v, annotate, timelapse, revgraph)
-made perforce diff temp filename use the depot path (fixes problems viewing multiple diffs at once)
-fixed hang deleting multiple files at once from the 10xworkspace tree
-fixed MSVC link warnings with error in the message showing as a build error
-general improvements to parsing for build warnings and errors
-fixed text box not getting focus when switching to a docked find symbol panel
-fixed it not remembering the source preview panel height in find symbol panels after restart
-added -cqu options to perforce annotate
-made non-language rules in the syntax highlighting files override the parser colors
-fixed parsing of functions with a throw()
-added hlsli to default workspace search extensions
-fixed workspace search focusing previous panel before opening new file when docked
-fixed indent sometimes being wrong at global scope after unterminated lines
-added SubmitRenameSymbol command to allow mapping to a different key
-optimisations to map scroll bar updating
-added TrimLines.py and VSSync.py python scripts
-fixed installer Repair, now fixes the "invalid install" bug
-stopped the registration machine identifier changing causing a reinstall
-improved machine identification to stop the "invalid install" bug
-added EnableNewMachineId python function to enable new machine id generation
-fixed Enter needing to be pressed twice to submit autocomplete
-changed File menu save shortcut keys, SaveAs -> A, SaveAll -> L
-added BeginTextUpdate and EndTextUpdate to python API to make batch changes faster

18/08/2023Version (1.0.73)
-fixed macros not working in debug working directory setting for 10x workspaces
-changed Alt+Shift+End key mapping to SelectToLineEnd. Fixes End with multi-cursor rect select

18/08/2023Version (1.0.72)
-fixed parser breaking for file if it is edited while full parse in progress

17/08/2023Version (1.0.71)
-fixed "subscription about to expire" message box showing for active monthly subscriptions (introduced previous build)

17/08/2023Version (1.0.70)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed old invalid symbols in find symbols panels. This is a significant fix that will fix many general issues with reparsing
-fixed unnecessary compressing and decompressing of open files in parser on startup
-fixed parsing of multi-line strings terminated with backslash
-fixed preprocessor parsing lines in multi-line strings
-added settings and python scripts directories to directory watcher for instant update
-stopped it checking the file modification time for all workspace files when 10x gets focus (already handled by directory watcher). Eliminates significant cpu and disk spikes.
-added EndKeyUpdatesRectSelect setting to stop the end key updating the rectangle select and instead select to the end of each line
-stopped End key selecting text if shift isn't held after a multi-cursor rect select
-made the debug command in 10x workspaces use the exe working directory from the settings
-made SelectCurrentWord update the current find text for F3
-added VS+VAX Light color scheme
-increase timeout for VisualStudioLink connection when VS is launched to 30 seconds
-fixed OpenFolder on workspace folder launching a bat file if a bat file of the same name as the folder exists in the parent directory
-re-added Search.SortOpenFilesByOpenFrequency setting (turns out I can't live without it)
-improved registration message boxes for free trial and subscriptions that are about to expire
-added perpetual version number to the registration panel
-stopped text dragging with mouse from adding text to the clipboard
-fixed crashes and memory corruptions cause by editing text at the end of duplicated files
-fixed directory watcher not watching sub directories

10/08/2023Version (1.0.69)
-fixed registration panel message box showing for cancelled subscriptions that are still within date

10/08/2023Version (1.0.68)
-fixed FindNext (F3) not working if cursor in within the only matching text
-fixed potential memory corruption and crash in find/replace text in file
-fixed cursor position after replacing text
-fixed highlighting after replacing text
-added PerforceAdd command
-allow key combos to be mapped to multiple commands
-added AutocompletePrev, AutocompleteNext, AutocompletePageUp, AutocompletePagedown commands (to allow remapping)
-fixed cursor flickering if system cursor blink rate is set to None
-fixed crash updating file that is continiously updating while locked
-made PerforceAnnotate command use the current client/port
-made DeleteLine command delete all selected lines
-fixed crash parsing infinitly recursive decltype
-fixed goto line panel not working for last line in file
-removed Search.SortOpenFilesByOpenFrequency setting

07/08/2023Version (1.0.67)
-added WindowTitle setting. Set it to workspace Name or workspace Path (also updates title in taskbar)
-vim: fixed escape sometimes needing to be hit twice to exit insert mode
-fixed workspace name text box showing if no workspace open
-fixed workspace name text box showing when menu is shown on mose over

05/08/2023Version (1.0.66)
-fixed vim Ngt command (now goes to the N'th tab)
-added SetFocusedTab(index) function to python interface
-added InsertLineAfter command (control+shift+Enter)
-added workspace name text box that shows if main menu showing (hover over for full path)
-added PerforceEnableP4Config setting to allow enabling/disabling of p4 config
-bind DeleteToEndOfLine to control+L by default
-fixed rare crash on shutdown
-fixed AutoAddCloseBrace adding a close brace on [ (introduced last build)
-made source files appear before header files in Workspace Search open file list
-fixed rare crash on startup in Workspace Search

03/08/2023Version (1.0.65)
-(parser cache update)
-improved formatting for Unreal UI code (square brackets are now treated like braces and lines starting with . and + are not indented)
-updated vim script from github version
-made gt and GT vim commands work with repeat count, eg 2gt
-removed hack in vim.py for indent and unindent line
-added DeleteToEndOfLine command
-disable autocomplete in settings files if Autocomplete setting is disabled
-fixed Workspace Search initial text if find panel is showing
-added AddMouseSelectStartedFunction and AddMouseSelectFinishedFunction python callbacks
-made control+space work for settings autocomplete
-added SaveAllOnLoseFocus setting
-fixed goto-result in find in files results panel for paths with brackets
-improved sorting of Workspace Search open file list
-fixed crash showing autocomplete indirecting off smart pointer

01/08/2023Version (1.0.64)
-(parser cache update)
-Workspace Tree now restores its state when opening workspace
-added horizontal scroll bar to workspace tree
-fixed UI font corruption after loading non-ascii glyphs
-removed file column from FindFunction panel
-added AutocompleteCount setting for changing the number of visible items in the autocomplete dropdown
-fixed alt+shift+arrow not resetting the rect select start pos after moving the multi-cursors
-fixed home and end keys in a multi-cursor rect select
-changed default value for AutoFormatBlockCommentsNewLines to false
-fixed parsing of custom size_t typedef
-fixed rename (and find references) for variable definitions with assignment
-fixed IndentLine command not working if cursor at start of line
-fixed UnindentLine command if cursor before start of line
-fixed MoveLineUp and MoveLinedown commands for multi-cursor
-fixed duplicate multi-cursor adding multi-cursor at end of file

26/07/2023Version (1.0.63)
-fixed tab not working on empty lines (introduced in yesterdays build)
-fixed shift-tab unindenting mid line and with selected text
-fixed shift-tab unindenting with mixture of tabs and spaces
-fixed indenting and unindenting with multi-cursors

26/07/2023Version (1.0.62)
-added regex settings for output panel warnings and errors (OutputPanelWarningRegex and OutputPanelErrorRegex)
-added regex settings for build output warnings and errors (BuildWarningRegex and BuildErrorRegex)
-added EnableFunctionInfoHoverBox setting for enabling/disabling the function info hover box
-fixed parser syntax highlighting colors flickering on monitors with high refresh rates
-fixed crash in Workspace Search copying to clipboard for no results
-made shift+Tab unindent line if line selected but leading whitespace is not selected

24/07/2023Version (1.0.61)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed autocomplete for multi-dimensional arrays access
-made include autocomplete autocomplete the next folder in the path instead of the whole path to the file
-made MoveToMatchingBracket command also work with preprocessor conditionals
-made p4config file support work even if PerforceServerAddress setting is not set
-fixed mouse wheel scrolling in workspace settings list boxes also scrolling the parent panel
-fixed crash dragging text and cancelling with right mouse button

19/07/2023Version (1.0.60)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed large memory increase after editing files included in many other files
-fixed bug in preprocessor conditionals for files that include themselves
-fixed formatting of ampstand references
-fixed workspace settings menu item staying disabled after right clicking on a sync'd folder node

18/07/2023Version (1.0.59)
-fixed deadlock closing 10x workspace settings panel
-reinstated fix for indentation of function names on new lines

17/07/2023Version (1.0.58)
-fixed formatting of left shift operator
-fixed indentation problems pasting functions
-fixed resolving of -> operator for variables defines with restrict
-rollback of fix from last build for "fixed indentation of function definition names..." because it was causing other problems

17/07/2023Version (1.0.57)
-(parser cache update)
-support for decltype
-fixed shift operator formatting
-fixed indentation of function definition names when they are on a new line (now only indents unterminated statements in function scope)
-fixed goto-def sometimes choosing wrong function when function has default args and arg count doesn't match
-added free trial days remaining to about panel
-fixed it not showing free trial button for cancelled licenses
-made VisualStudioEnvBat support paths in quotes
-fixed force include workspace setting not working with backslashes
-fixed force include workspace setting not taking effect until a restart and ReparseAll
-workspace settings are now automatically written after settings panel closed
-format conditional when unbraced conditional body statement is terminated with semi-colon
-fixed parsing of indirection operators that return types with indirection operators
-made MaxOpenTabs ignore pinned tabs

14/07/2023Version (1.0.56)
-fixed crash bug with find references panel

14/07/2023Version (1.0.55)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed for newly entered symbols sometimes not appearing until a reparse
-fix for all symbols in a namespace sometimes disappearing from the parser after removing a single namespace instance

11/07/2023Version (1.0.54)
-fixed parser crash

11/07/2023Version (1.0.53)
-fixed extra search folders in workspace search
-update workspace search files after ExtraSearchFolder workspace setting changed
-allow opening of files in extra search folders in workspace search
-made it cache the files in the extra search folders
-made workspace search Rescan rescan the extra search folders
-fixed parser crash writing variable assignment at end of file (introduced in previous build)

10/07/2023Version (1.0.52)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed reparse bug writing variable definitions with assignments
-fixed reparse bug for non-terminated lines
-reset 30 day free trial after 60 days
-removed registration key from settings
-fixed free trial button appearing begind toolbars
-fixed free trial button showing for cancelled registrations

09/07/2023Version (1.0.51)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed UnrealEngine projects not parsing properly for solutions generated from unreal editor (autocomplete and goto-def were not working for most engine code)
-moved update button to the right side of the titlebar so that it's not obscured
-fixed column resizing in FindFile panel
-remember column widths in FindFile panel on restart
-fixed build log omitting some project -> lines for Build All

06/07/2023Version (1.0.50)
-made python BuildFinished function pass in false if the build failed
-fixed crash in CloseUnmodifiedFiles for tool windows
-added ExecuteBuildCommand to python API
-fixed goto-build error for errors of the form `:##:##: error`
-optimisations to multi-core parsing
-reduced memory usage
-fixed large array files taking long time to parse
-fixed a push/pop undo group in vim.py

03/07/2023Version (1.0.49)
-(parser cache update)
-added Windows menu (alt+W)
-added recently focused files list to Windows menu (accessable with number keys)
-fixed slowdown in FindFile panel for massive workspaces
-fixed stalls in syntax highlighter opening and closing large files
-fixed crash loading large files (> 64MB)
-general optimisations for large files
-optimisation to workspace tree initialisation and destruction (fixes large stall closing massive workspaces)
-parser support for UE object macro args (autocomplete and goto-def)
-fixed selection and cursor movement bugs in edit text boxes
-update to fastbuild.10x_syntax
-updated vim.py

25/06/2023Version (1.0.48)
-fixed shift and control keys sometimes getting stuck on when launching a process from python

24/06/2023Version (1.0.47)
-fixed build success line showing in red (introduced prev build)
-fix for goto-build error not working 10x workspaces with folder paths with backslashes

24/06/2023Version (1.0.46)
-(parser cache update)
-auto is now resolved in symbol info hover box
-added parser support for auto from a cast `auto test = (Test*)p;`
-fixed auto not working properly with pointer types
-fixed control-click select word not working clicking twice in quick succession
-made Perforce timelapse show current line
-fixed whitespace at end of Find File panel text box not showing any results
-stopped perforce ShowInP4v command opening new window if p4v already open (needs latest p4v version)
-support for `: error LNK2019` style link errors
-fixed timeout crash on shutdown (waiting on VS debugger)
-fixed shift and control key held states not being recognised when app gets focus

21/06/2023Version (1.0.45)
-(parser cache update)
-added perforce commands to file right click context menu
-fixed control+click going to symbol definition on double or triple click
-fixed formatting bugs for external files included by preprocessor that are not in the parser ext list
-Workspace search now supports clipboard copy (control+C to copy selected, control+alt+C to copy all)
-added right click context menu to Workspace Search results list (with Copy and Copy All)
-disabled triple click select line is shift key held on third click
-remove multi-cursors when they overlap with existing cursors
-fixed all multi-cursors going to the same location when moving up/down
-made DuplicateLine duplicate the selection when multiple lines are selected

16/06/2023Version (1.0.44)
-added PerforceAnnotate command (logs to file in temp and opens it)
-added ToggleCollapseExpandAllRegions command (changed key mapping to ctrl+M,ctrl+L)
-added CollapseAllRegions command
-added PerforceAutoOpenForEdit setting (to stop it checking files out on edit or save)
-added "Workspace Search Directories" setting to sln workspace settings
-added "Extra Workspace Files" setting to sln workspace settings
-fixed goto error on WSL paths starting with /mnt
-optimisation to StringBuilder class (fixed slow startup after cut/copy or large amount of text. May fix some other perf issues as well)

13/06/2023Version (1.0.43)
-made SortLines() python function use the current selection if there is one
-fixed Find File panel not bring tab to front when multiple files are opened at once and the files are alread open
-fixed Find File panel not opening muptiple files if selection is in reverse
-support for files and folders with absolute paths in 10x workspace
-fixed macros not being substituted in 10x workspace build working directory setting
-fixed MSVC linker errors not showing up as errors
-fixed large memory usage when large files are updated from external modifications

09/06/2023Version (1.0.42)
-added PrevEditLocation command (control+shift+Backspace)
-made OpenFile dialog default to *.* file type filter
-made OpenFile dialog remember file type filter
-fixed hang in find/replace when replacing with same value

07/06/2023Version (1.0.41)
-fixed bug in opening of sln file from command line (always focused existing instance regardless of sln)

07/06/2023Version (1.0.40)
-made it so that opening a workspace from the command line will focus an existing 10x instance if the workspace is already open
-added new commands: CloseTabsLeft, CloseTabsRight, CloseUnmodifiedTabs. Also in tab context menu.
-fixed stalls changing colour scheme when large files are open
-improved include autocomplete for Unreal
-fixed class renaming also renaming this keywords (also fixes find references on class picking up this keywords)

05/06/2023Version (1.0.39)
-fixed crash hitting escape while dragging text

05/06/2023Version (1.0.38)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed preprocessor (broken in last build)
-fixed it not logging if the preprocessor times out on a file
-increased preprocessor timeout to 1 minute

02/06/2023Version (1.0.37)
-(parser cache update)
-fixed parser getting stuck on files with complex macros (added timeout)
-fixed parser getting stuck on files with badly formed gcc attribute statements
-fixed New File in 10x workspaces overwriting existing file
-fixed macros not being resolved in Run Working Directory setting
-added ReverseFindSelection setting
-stopped Enter moving to next find result if CloseFindPanelOnEnter setting is true
-fixed missing key bindings and settings in online documentation
-fixed __cplusplus define sometimes not being added to project
-fixed text alignment for long values in drop down list box
-updated vim.py

27/05/2023Version (1.0.36)
-made -NewInstance command line option disable RestoreUnsavedFiles setting
-made GetSetting in python API callable from other threads
-made non-thread-safe python API functions throw an exception
-fixed weird formatting errors editing newly added files to a 10x or folder workspace
-fixed CloseFile not working in 10x_notepad if the file is empty
-fixed crash deleting the default colour scheme
-fixed colour schemes showing up multiple times
-made delete colour scheme move the file to the recycle bin instead of deleting it

26/05/2023Version (1.0.35)
-stopped the workspace from refreshing (and collapsing the workspace tree) every time the workspace is saved. Also fixes workspace tree collapsing when files are moved, renamed or deleted.
-fixed weird issue with parser inserting the wrong line when formatting lines
-fixed crashes calling non-thread safe python API functons from other threads. Now throws and prints an error.
-updates to vim.py
-fixed active workspace toolbar position not updating when window is resized
-fixed non-ASCII chars sometimes not displaying properly in build output
-fixed crash clicking in workspace search results
-fixed main menu still having focus when alt-tabbing into another app and back
-fixed tab key inserting 2 space tab instaed of 4 in python files (or any non-c++ file)
-fixed crash in Unreal reloading projects after external modifications

20/05/2023Version (1.0.34)
-fixed crash in workspace search introduced in previous build

20/05/2023Version (1.0.33)
-fixed crash on startup introduced in previous build (missing dll in installer)

20/05/2023Version (1.0.32)
-active workspace toolbar
-new 10xEditorLink Visual Studio extension for 10x <-> VS communication
-fixed debug args not being set in VS debugger
-fixed description tooltips not showing for drop down edit text boxes

18/05/2023Version (1.0.31)
-fixed control clicking on a word modifying the text (from the new text drag feature)
-fixed triple click drag select lines putting the cursor at the end of the line and causing a horizontal scroll
-optimisation to opening UE projects for the first time (or after a parser cache version update)

17/05/2023Version (1.0.30)
-stability fixes for python API
-made python API functions thread safe (important fix for RemedyBG script)
-made python API function that are not thread safe fail with an error message
-added TextDrag setting to disable text dragging with mouse
-change mouse to cross when dragging text
-fixed single clicking in a selected region not deselecting and setting cursor pos (broke in last build with text drag feature)

16/05/2023Version (1.0.29)
-implemented dragging of selected text with mouse

16/05/2023Version (1.0.28)
-support triple click drag line selection

16/05/2023Version (1.0.27)
-fixed crash exiting 10x while launched exe is still running

15/05/2023Version (1.0.26)
-fixed Unreal C# projects not building

15/05/2023Version (1.0.25)
-optimisations to syntax highlighter
-fixed workspace search locking up when it finds files with very long lines
-added .ini and .json to workspace search extensions
-fixed active project sometimes not being remembered after reloading the sln
-fixed debug args not overloading if set to empty string
-fixed white focus border getting stuck on after pressing button

11/05/2023Version (1.0.24)
-fix for templated using alias

11/05/2023Version (1.0.23)
-support for templated using aliases

11/05/2023Version (1.0.22)
-fixed missing defines for UE non-editor configs

11/05/2023Version (1.0.21)
-fixed parser crash updating from external edits
-fixed crash editing in blank source preview window in find symbol panels
-fixed force include paths with backslashes not working
-lua syntax highlighting

09/05/2023Version (1.0.20)
-fixed crash reparsing external edits (eg from switching branch)

08/05/2023Version (1.0.19)
-converted 10xLicenseServer to a service
-fixed multi-row selection in 10x license server
-prompt about unregistering oldest install when max install count reached
-fixed registration verify failed message sometimes incorrectly showing after register complete

07/05/2023Version (1.0.18)
-fixed hang searching for .* regex
-fixed cursor blinking in unfocused text boxes
-fixed crash if font fails to load

26/04/2023Version (1.0.17)
-fixed rare stall and potential crash in workspace search for results with extremely long lines

26/04/2023Version (1.0.16)
-fixed symbols and files sometimes being carried over into new workspace

25/04/2023Version (1.0.15)
-fixed crash saving large folder workspace as 10x workspace
-fixed crash opening the "Save folder workspace as 10x workspace" panel twice
-fixed crash with mismatched begin/end undo from python script

17/04/2023Version (1.0.14)
-fixed additional include paths setting not working for sln workspaces
-updates to vim.py

14/04/2023Version (1.0.13)
-fixed Open Workspace and Open Solution not working (broke a few versions back)

14/04/2023Version (1.0.12)
-fixed cursor showing in unfocused text boxes (introduced prev build)
-made text boxes use cursor blink rate from settings
-fixed text box cursor blink not resetting when cursor is moved
-made SaveAll for Build also save non-workspace files, but not untitled files
-fixed find panel not showing if find/replace panel showing or command panel showing (and vice-versa)
-made alt+shift+click region select follow mouse movement if held
-update to vim.py

13/04/2023Version (1.0.11)
-added zoom in.out commands (control+shift+., control+shift+,)
-increased zoom speed
-use the directory of the current file in the OpenFile dialog
-stopped build and StartDebugging from trying to save unsaved files that are not in the workspace
-made python SetSetting function add the setting if it doesn't exist
-reset cursor blink in edit text boxes when cursor moves
-added alt+shift+click to select a rectangular region from the current cursor pos
-fixed multi-cursor rect select position on empty lines
-made -NewInstance command line arg ignore RememberOpenFiles setting
-updated vim script

10/04/2023Version (1.0.10)
-improvements to online registration
-integrated changes to vim.py from @Bricktheworld
-refactor, fixes and new commands added to vim.py
-fixed colour scheme files coming back after they have been deleted
-write modified state files after 1 second instead of at exit
-made goto prev/next location use scroll margin
-made Run output to build output instead of 10x output (for both sln and 10x workspaces)
-made sln workspace Run output exit code
-made all perforce commands check for a p4config file
-fixed blank error message for perforce commands on files not under the root
-added RDRDark colour scheme
-added GetVisibleLineCount to python API
-added ScrollCursorIntoView to python API
-added GetScrollLine and SetScrollLine to python API

05/04/2023Version (1.0.9)
-more fixes for missing UE5 defines
-fixed python lockup calling print from another python thread

04/04/2023Version (1.0.8)
-Changes to License Agreement
-1. Personal licenses can now be used for commercial work
-2. Business licenses can be purchased by individuals
-3. Business licenses can be installed on 3 machines for each user

03/04/2023Version (1.0.7)
-fixes for UE5 missing defines
-fixed 10x_notepad.exe not being signed
-fixed 10x workspace Run command (now uses workspace as working directory again)
-added Run Working Directory 10x workspace setting (empty settings means use Workspace dir)
-renamed SetUEPCHLogFolderName to SetUEPCHLogFilename and make it take a filename instead of a folder
-made 10x workspace run command log to build output panel

02/04/2023Version (1.0.6)
-fixed blurry map scroll bar

31/03/2023Version (1.0.5)
-fixed defines not being found for UE5 Server config
-new code signing certificate
-log out when it finds a p4config file
-made VS project Debug args preserve values when unchecking "Sync from Project"
-fixed text boxes not updating when readonly value changes
-about beta list update

30/03/2023Version (1.0.4)
-added -NewInstance command line arg to stop it opening files in existing instances
-stopped it prepending the workspace directory to the 10x workspace run command
-made the 10x workspace run command log output to the output panel
-added more named to About panel
-made Perforce OpenForEdit always check for the P4CONFIG file
-fixed defines and additional include paths not being picked up for NMake VS projects
-fixed puredevreg.verify being put into root of appdata
-fixed SetCursorPos documentation

29/03/2023Version (1.0.3)
-fixed non-ASCII char rendering in special thank you in about panel

29/03/2023Version (1.0.2)
-Special thank you section for Beta supporters in About panel

28/03/2023Version (1.0.1)
-fix for registering with cancelled subscription that's still in date
-added gruvbox colour scheme

23/03/2023Version (1.0.0)
-version 1.0 release

23/03/2023Version (0.36.18)
-fixed crash shutting down if panel with docked panels is docked to a column panel
-fixed build errors not being shown as errors if there is a space after the line number

22/03/2023Version (0.36.17)
-fixed crash docking floating panel with dock split

20/03/2023Version (0.36.16)
-fixed GotoNextBuildError for gcc style errors and warnings (broken in previous build)

20/03/2023Version (0.36.15)
-new license agreement
-added support for local license server
-added new Gold colour scheme
-added "Watch Intro Video" panel on first launch
-only show the Visual Studio setup failed message if opening a sln workspace
-don't show config and platform dropdown boes until workspace opened
-refresh the map scroll bar when a file is modified externally
-improved handling of build error lines
-fixed build lines containing ": error" being marked as build errors
-any line with "filename(#,#):*error" will now be treated as an error line
-fixed crash when d3d driver fails to create a texture

16/03/2023Version (0.36.14)
-minor tweaks to installer UI text
-made perforce checkout retry 3 times
-made perforce checkout try and reconnect if it loses it's connection
-fixed unsaved files panel not showing again after it is closed with the close panel X button
-fixes to registration system ready for launch
-tweaks to registration panel UI
-fixes to cursor position for registration key text box
-fix for not being able to overwrite selected registration key text

14/03/2023Version (0.36.13)
-fixed handling of lost directx device (such as when updating drivers)

13/03/2023Version (0.36.12)
-fixed all perforce commands failing after a timeout
-changed PerforceTimeout default from 20 to 40 seconds

12/03/2023Version (0.36.11)
-fixed functions in std::unordered_map not parsing
-fixed parsing of rvalue function args
-fixed parsing of function args with ellipses
-fixed parser sometimes finding the wrong class for templated classes
-fixed binary numbers with apostrophes not parsing
-made Control+F select the find text if the find panel is already showing
-removed settings autocomplete for the colour scheme files
-fixed colour scheme files coming back after they have been deleted
-fixed message box losing focus after menu is closed
-fixed duplicated colour schemes
-fixed crash rendering map scroll bar if it fails to create a texture

12/03/2023Version (0.36.10)
-fixed crash on startup due to zero window width

11/03/2023Version (0.36.9)
-fixed installer update

11/03/2023Version (0.36.8)
-fixed installer repair

10/03/2023Version (0.36.7)
-fixed it not reading in any build vars from VS project (broken a few versions back)
-modification to firefly colour scheme

10/03/2023Version (0.36.6)
-fixed adding a folder by dragging it into the workspace tree
-fixed potential hang in parser

08/03/2023Version (0.36.5)
-fixed all colour schemes showing up twice
-fixed parser cache sometimes not writing causing more parsing than necessary
-fixed potential lockup in preprocessor
-stopped registration showing warning for network failures

07/03/2023Version (0.36.4)
-fixed perforce connection ignoring IP in settings

06/03/2023Version (0.36.3)
-renamed Colour to Color in UI and settings (including ColourSceme setting name and ColourSchemes settings directory)
-fixed goto-def/decl failling on functions with void args, eg. Function(void)
-added shader.10x_syntax syntax highlighting file (currently just c++ with some extra keywords)
-added .vcxproj,.csproj,.sln to xml syntax highlighting file
-fixed syntax highlighting file extension list failing when there is whitespace between entries
-reorganised and renamed items in Help menu
-made 'Beta Expired' message box show update panel when closed
-ignore `OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup` setting when opening a file from the command line
-fixed workspace not reloading when workspace file has been saved from 10x
-changed default key binding for WorkspaceSearch to control+shift+F
-changed default key binding for FindInFiles to control+shift+G
-fixed map scroll bar showing without syntax highlighting on first open
-fixed map scroll bar sometimes not updating from external edits
-fixed Perforce history not working on older version of p4v
-made msbuild use default config/platform when opening a project file
-changed default for ParserMaxFileSize to 50MB
-fixed window not being able to be resized after dragging down from maximised
-fixed old define names not being removed from autocomplete when a define is renamed (or typed)
-added .fxh to ParserExtensions setting

02/03/2023Version (0.36.2)
-new DirectX 11 renderer
-improved rendering quality of map scroll bar

01/03/2023Version (0.36.1)
-Updated the "Beta Expired" date

28/02/2023Version (0.36.0)
-changed Perforce integration to use the c++ p4api instead of the .NET p4api
-fixed bugs in perforce timeout
-fixed perforce diffing of files with non-ASCII chars
-show message box if perforce diff fails
-improved message box text formatting

25/02/2023Version (0.35.103)
-fixed crash resizing floating panel with docked panels

25/02/2023Version (0.35.102)
-fixed crash docking a panel to a floating panel

23/02/2023Version (0.35.101)
-fixed P4CONFIG file connection (broke in last build)
-fixed PerforceConnect command ignoring current P4CONFIG file settings
-fixed P4CONFIG file requiring P4USER, now uses value from settings
-improved logging for perforce connection

22/02/2023Version (0.35.100)
-fixed Perforce connection (broke in last build)

22/02/2023Version (0.35.99)
-fixed UE defines for debug config
-added timeout to perforce commands
-added PerforceTimeout setting (defaults to 20 sec)
-add backspash to end of SolutionDir variable in VS build single file
-fixed parsing variables that start with a gcc attribute

20/02/2023Version (0.35.98)
-fixed 10x_notepad not starting after first launch

20/02/2023Version (0.35.97)
-fixed includer defines not working for directorie names containing dots (fixes a lot of windows includes)
-fixed parsing of multi-dimensional function args
-fixed parser cache not locking file when writing resulting in potentially corrupt cache
-fixed log file not being locked potentially resulting in multiple processes try
-fixed crash and show message box if python failed to initialise
-made GotoNextResult command go to the next result of the last focused panel
-bring 10x window to the front when closing with unsaved changes
-modifications to VS project files are now picked up instantly (rather than waiting for focus)
-fixed rare crash in file backup
-made binary file IO non-shared by default

17/02/2023Version (0.35.96)
-disabled site customize for python initialization which could cause a crash on startup

17/02/2023Version (0.35.95)
-added Cancel Build setting to 10x workspace build settings
-added more license details to about panel
-fixed unsaved files being restored twice after crash and causing another crash when closing
-fixed empty file being generated when opening workspace for unsaved files that no longer exist
-fixed multi-cursor not being cleared on GotoNextBuildError
-fixed rooted paths not working in 10x workspace build settings
-set $(SolutionDir) variable in BuildFile for sln workspaces
-fixed new unsaved files not being backed up until restart
-added ParserMaxFileSize setting to stop parser trying to parse huge files that often just contain big arrays (defaults to 10MB)
-made ANSI encoding use current OS code page
-parser support for variable definitions with `__attribute__()`

15/02/2023Version (0.35.94)
-registration changes and fixes
-fixed registration details not being remembered in settings file after registration
-fixed colours in subscription email
-fixed crash showing Registered message box more than once
-Workspace Search mouse wheel scroll speed

10/02/2023Version (0.35.93)
-fixed files appearing twice workspace tree for VS projects

10/02/2023Version (0.35.92)
-fixed goto-def sometimes not scrolling the new cursor pos into view
-fixed F3 sometimes searching for old search term after find panel opened

09/02/2023Version (0.35.91)
-fixed parser finding wrong Array class in UE

08/02/2023Version (0.35.90)
-fixed parser finding wrong UE Vector struct
-scroll cursor into view on MoveToMatchingBracket command

07/02/2023Version (0.35.89)
-fixed parsing of c# VS NET projects (files now recursivly added by default)
-added support for wildcards in VS project file include paths
-fixed VS project files being put in the root if there is no filters file (now used directory structure)
-fixed parser stalls after external edits (stopped it writing the parser cache after updating files from external edits)
-added MoveToMatchingBracket command (control+shift+\)

05/02/2023Version (0.35.88)
-fixed empty folders not showing in 10x workspaces
-added a checkbox for "Show Empty Folders" (defaults to true)
-fixed hang opening workspace if MaxCoreCount setting is missing or set to 1

02/02/2023Version (0.35.87)
-fixes for multi-cursor autocomplete
-fixed nan in parser compressed stats percent

31/01/2023Version (0.35.86)
-fixed crash opening workspace search
-bumped parser cache version to clear out bad data

30/01/2023Version (0.35.85)
-change to the EULA

24/01/2023Version (0.35.84)
-fixed crash after "Close All" panels in a column with no panels and then changing colour scheme
-added logging if perforce connection fails
-fixed drag-drop to open files not working if dropping over hidden workspace tree
-fixed rare crash in parser typing indirection
-fixes to registration system UI if registration fails to validate
-fixed message box not being focusable if showing over another top-level panel

18/01/2023Version (0.35.83)
-fixed rare crash reading past end of string

17/01/2023Version (0.35.82)
-added Alt+Shift+PageUp/Down key mappings to allow selection with multi-cursor
-fixed parser bug causing it to do more parsing than necessary for open files on startup and on full parse

16/01/2023Version (0.35.81)
-fixes for autocomplete with multi-cursor
-fixed auto-fix-indirection with multi-cursors
-fixed RestoreUnsavedFiles when opening and closing workspaces
-stopped workspace being added to recent workspaces if it failed to open
-add file to recent files list when it's saved
-added OverrideSetting() and RemoveSettingOverride() to python API
-added __int64 to built in msvc types
-update workspace search results when the types value changes
-tweaked text left margin for edit text box

14/01/2023Version (0.35.80)
-fixed parsing of msvc types such as unsigned __int32
-added logging every time a file is saved or modified on disk
-implemented cancelling of 10x workspace builds
-build is cancelled when workspace is closed (fixes crash)
-fixed large stall shutting down if syntax highlighter is still evaluating changes
-fixed .cu files not appearing in VS projects
-fixed panel grid border focus colours on initial start
-fixed panel grid border focus colours not updating after selecting a panel outside the panel grid
-fixed crash with goto-def on includes without a closing quote

12/01/2023Version (0.35.79)
-right clicking on a workspace tree node now selects the node
-fixed find/replace not updating the display lines text

11/01/2023Version (0.35.78)
-autocomplete submit now works with multi-cursor
-fixed preprocessor bug (caused things like msvc printf to not be recognised)
-updated vim.py script
-removed .asm from C++ parser extension list
-fixed zoom context menu showing as black
-fixed right clicking in the workspace tree not selecting the node (and causing crashes)
-fixed crash with Find-in-files if no workspace is open
-fixed problems mapping the same key to multiple commands
-renamed "Vertical Panels" menu items to just "Panel Count"
-made setting panel count to "auto" remove empty panels
-fixed opening of workspaces and files using WSL paths
-fixed menu item text off center with UI scaling
-fixed big stall replacing text in very long lines

03/01/2023Version (0.35.77)
-fixed large stall opening a lot of files at once
-fixed opening multiple selected files in workspace tree with open context menu item
-fixed define references not updating after changing the name of a define
-fixed resolving of namespace function return types
-re-write of prev/next location (fixes lots of bugs)
-made it ignore the MaxOpenTabs setting when opening a large amount of files at once
-added CloseFindFilePanel command
-added CloseCommandPanel
-made FindFilePanel accept line number eg MyFile.cpp:10
-fixed opening a folder from the command line
-fixed keep/discard changes panels appearing multiple times for same file
-fixed settings autocomplete disappearing on down key
-added IsFindFilePanelOpen to python API
-added IsCommandPanelOpen to python API
-fixed border colour not updating for inactive tabs
-fixed indirections not reparsing after changing type of variable
-fixed parsing of struct enums
-fixed re-resolving of indirection types
-fixed parsing of hex numbers with apostrophes
-fixed parsing of float hex numbers with exponents

21/12/2022Version (0.35.76)
-fixed multi-cursor cursor movement (broken a few builds back)

21/12/2022Version (0.35.75)
-another fix for the install error bug

21/12/2022Version (0.35.74)
-fixed the "there was a problem with the 10x installation" error, caused by plugging in external disk drives

21/12/2022Version (0.35.73)
-fixed bad formatting of newly added key mappings in last build

20/12/2022Version (0.35.72)
-added VerticalLineGap setting and default it to 1 (used to be 2)
-added commands and key mappings for previously hard coded cursor key and home/end keys
-added `SelectUp`, `SelectDown`, `SelectLeft`, `SelectRight` commands (for shift+cursor keys)
-added `MoveToLineStart` and 'MoveToLineEnd' commands (home/end keys)
-added `SelectToLineStart` and `SelectToLineEnd` commands (shift+home/end keys)
-added `MoveToFileStart` and `MoveToFileEnd` commands (control+home/end keys)
-added `SelectToFileStart` and `SelectToFileEnd` commands (control+shift+home/end keys)
-added `ScrollOneLineUp` and `ScrollOneLineDown` commands (control+Up/Down)
-added `PageUp` and `Pagedown` commands (PageUp/Down keys)
-added `SelectPageUp` and `SelectPagedown` commands (shift+PageUp/Down)
-MoveCursorUp/Down etc now doesn't detect shift key, use Select Up.Down etc instead
-stopped it asking to save unsaved files if `RestoreUnsavedFiles` setting is set
-fixed crash modifying restored unsaved file
-fixed rare crash after undo if cursor past end of file
-fixed crash restoring invalid font texture after device restore
-fixed SelectCurrentWord menu item

19/12/2022Version (0.35.71)
-stopped single thread sometimes spinning when device is lost and app is in the background

17/12/2022Version (0.35.70)
-made FindFile panel and Workspace Search include open files that are not in the workspace
-fixed CPU spinning one thread when DisablePresentWhenIdle is false and the app has lost the directx device and is not in focus

16/12/2022Version (0.35.69)
-fixed memory explosion and crash updating frequently changing externally modified files
-optimisation for updating frequently changing externally modified files
-make cursor track end of externally modified files
-made each instance of 10x use a different log file
-made 10x_notepad use a different log file from 10x
-added a Name text box to SaveFolderWorkspaceAsWorkspace panel

15/12/2022Version (0.35.68)
-made autocomplete filter using the current word up to the cursor
-fixed window not being resizable after clicking in the title bar area
-clear the precache after initialisation to save some memory
-sync breakpoints when the debugger starts
-renamed "Sync Files" checkbox to "Sync Folder" in folder settings panel
-disabled adding of files and folders to sync'd folders in 10x workspaces
-fixed rendering issue where it only renders to a square in the top left on startup
-fixed docking to panels docked in a sub-panel

14/12/2022Version (0.35.67)
-fixed startup crash due to precache

13/12/2022Version (0.35.66)
-fixed crash adding new colours to colour scheme in version updater
-reset all settings if updating from version more than 6 months old

13/12/2022Version (0.35.65)
-minor fix to one of the startup optimisations

13/12/2022Version (0.35.64)
-fixed Workspace Search not finding files (broken in last update)

13/12/2022Version (0.35.63)
-startup optimisations. Now starts in 200ms
-fixed bug with 10x notepad not starting if previous instance is still shutting down
-added .10x to xml syntax highlighting extensions
-added .rgen to parser extensions and C++ syntax highlighting
-fixed N10X.Editor python commands not working from command line

07/12/2022Version (0.35.62)
-fixed "unable to find file" message box restoring unsaved file that is not open

07/12/2022Version (0.35.61)
-fixed goto-def sometimes finding the constructor instead of the class
-show message box if invalid command entered in command panel
-improved layout of Ok message box

07/12/2022Version (0.35.60)
-renamed `RestoreUntitledFiles` setting to `RestoreUnsavedFiles`
-made RestoreUnsavedFiles setting work for any file, not just new files
-made workspace not close if RestoreUnsavedFiles fails
-fixed Visual Studio sync failing to connect on some systems

07/12/2022Version (0.35.59)
-added `RememberOpenFiles` setting (defaults to true for 10x_notepad)
-RestoreUntitledFiles setting not only takes effect when RememberOpenFiles is true
-untitled file tab order now maintained after restart
-fixed 10x taking a long time to shutdown when parsing large files
-fixed rare crash submitting Workspace Search

06/12/2022Version (0.35.58)
-fixed parsing of function args with `const typename`
-fixed some template specializations not parsing

06/12/2022Version (0.35.57)
-added RestoreUntitledFiles setting to auto-save and restore untitled files (defaults to true in notepad)
-untitled files are now called "unnamed" instead of new.txt
-untitled files take their name from the first word typed
-stoped parser from trying to parse new files with no extension

06/12/2022Version (0.35.56)
-fixed sln workspaces not including windows header and stl additional include directories
-fixed subsequent lines not getting reparsed after writing a function call

05/12/2022Version (0.35.55)
-made python scripts execute in their own environment instead of a global one

05/12/2022Version (0.35.54)
-auto-generation of settings doc page
-improves layout of key mappings doc page
-fixed autocomplete on functions that return templated types
-fixed preprocessor treaing keywords as macros if the macro has args and the keyword doesn't
-workspace settings override file should now be named the same as the sln or workspace (old 10x.10x_settings still supported though)
-don't sync empty folders in 10x workspace folder sync
-disable settings menu item for children of sync'd folders
-added `once` to the list of keywords that dismiss the autocomplete
-added .ixx to the parser extensions list
-fixed parser getting stuck when creating a new workspace that doesn't have any files
-fixed text rendering issue when a sub-menu is closed
-fixed rare crash undoing text

03/12/2022Version (0.35.53)
-fixed build hanging at end if it spawns a child process that doesn't exit

01/12/2022Version (0.35.52)
-fixed commented lines not updating after adding comment to macro args
-added SetWindowSize to python API
-enabled autocomplete for preprocessor keywords starting with hash
-added `once` to autocomplete
-fixed parser sometimes not finding symbols in parent namespace scopes declared in other files

29/11/2022Version (0.35.51)
-fixed functions in using declarations not resolving
-fixed goto-def on using declaration types, now goes to type instead of start of line)
-fixed colouring of using and typedef types, now colours as the resolved type
-added Clear to output and build panel context menus
-removed cut and paste from output and build panel context menus
-removed install exe directory from recent workspace list

29/11/2022Version (0.35.50)
-removed C:/Windows/System32 from recent workspace list (due to a bug a few builds back) as it was causing problems with the OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup setting

28/11/2022Version (0.35.49)
-fixed sln workspaces not opening or parsing if VisualStudioEnvBat setting is not set

28/11/2022Version (0.35.48)
-fixed it opening C:\Windows\System32 as a folder workspace on startup (introduced prev build)

28/11/2022Version (0.35.47)
-fixed stall opening up large 10x workspaces
-changed default for AutosaveWorkspace to false

28/11/2022Version (0.35.46)
-made relative paths in OpenWorkspace and OpenFile use current working folder instead of exe folder
-fixed crash closing a workspace while it is async loading
-fixed description for ShowSymbolInfo command
-fixed new settings sometimes not having space after colon

28/11/2022Version (0.35.45)
-added CloseAll command
-convert path to forward slashes in python API OpenWorkspace
-fixed parse problems with relative paths in python API OpenFile
-fixed VS debugger not starting
-fixed divide by zero crash in map scroll bar

25/11/2022Version (0.35.44)
-added ShowSymbolInfo command (ctrl+K,ctrl+I by default)
-fixed parser sometimes using the wrong class/namespace of the same name in a different scope
-added EnableWorkspaceTreeDragDrop setting
-fixed breakpoint syncing not working for some values of VisualStudioEnvBat setting
-stopped FindFile panel selecting the first item if text box is empty
-fixed 10x workspaces and folder workspace missing windows additional include paths
-fixed crash in reparse
-fixed partial template specialization when no template specified
-fixed preprocessor sometimes getting wrong includer defines
-fixed drag-reordering of tree nodes over expanded nodes

24/11/2022Version (0.35.43)
-fixed crash with drag-drop of files in workspace tree

23/11/2022Version (0.35.42)
-added Sort to 10x workspace folder nodes
-can now drag-drop files onto 10x workspace folders in workspace tree
-allow sorting of sync'd folders
-adding a file to a folder now copies the file to the folder on disk before adding to the workspace
-folder node children are now sorted alphabetically
-added Delete to 10x workspace file context menu
-removed Exclude from 10x workspace file context menu
-added AutosaveWorkspace setting (defaults to true), 10x workspaces are now saved whenever changes are made
-fixed 10x workspaces being written imediately after they've been read in
-fixed maximise/restore button image not scaling well

22/11/2022Version (0.35.41)
-registration fixes
-made Enter key submit the registration panel

21/11/2022Version (0.35.40)
-fixed debugger not starting or connecting for some project types
-added UseVisualStudioEnvBat to 10x workspace settings to make the build use the VS environment setup in the VisualStudioEnvBat setting
-fixed column panel count setting not being restored when workspace opened
-fixed menu item check not updating when changing from auto to 1 panel count

21/11/2022Version (0.35.39)
-fixed SaveFile sometimes failing if another process has a shared read lock on a file (looking at you VS)

20/11/2022Version (0.35.38)
-fixed UE5 failing to build if VisualStudioEnvBat setting is set to VS2022
-made VisualStudioEnvBat default to latest installed VS env if set to auto
-fixed wrong selected text colour after undo/redo with selection

20/11/2022Version (0.35.37)
-fixed hang when building if VisualStudioEnvBat not set

20/11/2022Version (0.35.36)
-fixed new symbols sometimes not appearing in autocomplete until after a reparse

20/11/2022Version (0.35.35)
-fixed preprocessor stringify for variables that are already strings in variadic macros
-control+click to go to link
-stop autocomplete automatically showing for new variable and function definitions
-stop open bracket from submitting for new variable or functon definitions
-fixed Workspace Search text box losing focus if submitting with empty results list
-fixed selection not being restored after undo/redo
-improved About panel

19/11/2022Version (0.35.34)
-more registration changes

19/11/2022Version (0.35.33)
-registration system changes

17/11/2022Version (0.35.32)
-added InternetSearch command (defaults to F1 key)
-InternetSearch now works with current word or selection
-search term chars are now escaped properly
-prefix std:: for stl searches
-autosize context menu to fit search term
-fixed setting comment line added without hash
-fixed multi-line description handling when adding new settings to settings file

17/11/2022Version (0.35.31)
-added Internet Search for 'current word'' in file right click context menu
-added InternetSearchCommand setting (default to google)

17/11/2022Version (0.35.30)
-fixed goto-def not changing file when find panel is showing

17/11/2022Version (0.35.29)
-fixed text editor scrolling when cursor moves when find panel is showing after a collapsed region

17/11/2022Version (0.35.28)
-another fix to the VisualStudioEnvBat auto setting

17/11/2022Version (0.35.27)
-fixed VisualStudioEnvBat setting being set to VS2017 by default. Now defaults to 2019 or 2022

17/11/2022Version (0.35.26)
-bug fix for utf8 converting
-fixed crash parsing invalid datetime

16/11/2022Version (0.35.25)
-fix for 10x_notepad not showing current file in taskbar if file loses focus

16/11/2022Version (0.35.24)
-fixed parser sometimes invalidating next statement after edits
-new minimise/maximise buttons

16/11/2022Version (0.35.23)
-fixed find panel disappearing if scroll bar clicked
-fixed find panels not hiding if another panel is focused
-scale now defaults to auto if setting is missing
-OpenTabcount setting now defaults to 20 if setting is missing
-added "Only supports fixed width fonts" to EditorFont setting comment

16/11/2022Version (0.35.22)
-fixed VisualStudioEnvBat setting being cleared updating from (0.35.15) or earlier
-if VisualStudioEnvBat is empty set it to auto (it will be set on the next restart). This was done because lots of peoples setting was incorrectly cleared in a prev update. If you want it to be empty you will need to clear it again.

16/11/2022Version (0.35.21)
-change to registration system

16/11/2022Version (0.35.20)
-fixed parser finding function instead of class for Namepsace:: indirections
-fixed comma separated scopes in array initialisations being indented
-fixed find highlight not updating doing find when find panel alredy showing
-fixed autocomplete not working for class when typing member function void MyClass::
-fixed using alias not parsing if it contains declspec
-fixed words in strings being parsed as symbols after a ReparseReferences

15/11/2022Version (0.35.19)
-fix for crash if map scroll bar width setting is missing or set to zero
-a better fix for the setting renaming

15/11/2022Version (0.35.18)
-another fix for the previous build settings renaming

15/11/2022Version (0.35.17)
-fix for previous update, the settings will now be updated to the new names

15/11/2022Version (0.35.16)
-added categories to all settings
-reorganised settings
-reorganised python API
-renamed lots of settings (should update settings files automatically)
-website html doc pages generated from code for commands, python API and key mappings
-added links to the new doc pages in the help menu
-*** python now defaults to spaces and all installed python scripts have been converted to sapces ***
-added TrimLines python function
-added undo group to SortLines python function
-added AppsKey binding to ShowContextMenu
-defaulted F8 to GotoNextResult
-defaulted MouseMiddleButton to GotoSymbolDefinition
-moved perforce and DiffExe settings into local settings file by default

13/11/2022Version (0.35.15)
-fix for compiler defines not being set for some projects
-fix for preprocessor conditionals for uppercase hex values

13/11/2022Version (0.35.14)
-fixed changing a member function name causing parser to reparse function with wrong scope
-fixed preprocessor parsing macros called over multiple lines
-fixed '_WIN32' not being defined for projects with architecture `x64`

11/11/2022Version (0.35.13)
-fixed parser sometimes invalidating rest of scope after an open brace
-fixed crash in parser

10/11/2022Version (0.35.12)
-stopped parser from invalidating subsequent functions after partial function with missing end brace
-fixed parsing failing after edits in some files that use using namespace
-fixed preprocessor conditionals sometimes not updating after defines are changed
-fixed references not getting updated when a new symbol is added if they were resolved to a different symbol
-fixed crash closing find panel with escape
-fixed crash parsing macro with __VA_ARGS__ but no ...

09/11/2022Version (0.35.11)
-fix for parser sometimes parsing indirections incorrectly after edits

08/11/2022Version (0.35.10)
-made goto-def on typedef types automatically resolve if the typedef is part of a define

08/11/2022Version (0.35.9)
-stopped find panels hiding when they lose focus
-added close buttons to find and find/replace panels
-fixed find panels not showing if another find panel already showing
-fixed find panels not getting focus on ctrl+F if already showing
-scroll find text into view if it appears behind the find panel
-tweaked layout of find and find/replace panels so that they match
-stopped find/replace panel showing over horz scroll bar
-made find history list box show with most recent finds at the top
-fixed breapoints rendering over other windows
-sped up full parse by 5% (more for higher core counts)

07/11/2022Version (0.35.8)
-fix for preprocessor sometimes failing on files included from files with unmatched conditional in includer lines
-fixed formatting of constructor args

07/11/2022Version (0.35.7)
-change to registration *** you will need to re-submit your registration ***
-added ExecuteVSCommand() to python API for executing commands in the linked Visual Studio instance
-added CleanActiveWorkspace and CleanAll commands
-fixed switch file panel size after window resizing
-fixed autocomplete for double colon indirection with templates
-fixed NOT IN operator in workspace search

02/11/2022Version (0.35.6)
-added UseColumnPresets setting that specifies whether to use the ColumnNFiles settings
-reinstated the ColumnNFiles setting values to open cpp on left and header on right
-dont open a file over the search panel if it's docked in the left column
-fixed map scroll bar not updating when radion is collapsed
-fixed hover box not showing symbols that are defined over multiple lines
-fixed collapse region not working for lines with preprocessor values

02/11/2022Version (0.35.5)
-another fix for registration uuid

01/11/2022Version (0.35.4)
-fixed auto-formatting for templated classes
-use VS2019 path by default for VSEnvPath setting so that UE5 builds
-fixed parse sometimes stopping too early after edits
-made Workspace Search update result when it is opened (to cathc changed files)
-improved error messages for registration fails

01/11/2022Version (0.35.3)
-fix to registration machine uuid

01/11/2022Version (0.35.2)
-fixed large parts of file randomly being defined out after edits around defined out regions

01/11/2022Version (0.35.1)
-fixed autocomplete not including symbols from files that haven't been opened yet
-fixed rest of function scope not being reparsed when an extra close brace is removed from within the function
-made parser stop parsing extra lines when it reaches another function definition. Stops partially written functions from invalidating all subsequent functions
-fixed autocomplete not working on the first statement of a file
-fix for function symbols not being removed
-fixed rare parser crash editing files while full parse in progress
-optimisation to autocomplete

29/10/2022Version (0.35.0)
-fixed stl. Now parses the compiler stl files
-files with no extension are now parsed as c++
-removed built in eastl support
-support for fuzzy matching with numbers, eg mf11 => MyFile11
-fixed class constructor definitions sometimes not parsing correctly
-removed Win32 from the default exclude filters
-fixed settings not updating when workspace settings override file changes
-fixed wrong indent on multi-line statements with bracketed values
-stopped it reparsing all includer files every time a header file changes
-fixed shutdown timeout crash
-changed Parser.AutoFormatBlockComments default to false
-fixed member function definitions becoming unparsed when class changes
-fixed exclude filters needing to be lowercase with forward slashes
-fixed macro stringizing of args that are already strings
-fixed preprocessor failing if includer list is empty

26/10/2022Version (0.34.42)
-fixed FindInFiles with 'match word' set getting wrong offset if line has non-word match followed by a word match
-fixed FindInFiles for specific workspace not working if workspace has same name as room (sln) workspace
-fixed FindInFiles with 'regex' and 'match word' set

26/10/2022Version (0.34.41)
-fixed parsing of array index operator for arrays of pointers

26/10/2022Version (0.34.40)
-fixed block comments not always updating in syntax highlighter
-fixed occasional syntax highlighting colours mismatch after large edits
-fixed problems parsing number char literals such as '0' (bug introduced with digit separator change)
-fixed parser bugs updating from edits during a full parse

24/10/2022Version (0.34.39)
-fixed adding includes to external headers not updating until a ReparseAll (eg, add windows.h include for the first time and parser doesn't update)
-fixed Rebuild All command (removed the /t project)
-fixed ReparseAll from breaking the parsing of unsaved files
-new 10x workspaces and folder workspaces now have windows additional include paths by default
-fixed reparsing of references taking ages when new external files included
-added log message to ParseFile command
-disabled auto-indent on paste for non-code files

21/10/2022Version (0.34.38)
-added zoom menu item to show and change the zoom level to the right click context menu
-added MouseWheelZoom setting to enable/disable zoom on the mouse wheel
-fixed bracket highlight staying after bracket has been deleted
-fixed juddery resize when resizing window from top edge
-changed scroll bar min drag bar size to 8

21/10/2022Version (0.34.37)
-fixed large parts of files randomly becoming ifdef'd out
-default CommentBlockUsesLineComments setting to true
-fixed crash closing workspace on shutdown

20/10/2022Version (0.34.36)
-modifications to the way margins are calculated
-line number margin width now calculated depending on the number of lines
-margins now scale properly with font size
-changed LineMarkerWidth to font units instead of ratio
-changed Editor.Margin Width setting to font units
-fixed crash auto-adding open brace at end of file
-fixed collapsing of scopes with c-style enums
-added parser support for numbers with digit separators
-disabled line marker margin on output and build panels

19/10/2022Version (0.34.35)
-fixed syntax highlighting for python strings with escaped chars
-disabled autocomplete for colour setting files
-made Generate Crash Dump menu item use the crash dump mode setting
-disabled breakpoints on non-code files
-made resize panel take priority over clicking breakpoints
-stopped breakpoint be ing set on the last line when clicking past the end of the file
-added AddStopDebuggingFunction and AddRestartDebuggingFunction to python API
-fixed documentation for AddStartDebuggingFunction function
-fixed autocomplete for ToggleBreakpointsWithMouse setting
-optimisation to preprocessor
-fixed indenting after adding a brace scope on non-code files
-added `__inline__, __forceinline, __host__, __device__, __global__, __constant__, __attribute__, __inline__` keywords to parser
-stopped workspace search losing the currently selected result when re-opening
-fixed caret height

18/10/2022Version (0.34.34)
-fixed syntax highlighting sometimes not updating after updating references for new symbols
-improved formatting of templates
-fixed crash opening local setting panel for sln workspaces
-fixed marker margin showing over collapse/expand margin
-show over box when moving over breakpoint margin
-fixed crash dump mode setting requiring restart
-added LineMarkerWidth setting (sets width of breakpoint margin)
-added ToggleBreakpointsWithMouse setting
-fixed crash closing unsaved folder workspace
-fixed crash closing workspace while build in progress
-fixed crash loading folder workspace that also contains a 10x workspace of the same name
-fixed word wrap not updating when line numbers toggled

18/10/2022Version (0.34.33)
-fixed hang in word wrap if window goes to zero width

17/10/2022Version (0.34.32)
-fixed formatting issues for c++ casting, static_cast<> etc.
-improved formatting of templated function calls
-fixed goto-def on members of class where the class name matches the namespace outer scope
-fixed std::unique_ptr ptr operator-> parsing
-renamed workspace setting "File Types" to "Include Filter"
-made 10x workspaces and folder workspaces include all files by default with some default exclude filters
-fixed crash duplicating a new unaved file
-fixed save-as dialog extension filter
-fixed problems saving a file as an existing file that is already open. Existing panel is now converted to a duplicate panel
-10x workspace exclude filters now work on folders
-fixed folder workspaces not updating if the root folder filters are changed
-fixed mouse click-drag not capturing mouse
-fixed colouring of reinterpret_cast and const_cast

17/10/2022Version (0.34.31)
-49% speedup loading VS sln workspace
-47% speedup reading parser cache

15/10/2022Version (0.34.30)
-fix to template parsing. Templates with complex args were sometimes taking up a huge amount of memory

13/10/2022Version (0.34.29)
-fixed goto-result in find-in-files results failing for new unsaved files
-can now toggle breakpoints by clicking in the margin
-fixed breakpoints filling the entire margin width
-right-justify the hover box
-made workspace file types filter filter using the file name as well as by the full path (so that .* works)
-fixed tab close buttons disappearing when changing to 1 vertical panel with an empty panel at the top
-prioritise symbols in the workspace over symbols from the additional include dirs when there are multiple matches in the global scope
-fixed rare crash updating token array while editing
-fixed not being able to move cursor up with word wrap enabled and a long word at the start of the line
-word-wrap now splits words longer than the window width
-fixed word wrapping wrapping too early for indented lines

12/10/2022Version (0.34.28)
-fix for parser sometimes getting stuck at 99% in a full parse

12/10/2022Version (0.34.27)
-fixed it failing to parse variable definitions after a __pragma line
-fixed indirections not updating after references are reparsed when a symbol is added
-stopped it reparsing other references with same name when a symbol is removed
-fixed functions not parsing if the appear after a defined out region
-added OpenFileInActivePanel setting (defaults to false) (used to be hard coded to true)
-added RememberFilePanelPos setting (defaults to false) (used to be hard coded to true)
-added GetCurrentSymbolType() to python API
-added true/false autocomplete to some settings that were missing it
-changed UI.Column0Files settings to be empty by default
-fixed bug with resolving preprocessor stringify
-fixed crash entering key in list box that doesn't have a text box active

11/10/2022Version (0.34.26)
-fixed window resize rendering bug on AMD cards

10/10/2022Version (0.34.25)
-fixed map scroll bar rendering repeating past end of file after monitor switch or device reset
-improved device reset handling
-fixed viewport render problems after moving from between monitors

07/10/2022Version (0.34.24)
-fixed dragging window down from maximised on secondary monitor if monitor is to the left of the main monitor

06/10/2022Version (0.34.23)
-fixed drag-down from maximised moving window to primary monitor
-fixed resize top stopping working after dragging window

06/10/2022Version (0.34.22)
-fixed maximised window restoring if title bar clicked when not in focus
-fixed title bar drag sometimes failing after dragging from maximised
-removed dependency on D3DX9_42.dll

05/10/2022Version (0.34.21)
-fixed title bar drag-restore on maximised windows

05/10/2022Version (0.34.20)
-Drag-docking to sides of screen now works
-fixed drag-docking to top not working on second monitor
-fixed drag-docking not showing animation
-10x now works with FancyZones
-fixed window borders showing on Windows 7
-fixed min/max title-bar buttons showing on Windows 7
-fixed client area sometimes not updating when maximising
-fixed black flickering when resizing window
-fixed window not starting at default position when app starts

02/10/2022Version (0.34.19)
-fixed transparent borders bug that happens on some laptops with Win11
-removed UnlimitedMemory setting
-added .scons ext to python syntax highlighting file

01/10/2022Version (0.34.18)
-parser now parsers UE generated headers
-removed Parser.ParseGeneratedFiles setting
-change registration system (you will need to re-submit your registration key)
-fixed typo in Build Output menu item
-add default debug and release configs and platform to new 10x workspaces

30/09/2022Version (0.34.17)
-removed ReparseAll command and renamed CleanReparse to ReparseAll
-refactor of additional include paths code, slightly faster and cleaner code
-fixed 10x workspaces not handling paths with backslashes

28/09/2022Version (0.34.16)
-minor fix to last change. It would sometimes get the wrong current scope while parsing after preprocessed lines

28/09/2022Version (0.34.15)
-fixed slow parse times for files with lots of macro definitions
-fixed goto-def not working on some defined out macro arguments

27/09/2022Version (0.34.14)
-rolled back the last change as it's causing a crash

27/09/2022Version (0.34.13)
-fixed long parse times updating syntax highlighting for files with lots of macros
-fixed divide by zero crash resizing text editor

26/09/2022Version (0.34.12)
-fixed parser deadlock introduced in last update

26/09/2022Version (0.34.11)
-support for includer defines (defines defined before an include that effect the include)

26/09/2022Version (0.34.10)
-support for bitwise | and & in preprocessor conditionals

26/09/2022Version (0.34.9)
-preprocessor fixes for external includes
-preprocessor now takes into account what is defined before the include is included (for external inclues only at the moment)
-fixed macros used in marco arguments not parsing
-fixed ifdef not working on macros with arguments

24/09/2022Version (0.34.8)
-fixed SettingsPath setting not working with backslash paths

24/09/2022Version (0.34.7)
-changed the way the VS env is obtained and removed 10XLogEnv.exe

23/09/2022Version (0.34.6)
-added 10XLogEnv.exe to installer to fix building of VS projects

23/09/2022Version (0.34.5)
-fixed defines sometimes not being highlighted as defines
-fixed defines in force includes not resolving
-fixed preprocessed hover box for preprocessor lines
-fixed goto-def on defines in preprocessor lines

23/09/2022Version (0.34.4)
-fixed parser stall on large projects with a lot of include paths
-optimisation that halves UE full parse time

22/09/2022Version (0.34.3)
-fixed parser crash

22/09/2022Version (0.34.2)
-optimisations for finding includes in additional paths
-fix for parse sometimes not finishing
-fix for quoted paths in VS project additional include files
-added CppParser.LogIncludePaths command
-fix for UNC paths not being recognised
-fixed general crash updating parser syntax highlighting
-changed the default value of the SettingsPath setting to ./
-fixed alt-O CppParser.ToggleSourceHeader key mapping going missing if updating from an old build
-added SortLines() function to utils.py

21/09/2022Version (0.34.1)
-fixed additional include paths setting for 10x workspaces
-moved the Additional Include Path list box to the Parser tab in the 10x workspace settings

21/09/2022Version (0.34.0)
-files in additional include directories are now only parsed if they are included
-automatically add additional include directories from project and env vars
-now watches additional include directories for file changes
-fixes for macros called over multiple lines
-fixes to recursive macro resolving
-goto-def now works on macro args even if they defined out
-fixed finding references for args in macros
-fixed renaming symbols in macro args
-fixed crashes reloading externally modified workspaces
-fixed goto-def on global function declarations incorrectly going to identially named member functions
-fixed member functions from unrelated classes showing up in autocomplete
-stopped parser doing ParseDefs (updating syntax highlighting) on files from the additional include folders
-optimisations to autocomplete and fuzzy matching
-optimisations to full parse
-fixed text back colour corruption unselecting rect select over word wrapped line
-fixed entire files sometimes appearing as unparsed after clean reparse
-added LogTo10XOutput() to python API
-preserve indentation with word wrapping

16/09/2022Version (0.33.52)
-fixed crash reparsing external edits introduced in last build

16/09/2022Version (0.33.50)
-fix for open files that are modified externally not reparsing properly

16/09/2022Version (0.33.49)
-fixed parser crash updating after files changed externally
-fixed crash reloading workspace after workspace file changed externally

11/09/2022Version (0.33.48)
-fix for lines becoming unparsed after edits

11/09/2022Version (0.33.47)
-optimisation for parsing parse tables with brace scopes
-5% speedup in total parse time
-stopped it duplicating a panel when opening a file with shift key held
-added .cu to parser and search extensions

09/09/2022Version (0.33.46)
-fixed ... collapsed region buttons not showing
-fixed hidden map scroll bar colours not updating when changing colour scheme

09/09/2022Version (0.33.45)
-fixed goto-def on Class in member functions going to class constructor
-fixed workspace settings overrides not updating when switching workspaces
-fixed changing current colour scheme not changing it in the workspace settings file if it exists
-stopped move line up/down indenting lines on non-C++ files
-stopped move line up/down indenting lines if Editor.AutoIndent is false
-fixed 'save changes' always appearing when closing 10x workspace
-fixed stall closing and reloading large sln workspaces
-highlighting and GotoNextBuildError for message lines
-fixed preprocessor definitions sometimes going missing after file edits
-fixed undef sometimes breaking for file edits
-fixed stall switching colour schemes when lots of files are open

07/09/2022Version (0.33.44)
-added support for parsing classes with virtual inheritance
-fixed crash resetting msbuild when project changes externally
-stopped it logging out Reloading workspace multiple times
-fixed problems starting build while build in progress

07/09/2022Version (0.33.43)
-debug settings are now automatically synced from VS
-added a checkbox in sln workspace debug settings to enable/disable syncing with VS
-added Build Working Directory setting to 10x wprkspaces
-potential fix for transparent borders bug on Windows 11 (will take effec ton the next major Windows update)
-fixed string regex in syntax highlighting files
-enabled word-wrap in Update change list box
-fixed stall opening update panel
-fixed crash right clicking on 10x workspace tree
-if building when build already in progress show the build output panel
-fixed indent adding new arg to function
-added StopDebuggingOnBuild setting to stop debugging when a build starts
-added RestartDebugging command (ctrl+shift+F5)
-stopped it bring up dialog boxes in 10x and VS if starting debugging when debugger already started
-made StartDebugging continue if the debugger is current paused in VS
-fixed workspace reloading multiple times when multiple project files change

06/09/2022Version (0.33.42)
-auto reloading of workspaces when the workspace file changes (also for sln and proj files)
-fixed file types list box being empty when creating new workspace
-fixed Open Folder for on folders
-made open folder on 10x workspace files select the file
-fixed problems creating workspace in drive root
-set Parser.AutocompleteInComments to false by default
-enabled ctrl+space to bring up autocomplete in comments even if AutocompleteInComments is disabled
-stopped Enter submitting autocomplete in comments unless it was brought up with ctrl+space
-fixed crash selecting word past end of collapsed line

03/09/2022Version (0.33.41)
-fixed goto-function declaration for functions with arguments (broken in prev build)
-fixed crash with docked tool panel

03/09/2022Version (0.33.40)
-parser support for indirecting off templated member functions defined outside of class
-goto-function implementation now detects function overloading (arg count only)
-can now show scroll bar find matches at same time as word matches
-scroll bar word highlighting now highlights current word even if not selected
-scroll bar highlighting shows highlighting in different colour if current word is selected
-changed default scroll bar match default colours
-fixed scroll bar highlight colours not being updated when changing scroll bar mode
-added new UI.ScrollBarWordMatchHighlight colour
-added delay to scroll bar word highlighting
-fixed scroll bar highlighing sometimes getting stuck on
-prioritise contains over fuzzy matching in autocomplete
-fixed autocomplete breaking if rename not submitted before file closed
-re-balancing of autocomplete fuzzy match priorities
-fixed hover box showing { at end of functon description
-fixed bug resolving non-class/struct template args
-fixed scroll bug with word wrap enabled in build output
-fixed autocomplete not auto-hiding when user types exact match

02/09/2022Version (0.33.39)
-support for Lambda Copy Captures
-fixed environment variables not being set correctly after updating
-fixed Update panel sometimes not showing changes from all newer versions

01/09/2022Version (0.33.38)
-fixed constructor initializers not parsing
-fixed file not remembering the panel grid pos that it was last opened
-fixed files opening over the top of docked tool panels
-fixed potential crash in LogMemoryStats command
-fixed cursor sometimes going to the wrong position after redoing after goto prev/next location
-fixed cursor jumping lines on updown keys where there is a selection and collapsed text

01/09/2022Version (0.33.37)
-parser support for function overloading (currently doesn't check type, just number of args)
-potential fix for env vars problem after updating

30/08/2022Version (0.33.36)
-fixed goto-def on classes going to the constructor

29/08/2022Version (0.33.35)
-removed Language.UndefinedKeyword colour. It now uses Language.Text instead
-renamed Parser.HighlightUndefinedKeywords setting to Parser.ColourUndefinedKeywords and inverted it's meaning. True means use the syntax highlighting colouring for undefined keywords, otherwise it will use the Language.Text colour
-fixed typedef colouring (broken in the last update)

29/08/2022Version (0.33.34)
-fixed parsing of functions defined outside of templated classes

27/08/2022Version (0.33.33)
-removed debug text output at end of build that was left in the last build by mistake

27/08/2022Version (0.33.32)
-fixed GotoNextError for warnings and errors with square brackets in the message

27/08/2022Version (0.33.31)
-fixed parsing of functions with restrict args

27/08/2022Version (0.33.30)
-made goto-def not resolve typedefs and using aliases by default
-added Parser.GotoDefResolvesTypedefs setting to allow typedef and using resolving
-fixed ndentation after equals assignment in enums when Parser.EqualsAlign is true
-fixed variables references being missed in conditionals with less than and greater than symbols
-fixed files from old workspace showing in find file panel when switching workspaces before workspace has finished loading
-hide the hover box when the cursor is oved
-stops FindInFiles from searching open files when a folder search path is set
-fixed map scroll bar scroll rect position when word wrap is enabled
-fixed blank line at end of paste statement being indented
-fixed crash reading corrupt search cache file
-fixed collapse/expand margin buttons not being clipped
-resizing a word wraped panel now stays centered on the current line
-fixed potential crash closing file with unsubmitted symbol rename

25/08/2022Version (0.33.29)
-fixed collapse/expand of sequential regions
-fixed line index off by one in ListBreakpoints command
-fixed panel resize region overlapping vertical scroll bar
-fixed duplicated files showing multiple times in save changes panel
-fixed potential hang in parser
-made scroll line stay the same when resizing panel with word wrap

24/08/2022Version (0.33.28)
-fixed potential crash bracket aligning pasted strings with newlines

24/08/2022Version (0.33.27)
-made bracket alignment indenting use prev line indent + spaces
-fixed alignment indenting when inserting new line between args
-removed Parser.AlignUsesSpaces setting

24/08/2022Version (0.33.26)
-bumped parser cache version to clear out bad data from crashes in earlier build

24/08/2022Version (0.33.25)
-fixed goto-error for files with relative paths

24/08/2022Version (0.33.24)
-fixed crash related to undo change in prev build

23/08/2022Version (0.33.23)
-fixed scroll bar highlighting sometimes getting stuck on
-made scroll bar word highlighting case sensitive
-fixed scroll bar highlights with word wrapping
-fixed goto-error on relative paths in build output
-made BreakpointUpdated callback only happen when file is saved
-made python API AddBreakpoint function return the id of the breakpoint
-added RemoveBreakpointById to python API
-fixed parser getting stuck on highly recursive macros
-fixed crash restoring d3d device
-fixed cursor pos after redo of typed text
-fixed cursor not moving left at start of word-wrapped line
-removed horizontal scroll bar if word wrapping enabled

22/08/2022Version (0.33.22)
-fixed indentation bug introduced in previous build

22/08/2022Version (0.33.21)
-fixed macro concatenation of empty arguments
-added ScrollBarHighlightSize setting
-fixed scroll bar highlighting in output and build panels
-fixed map scroll bar highlighting not aligning with tabs
-fixed word highlighting in scroll bar showing non-word matches
-fixed MoveCursorPrevWordSelect key mapping

21/08/2022Version (0.33.20)
-breakpoints in the python API are now indexed from 1 instead of 0
-python API OnBreakpointAdded/Removed functions now take a breakpoint id
-added GetSelection to python the API that returns the currently selected text
-added AddBreakpointUpdatedFunction to python the API to add a callback when a breakpoint line changes
-added UpdateBreakpoint to python API for updating a breakpoint line number
-fixed python GetDebugCommand not working for 10x workspaces

21/08/2022Version (0.33.19)
-fixed recursive macros parser bug

19/08/2022Version (0.33.18)
-fixed parser crash introduced in previous build

19/08/2022Version (0.33.17)
-support for __VA_ARGS__ in macros
-added GetPreprocessedLine() to python API
-empry arguments now handled correctly in macros

17/08/2022Version (0.33.16)
-fixed potential crash typing macro call at end of file

17/08/2022Version (0.33.15)
-fixed parsing of muti-line macro calls that contains semi-colons
-fixed global variables having a higher priority than member variables
-fixed brace scope getting messed up for variable declaration assignments that contain braces and commas

16/08/2022Version (0.33.14)
-fixed crash related to new scroll bar highlighting and undo

16/08/2022Version (0.33.13)
-fixed crash in ReparseAll
-fixed Update panel title overlapping changelist text

16/08/2022Version (0.33.12)
-highlight find text in scroll bar
-added HighlightFindTextInScrollBar setting
-added HighlightSelectedWordInScrollBar setting
-fixed crashes caused by newline in N10X.Editor.InsertText() function
-bumped parser cache and search cache version numbers to clear out bad data
-fixed Update panel not showing changelist

15/08/2022Version (0.33.11)
-fix for hang connecting with parsec in secure mode
-fixed importing standard python packages such as ctypes
-fixed "The 'u' format is deprecated" warning from python scripts

12/08/2022Version (0.33.10)
-fixed bug with multi-line macro calls not updating on edits

12/08/2022Version (0.33.9)
-fixed parsing of macro calls over multiple lines
-fixed autocomplete and goto-def not working for incomplete macro calls

10/08/2022Version (0.33.8)
-made GotoNextBuildError not eat the key press if there are no errors
-made all settings and key bindings reset to default if updating from build from before (0.32.0)
-fixed non C++ file results text showing as white in Workspace Search
-lot to output panel when using workspace settings file
-fixed files appearing multiple times in FindFile panel
-fixed mouse drag getting stuck on when resizing panels and moving mouse out of the window
-fixed missing Parser.Extensions setting (it got lost when updating from very old versions)
-fixed undoing of block comment needing two undos
-fixed autoformat sometimes inserting a space between <<
-fixed enums not being collapsable
-general fixes to collapsable regions
-fixed file matches using forward slashes in Workspace Search
-re-wrote Registration key text box control (fixes lots of bugs and makes pasting earier)
-fixed clicking in empty line putting cursor at wrong position
-fixed text background colour bug when current line moved to word wrapped line

10/08/2022Version (0.33.7)
-now links to python dynamically. This allows adding of pyd custom packages
-upgraded to python 3.10.6

05/08/2022Version (0.33.6)
-added Parser.BracketAlignFunctionArgs setting to align function arguments to the open bracket
-added Parser.BracketAlignConditionals setting to align conditional lines to open bracket
-added Parser.EqualsAlign to align assignment statement lines to the equals char
-added Parser.AlignUsesSpaces to make alignment always use spaces
-added ToggleOutputPanel command
-added ToggleBuildOutputPanel command
-added ToggleFindInFilesResultsPanel1 command (+2,3,4)
-fixed goto build error if the active project is in a different folder to the sln
-renamed MoveCursorNextWordSelect command to MoveCursorPrevWordSelect
-renamed MoveCursorNextNextSelect cmmand to MoveCursorNextWordSelect
-can now bind the AppsKey (bound to ShowContextMenu by default)
-removed unused Language.UserKeyword from syntax highlighting
-fixed text back colour for selected sub-menu items
-fixed scroll bar showing outside of panel when resizing docked panel
-fixed cursor not scrolling into view when tabbing past right edge
-fixes to ToggleComment command
-fixed Save not doing anything for new files that haven't been modified
-fixed Save and Save As not working when menu opened with menu button click (it defocused the file panel)
-made Save and Save As work on the last focused file panel (so it works even if no file panel is focused)
-made user keywords be coloured as types if followed by space+asterisk

03/08/2022Version (0.33.5)
-fixed indirection auto-fixup for functions returning pointers
-set Parser.AutoFixIndirection to false by default
-made duplicating a panel use the current scroll position
-made Enter submit the all workspace properties panels
-fixed initial search in Workspace Search taking a long time (wasn't loading search cache)
-fixed goto-def and autocomplete failing on all new code added at the end of the file
-added new Moriarty colour scheme

30/07/2022Version (0.33.4)
-fixed MoveToEndOfLine in vim.py
-fixed colour scheme being set back to default when colour scheme updated in version update
-fixed python API SetLine documentation
-can now bind F13-F24 keys
-fixed duplicate comment lines in some settings when creating default settings file

28/07/2022Version (0.33.3)
-update to cantaloupe and sunset colour scheme
-added new Moss and Spice colour schemes
-fixed autocomplete on functions that return smart pointers
-fixed auto-fix indirection for functions returning smart pointers
-fixed goto-definition on pure virtuals going to wrong function
-re-focus the last file after changing config
-fixed workspace settings not preserving if workspace opened with path with different case
-fixed restore window size sometimes being incorrect
-fixed goto-bookmark failing if the file isn't already open
-fixed ReplaceNext not working in Find/Replace when regex are enabled
-fixed flicker highlighting current symbol
-made toggle source/header work with UE4 interface headers (eg File.cpp -> FileInterface.h)

26/07/2022Version (0.33.2)
-added new UI.SelectedSearchResultLine colour setting for the selected line in the Workspace Search and Find Symbol panels
-standardised the colours across WorkspaceSearch and find symbol panels
-added Editor.CollapseExpandButton colour setting
-improved colour settings for light colour scheme
-improved colours in various schemes for find panels
-changed default colours for "UI.UI Selected Item" and "UI.SearchHighlight"
-removed "Search.HighlightLineColour" colour setting
-added new Sunset colour scheme and made it the default
-added BackslashPaths setting to make 10x use baclslashes in all paths (true by default)
-fixed last setting not being written when creating settings files
-fixed nmake slns not showing an error if the build fails
-fixed incorrect symbol highlighting with word wrapped lines
-fixed current line background showing on wrong line with word wrapped lines
-fixed not being able to mouse wheel scroll to the end of a file with word wrap
-fixed parser preprocessor crash

24/07/2022Version (0.33.1)
-fixed crash on startup introduced in previous build if using standard scroll bar mode

24/07/2022Version (0.33.0)
-word wrap
-added Editor.WordWrap setting an menu item
-added WordWrap menu item to text editor context menu
-added right click context menu to output panels
-added TogglewordWrap and ToggleWordWrapForCurrentPanel commands
-collapsable regions
-added commands: CollapseRegion, ExpandRegion, ToggleCollapseExpandRegion, ExpandAllRegions
-added ShowCollapseExpandMargin setting
-fixed full scope not reparsing for newly added scope starts
-fixed detection of function pointers
-improved downscaling of button images (now uses supersampling)
-fixed clicking in empty lines always putting cursor at first indent
-fixed map scroll bar scaling artifacts
-fixed gotodef crash

21/07/2022Version (0.32.110)
-tidyup of installed python scripts

20/07/2022Version (0.32.109)
-fixed parser crash

18/07/2022Version (0.32.108)
-fixed goto-def not working on symbols in brackets, eg if(MyVariable)

17/07/2022Version (0.32.107)
-parser crash fix updating files modified outside of 10x

16/07/2022Version (0.32.106)
-fixed crash parsing files modified externally

13/07/2022Version (0.32.105)
-fixed memory corruption in code formatter

10/07/2022Version (0.32.104)
-fix to fuzzy filter introduced last build (mostly affected command panel dropdown)
-changed default max core count to 12

10/07/2022Version (0.32.103)
-made StringTable::GetString lock free. Significantly improves parser perf on large core counts
-increased max default core usage from 80% to 90% of system
-increased default max core count from 8 to 14
-improvements to fuzzy matching
-fixed vim DeleteCharacters() in visual mode
-added Delete command
-stopped prev/next location from including tool panels
-made "copy path to clipboard" use forward slashes
-stopped key mappings file autocomplete from including python functions
-fixed FindInFiles not returning any results if no workspace open. Now always includes all open files.
-fixed scroll bug in settings autocomplete
-fixed __pragma not parsing in enums
-fixed function definitions not showing up in FindSymbol panel

07/07/2022Version (0.32.102)
-fixed symbols sometimes not getting reparsed after header change
-increased default for Search.MaxFileSize setting to 10MB

06/07/2022Version (0.32.101)
-fixed crash undoing IndentSelection command

05/07/2022Version (0.32.100)
-added GetBreakpoints() function to python API

05/07/2022Version (0.32.99)
-fixed preprocessor defined out blocks not reverting when #if line is deleted
-stopped #if with nothing else on line being treated as defined out

04/07/2022Version (0.32.98)
-fixed empty token array parser cache (also caused crash loading cache)
-reduced unnecessary reparsing due to external file changed events
-fixed multiple reparses happening when lots of files change externally
-added MaxOpenTabs setting to limit the number of tabs that stay open
-fixed parser bug where goto-def wasn't looking in the current classes parent

01/07/2022Version (0.32.97)
-fixed empty strings causing problems in preprocessed lines
-renamed Parser.ColourUndefinedKeywords setting to Parser.HighlightUndefinedKeywords
-fixed default colours for parser colours
-changed default colour for Language.UndefinedKeyword to red

01/07/2022Version (0.32.96)
-now parses generated header files for Unreal
-added new setting Parser.ParseGeneratedFiles to parse Unreal generated cpp files
-automatically do a clean parse after Force Includes workspace setting is changed
-fixed workspace settings panel cancel not cancelling changes

29/06/2022Version (0.32.95)
-fixed autocomplete ignoring using namespace declarations in function scopes

29/06/2022Version (0.32.94)
-fixed parser crash after updating files outside of 10x
-fixed references not being found in define lines
-fixed renaming symbols in defines
-fixed crash updating line indent for line past end of file
-fixed page up/down not clearing multi-cursors

28/06/2022Version (0.32.93)
-support for using namespace in headers
-fixed parser hang if setting are changed while parsing
-fixed select next word (ctrl+shift+arow) selecting past end of line
-fixed parser not skipping multi-line macro if it is at the end of a file

24/06/2022Version (0.32.92)
-parser optimisation (16% speedup in full parse)

24/06/2022Version (0.32.91)
-fixed X2 parse times introduced a few builds back

24/06/2022Version (0.32.90)
-parser support for namespace aliasing
-fixed bug with using namespace when accessed from outside namespace
-fixed compression stats showing wrong value if issued before parser has finished

23/06/2022Version (0.32.89)
-fixed huge memory usage doing an update parse if lots of files have changed externally
-fixed LogMemoryStats command if it's issued in parse stages 1,2

23/06/2022Version (0.32.88)
-fixed syntax highlighting and selection in Find References Panel

22/06/2022Version (0.32.87)
-fixed crash inserting text from python when cursor is beyond the end of the line

22/06/2022Version (0.32.86)
-added Parser.AutocompleteInComments setting to enable/disable autocomplete in comments (defaults to true)

22/06/2022Version (0.32.85)
-stopped opened files being added to the parser database if they are not in the workspace

22/06/2022Version (0.32.84)
-stopped autocomplete in comments

21/06/2022Version (0.32.83)
-fixed syntax highlighting (broken in line-endings build)
-parser support for thread_local variables

21/06/2022Version (0.32.82)
-fixed multi-line settings (broke in last build)
-fixed automatic changing of settings value in settings files
-fixed extra new line being added to end of file when writing settings files
-fixed crash if FindInFiles doesn't find any results

21/06/2022Version (0.32.81)
-line endings are now preserved for files with mixed line endings
-added ShowLineEndings setting
-added ToggleLineEndings command
-added LineEnding colour to colour schemes
-fixed map scroll bars not updating after colour scheme change
-fixed changing colour scheme slowdown if lots of files open
-fixed bug starting symbol rename if rename already in progress

21/06/2022Version (0.32.80)
-fixed installer Repair failing if original installer exe deleted
-fixed preprocessor relative include path bug

20/06/2022Version (0.32.79)
-another fix to installer Repair

20/06/2022Version (0.32.78)
-fixed installer Repair

20/06/2022Version (0.32.77)
-removed uninstall option from installer until I can find out how to fix it
-fixed Clean Reparse
-alt-C and alt-W now toggle case and word checkboxes in FindInFiles panel

18/06/2022Version (0.32.76)
-fixed broken ShowCommandPanel key mapping

18/06/2022Version (0.32.75)
-fixes to reparse of externally changed files
-fixed incorrect window name after closing workspace

17/06/2022Version (0.32.74)
-fixed crash parsing files after files changed externally

17/06/2022Version (0.32.73)
-added CppParser.WriteFileStatsCsv to output a csv of file parse times and sizes
-added sqlite to parser and search cache exclude filters (saves 30 sec parsing UE)

17/06/2022Version (0.32.72)
-added FullParse verbose logging mode
-fixed the selection being cleared when text is added to the output panel

16/06/2022Version (0.32.71)
-fixed crash reparsing after files have been modified outside of 10x

16/06/2022Version (0.32.70)
-clamp the default value for MaxCoreCount to 8 (if MaxCoreCount is set to -1)
-improved variable parsing so that it doesn't pick up global variables in malformed code
-fixed crash in symbol renamer if it can't open a file (and log out an error)
-parser support for inline constexpr variables
-optimisation to FindIncludeFile path. Saves ~5% in parse time
-fixed static member variables not parsing
-fixed hang in parser if parse cancelled
-fixed crash parsing empy file with a pch or force include header

16/06/2022Version (0.32.69)
-improved thread balancing and priorities in full parse
-made compress use same task manager as parser to avoid creating extra threads (important for cpus with multiple NUMA nodes)
-fixed MaxCoreCount setting
-reduced time files stay uncompressed
-don't regenerate compress buffer if file was uncompressed and then not changed
-fixed deadlock writing out memory stats

15/06/2022Version (0.32.68)
-fixed all sorts of bugs including long parse times when system has been up for more than 24 days (time was stored as int!)
-added new Parser.ColourUndefinedKeywords setting to control whether undefined keywords are coloured specially. False by default
-made parser more strict on what is classes as a variable definition. Now checks prev token.
-fixed crash in preprocessor re-preprocessing files with no preprocessor lines

14/06/2022Version (0.32.67)
-made it fall back to Jetbrains Mono font if it can't find the TextEditor font

14/06/2022Version (0.32.66)
-fixed parser crash caused by editing files while full parse in progress
-fixed crash with GotoDefColumn set to other with only 1 column

13/06/2022Version (0.32.65)
-fixed preprocessor not working for files with no preporocessor statements but with a force include

13/06/2022Version (0.32.64)
-added CentreFloatingPanelsHorz and CentreFloatingPanelsVert settings to automatically centre floating panels (default to true)
-if a floating panel is out of bounds then centre it
-always clamp floating panel size to window rect
-made GotoDefColumn setting use existing panel if one already exists in the column
-made GotoDefColumn create a duplicate panel if def is in current file

13/06/2022Version (0.32.63)
-fixed parsing of MyEnum::Value scoping for old style enums
-fixed parsing of first function arg type for unnamed args
-made GotoDefColumn setting override ColumnNFiles settings
-made GotoDefColumn setting also apply to GotoNextBuildError
-fixed key mappings not working for some keys combined with alt
-fixed defines from force includes not working on first line of file

11/06/2022Version (0.32.62)
-fixed syntax highlighting in search panels for compressed files
-made search results use syntax highlighting if parser still parsing
-added GotoDefColumn to make goto-def file open in other column
-made GotoNextError open file in other column if no file column set
-fixed syntax highlighter not working for open and close bracket rules
-memory optimisation for packed line colour for compressed files

11/06/2022Version (0.32.61)
-fixed garbage data appearing at the end of ANSI encoded files and causing the parser to go into an infinite loop and eat memory

10/06/2022Version (0.32.60)
-fix for missing references due to preprocessor line change or reparse file on a header file
-support for declspec in enum definitions

10/06/2022Version (0.32.59)
-automatically add force include files to the workspace files list
-fixed crash formatting comment block at the end of a file

09/06/2022Version (0.32.58)
-fix for UE PCH files not working for some modules (now checks UE4 folder)

09/06/2022Version (0.32.57)
-colour keywords that parser can't find as Language.UndefinedKeyword colour
-added verbose logging to parser
-added ToggleParserVerboseLogging command
-fixed goto prev/next location after gotodef going to the top of the file
-added python N10X.Editor.SetParserVerboseLoggingMode(mode) function
-added python N10X.Editor.SetUEPCHLogFolderName(folder_name) funcion for logging the UE PCH file paths
-removed Parser.VerboseLogging setting
-optimsed parser string id hash combining
-improved overloaded function choosing in parser with templated functions
-fixed define names in define statements not being coloured by parser
-fixed bug with preprocessor statements appearing after an enum
-fixed inline member functions being found on goto-def for function declarations
-fix to double colon global scope operator (would miss things earlier in the file scope)
-fixed using namespace names being found for goto-def
-fixed L not being coloured as string for L"" strings
-fixed functions with double Name::Name scope being treated as constructors
-fixed using namespace names not being coloured by parser
-fixed font rendering glitch when clearing multi-cursor selection

08/06/2022Version (0.32.56)
-fixed parsed symbols being invalidated if they are requested while the file they are in is compressed (leads to random missing symbols)

08/06/2022Version (0.32.55)
-fixed circumflex characters typed with ^, eg ^+O not appearing
-fixed NumPad# key mappings

08/06/2022Version (0.32.54)
-fixed reparse bug that would incorrectly invalidate references
-stopped parser from parsing more than it needs to when code block changes
-fixed crash from python getting cursor index out of range

08/06/2022Version (0.32.53)
-stopped un-shifted key binding also triggering for shifted binding

07/06/2022Version (0.32.52)
-fixed mapping of Circumflex on european keyboards
-fixed assert shutting down empty file discarding unsaved changes

07/06/2022Version (0.32.51)
-more key mappings fixes
-stopped ctrl+Delete deleting line if key mapping removed

07/06/2022Version (0.32.50)
-fixed multi-key press for international characters

07/06/2022Version (0.32.49)
-more key mapping fixes
-fixes to key logging
-key mappings can now be specified with the long key name
-comma key mappings now uses "Comma" to avoid parsing problem with multi-key combos
-support for mapping < and > keys

07/06/2022Version (0.32.48)
-fixed multi-key combo mappings
-added LogKeys menu item to log all key presses to the output panel
-fixed settings syntax highlighter for single char key mappings
-fixed multi-key combo with unmodified second char inserting char into text
-added support for & key mappings

07/06/2022Version (0.32.47)
-fixed multi-key combos (broke last build)
-added ^ to key mappings

06/06/2022Version (0.32.46)
-fixed parser files being compressed while still in use
-fixed leak parsing modified code
-optimised shutdown times
-fixed key mappings for non-uk keyboards
-can now map # key in key mappings
-can now use the shifted key value (without the shift modifier) in key mappings
-changed NUM0-NUM9 keys to 0-9 in key mappings file
-changed key mappings file keys Comma,Period,Equals,Plus,Minus,Underscore,Tilde,GraveAccent to the single char values
-fixed crash in verbose parser logging

02/06/2022Version (0.32.45)
-fixed exe not launching on Win7 (broke in previous build)

01/06/2022Version (0.32.44)
-fixed race condition in parser
-fixed comment block auto formatting
-support for calling conventions (__stdcall etc) for function definitions and declarations
-fixed Workspace Search showing "Please Wait, indexing files..." message if no workspace open
-free up more memory when parser file is compressed

01/06/2022Version (0.32.43)
-added ToggleAppMenuOnAlt setting to disable toggling the main menu on the alt key
-fixed comment commands breaking anything that relies on tracking cursor position, such as bracket highlighting, symbol highlighting and col/row numbers
-fixed missing comma after .asm extension in parser extensions setting
-support for calling conventions (such as __stdcall) in function pointer declarations

31/05/2022Version (0.32.42)
-added CenterViewAtLinePos to python API
-fixed perf bug matching regex words in FindInFiles
-fix for hang shutting down
-integrated latest changes to vim.py

30/05/2022Version (0.32.41)
-fixed perf bug in FindInFiles matching words in long lines
-truncate very long lines matched in FindInFiles results
-add timeout for getting special font chars
-added .jsx to and .scons to default file extensions
-potential fix for the FileTypes trailing comma stopping it finding new files
-fixed crash loading certain rare special glyphs
-stopped escape closing docked panels

30/05/2022Version (0.32.40)
-use list boxes for file types and exclude filters in 10x workspace UI
-reworked ListBox editing
-fixed F2 not renaming list box item
-empty FileTypes value in 10x workspace file now means all code files
-sync files is now set by default for new folders
-can now set relative paths in "add existing folder"
-escape no longer closes 10x workspace properties panels

29/05/2022Version (0.32.39)
-fixed expanded macro lines showing up multiple times in find references panel
-fixed changing a define not re-preprocessing lines that reference that define
-fixed function definitions not getting removed from the database when they are removed from the code

27/05/2022Version (0.32.38)
-fixed parser syntax highlighting getting out of sync after using MoveLine Up/Down command
-fixed syntax highlighting files not using the local settings path setting
-disabled auto-indent on paste in non-code files
-reduced allocator contention for full parse, will help for high core count machines

27/05/2022Version (0.32.37)
-fixed windows OS file dialog buttons not wokring (broken in prev build)

27/05/2022Version (0.32.36)
-fixed preprocessor ## concatenation operator failing on macros in indented lines

27/05/2022Version (0.32.35)
-fixed defined out lines not always updating when preprocessor lines changed
-fixed empty results dropdown in FindInFiles panel
-possible fix for Win11 transparent border problem
-fixed ReparseFile and ReparseAll not doing anything

26/05/2022Version (0.32.34)
-fixed files getting compressed while stil in use
-fixed preprocessor sometimes marking random regions of code as defined out
-fixed preprocessor handling of undef
-fixed WriteCache not waiting for all async compress's to finish, which could cause more files to be decompressed than needed

24/05/2022Version (0.32.33)
-fixed crash loading workspace with renamed file

24/05/2022Version (0.32.23)
-fixed defined out regions getting out of sync while editing
-fixed assert opening autocomplete with ctrl+space if cursor beyond the end of the line

23/05/2022Version (0.32.22)
-fixed potential deadlock decompressing parser files

22/05/2022Version (0.32.21)
-fixed parser files getting compress whle still in use

21/05/2022Version (0.32.20)
-fixed parser crash caused by an external updates while a parse is in progress

18/05/2022Version (0.32.19)
-fixed UE4 pch defines files
-fixed crash in 10x_notepad starting from clean install
-fixed parser trying to open files with incorrect case

18/05/2022Version (0.32.18)
-made 10x workspace exclude filter work on paths (used to only work on file/folder names)
-fixed parser crash if the OS fails to open a file
-support for multiply and divide in preprocessor conditionals
-fixed precedence for ? operator in preprocessor conditionals
-possible fix for the transparent border bug in Win11

17/05/2022Version (0.32.17)
-fixed reparse issues when files are changed outside of 10x (syncing etc)
-10x will now work out just the lines that have changed from external edits and reparse them
-when reparsing external changes existing symbols are reused to avoid invalidating references
-fixed references not updating for external edits
-fixed files getting stuck in a decompressed state
-rewrite of the parse stage scheduling for a full parse
-rewrite of compression scheduler, bug fixes and faster
-external changes now trigger a full incremental parse
-fixed files that don't exist showing up as decompressed
-tweaked compress delay numbers for a slightly faster full parse
-LogMemoryStats now shows compression stats
-fixed auto-indent in non-C++ files

16/05/2022Version (0.32.16)
-5% reduction in memory
-fixed txt (..txt) in save as dialog
-improved memory stats for LogMemoryStats command

15/05/2022Version (0.32.15)
-tweaked compression settings for frequently access files, 12% full parse speedup
-fixed the "parsing files (#)..." number in the log

13/05/2022Version (0.32.14)
-memory optimisation: fixed files changing externally causing most of the files to be decompressed
-optimisation to parser class function hash map
-memory optimisation: stopped the parser from keeping files decompresses so long
-CppParser.ListWorkspaceFiles now shows compression stats and compressed flag for each file
-fixed parser getting wrong type for function returns values if function can't be found
-fixed goto-def on locals in defined out code

12/05/2022Version (0.32.13)
-fixed stall when syntax highlighting file is changed with lots of files open
-added fastbuild.10x_syntax

12/05/2022Version (0.32.12)
-reversed the order of Unreal pch files so that unreal pch is always first
-fixed Encoding text box not updating in status bar

11/05/2022Version (0.32.11)
-more fixes for Unreal pch includes and defines
-Unreal pch files are now added before user pch files
-renamed python function SetCursorSelection to SetSelection
-fixed crash updating line indent after paste
-vim: refactored a number of things to make it cleared and easier to update
-vim: fixed key getting eaten after exiting from insert mode
-vim: added "cc" command
-vim: added "x" command
-vim: made "d", "y" and "c" work as single commands in visual mode
-vim: fixed cursor pos after undo'ing "o" command

11/05/2022Version (0.32.10)
-fixed settings file format for settings with non-alphanumeric chars (broke some key mappings)

10/05/2022Version (0.32.9)
-changed settings file format. No longer need blank line between settings
-added GetCursorSelection() to python API (supports multi-cursor)
-added SetCursorSelection() to python API (supports multi-cursor)
-added RemoveCursor() to python API (supports multi-cursor)
-added SetCursorVisible to python API
-vim: redone visual mode visual-line mode

09/05/2022Version (0.32.8)
-vim: fixed "v" visual mode
-improved settings name/value colours
-added new 10x.Setting.Keyword colour to all colour schemes
-fixed WORDI() and TEXTI() text not being coloured correctly
-made 10x notepad use Settings_notepad.10x_settings file again
-update syntax highlighting when colour scheme changed
-clear parser cache (newline fix in prev build could cause problems with old cahce files)

09/05/2022Version (0.32.7)
-fixed last line in file being removed on load if file ends with a newline
-added .natvis to xml.10x_syntax
-fixed .natvis files not being loaded in as part of project

09/05/2022Version (0.32.6)
-fixes to Unreal PCH headers and defines for projects setup outside the installed UE4 source

08/05/2022Version (0.32.5)
-fixed link shown if subscription has been cancelled
-fixed UI layout for registration panels
-added Language.Custom1 - Language.Custom10 colours to all colour schemes
-added syntax highlighter files to open file list
-fixed settings file updates sometimes being missed
-improved colours for Light colour scheme
-minor fixes to syntax files
-vim: fixed repeating of "cw" command
-vim: changed the way commands are repeated so that g_RepeatCount can be used in the command to detect how many repeats are remaining
-vim: fixed "o" not adding new line

07/05/2022Version (0.32.4)
-fixed settings files not being created on first launch with no appdata\10x\settings folder
-fixed key mappings file path not being updated after changing SettingsPath setting

06/05/2022Version (0.32.3)
-added syntax highlighting for markdown
-added syntax highlighting for golang
-fixed new sytntax highlighting files not getting installed
-fixed parser hover box showing in wrong panel for duplicated panels
-fixed colour schemes not using SettingsPath setting
-fixed problems closing modified 10x workspaces
-fixed removing of folder from 10x workspaces
-made paths in FindFilePanel relative to workspace root
-fixed syntax highlighting not working in Workspace Search
-fixed 10x workspaces Add Existing Folder not working if path has backslashes
-fixed crash in syntax highlighting scrolling through references in the FindReferencesPanel
-a number of small optimisations (GetCppFile, SplitString, GetPathId, StackWString, reduced allocs)
-fixed enum values not appear in autocomplete

05/05/2022Version (0.32.2)
-added header comments to all setings file explaining the format
-added WORDI() and TEXTI() to syntax highlighting file format for case insensitive matches
-added sytax highlighting for .ini files
-added sytax highlighting for .json files
-added sytax highlighting for .zig files
-removed .ini files from C++ parser extension list
-fixed key mappings not using the shared settings path in the local settings
-if any settings folder is deleted all files will now be restored to defaults
-fixed stall when syntax highlighting file is saved
-fixed SettingsPath default value if setting doesn't exist
-fixed mouse button getting stuck on if another mouse button is released while it is held

04/05/2022Version (0.32.1)
-fixed syntax highlighting not working after update until 10x is restarted
-removed colour scheme files from FindFilePanel and WorkspaceSearch
-fixed FindFilePanel and FindInFiles results panels not using the font set in the settings
-fixed regex's with a match length of zero hanging
-syntax highlighting for comments in .ini files
-syntax highlighting for xml files

04/05/2022Version (0.32.0)
-general syntax highlighting system
-added syntax highlighting files for c++, C#, bat, html, java, php, python, rust
-renamed "C++." colours to "Language."
-removed "Editor.Parser Fail Text" colour
-added new colours: "10x.Setting.Name", "10x.Setting.True", "10x.Setting.False", "Html.ElementName", "Html.AttributeName", "Html.String", "Html.Operator"
-stopped 10x writing settings files (except on update)
-writing of settings files will now modify the file rather than replace it entirely
-renamed python function SetSettingsFilename to SetSettingsFileName
-moved perforce settings out of local settings and into main settings
-regex searches no 11 times faster (using re2 if regex doesn't have backtrace)
-support for settings with multi-line values
-fixed rare shutdown crash

04/05/2022Version (0.31.67)
-stopped Search and FindFile panels showing results from recently opened files
-made perforce P4CONFIG handling check all parent directories of the workspace for the perforce file
-files are only added to the recent files menu items if they are not in the workspace

03/05/2022Version (0.31.66)
-show message box if it fails to initialise Visual Studio environment
-fixed open sln workspace never finishing if it fails to initialise the visual studio environment
-fixed it using wrong UI font on first open

01/05/2022Version (0.31.65)
-fixed hang shutting down if file system stops responding
-stopped file monitor monitoring recently opened workspaces
-added recently opened files to FindFilePanel and Workspace Search open file list

28/04/2022Version (0.31.64)
-fixed workspaces in 10x_notepad.exe not remembering the active panel when opened

28/04/2022Version (0.31.63)
-a number of fixes to prev/next location
-fixed prev/next location with duplicate file panels
-made goto-def add a prev/next location marker
-added Editor.PythonIndentMode setting (defaults to spaces)

25/04/2022Version (0.31.62)
-fixed a couple of potential memory corruption bugs in the core library
-fixed control+left/right not working in edit text boxes

21/04/2022Version (0.31.61)
-fixed fonts not showing for right click tab menu and switch panel panel

19/04/2022Version (0.31.60)
-support for leading double colon parsing class parent

17/04/2022Version (0.31.59)
-changed UI font to Segoe UI
-changed fallback font to Liberation Sans

16/04/2022Version (0.31.58)
-fixed crash starting up if it finds a font with no family name
-fixed crash finding a symtol if it has a %s in it's name
-added HalfBlock to CursorMode setting dropdown

08/04/2022Version (0.31.57)
-block cursor support
-added CursorMode setting
-changed main UI font to Inter
-allow loading of .otf font files
-added SetCursorMode() and ResetCursorMode() to python API
-fixed broken control+shift+X command panel key mapping (again)
-fixed drop down list box buttons sometimes not being aligned when UI font is changed
-fixed crash stopping debugging if no workspace open
-vim: set block cursor mode for command mode
-vim: set line cursor mode for insert mode
-vim: set half block cursor mode for prefix command

08/04/2022Version (0.31.56)
-reduced memory and parse time by up to 50% for very large projects
-reduced parser read cache time by 55%
-fixed a ton of bad paths getting added to the string table
-optimisations and fixes to include path resolving
-added new PathTable for more efficient storage of path strings
-fixed defines not being shown in autocomplete after a restart
-fixed Unreal pch include paths getting lost after restart
-vim: fix to "o" vim command
-vim: made escape exit visual mode
-made perforce try and reconnect on checkout if it lost the connection
-stopped it trying to connect to perforce if setting is empty
-fixed broken control+shift+X command panel key mapping
-reduced submenu open delay to 100ms

07/04/2022Version (0.31.55)
-stopped FindSymbols panel from decompressing all files and causing 10x to take up a huge amount of memory

28/03/2022Version (0.31.54)
-fixed crash on startup restoring from corrupt state file

28/03/2022Version (0.31.53)
-fixed handlers not getting removed when a script is recompiled

28/03/2022Version (0.31.52)
-modification to 10x logo image and icon
-changed vim "yy" command

28/03/2022Version (0.31.51)
-fixed vim edito mode not disabling when disabled in the settings
-vim: started adding visual mode
-vim: ':' now shows command panel
-vim: hljk movement now uses SendKey
-vim: backspace and arrow keys now pass through
-vim: support for ':w', ':wq', ':q', ':q!' commands
-added parser support for stl
-renamed 'ExecuteCommand' command to 'ShowCommandPanel'
-added AddCommandPanelHandlerFunction to python API
-added DiscardUnsavedChanges to python API
-added Clear10xOutput to python API
-added IsBuildPanelOpen to python API
-added SetCommandPanelText to python API
-added ClearSelection to python API
-added .fx to default parser extensions
-fixed file losing focus when move up in the panel grid
-stopped CommentLine only adding comment if there isn't one already
-added "Close All but Pinned" menu item to tabbed panel dropdown menu
-fixed d3d hang on shutdown with remote desktop

28/03/2022Version (0.31.50)
-fixed crash with 'u' vim undo command

27/03/2022Version (0.31.49)
-more vim support
-vim: repeat counts
-vim: fixed exception in GetWordEnd()
-vim: 'x' key to delete
-vim: alt+hjkl to move panel focus
-vim: pass through all alt and control keys
-added PushUndoGroup() and PopUndoGroup() to python API
-improved include finding for Unreal

26/03/2022Version (0.31.48)
-support for more vim commands
-fixed mapped keys not being passed to python key intercept function (control-C now works)
-added EditorHasFocus() to python API
-python key intercept are now intercepted at the global level so need to check EditorHasFocus first

25/03/2022Version (0.31.47)
-started adding Vim support. Can be enabled in the settings.
-added MoveCursor commands so they can be re-bound and called from python (MoveCursorPrevWord, MoveCursorNextWord, MoveCursorPrevWordSelect, MoveCursorNextWordSelect)
-scripts in appdata\10x\PythonScripts will now be automatically updated when updating 10x if they haven't been changed
-added ResetCursorBlink() to python API
-added ControlKeyHeld() to python API
-added CallOnMainThread() to python API to call a function from the main thread
-added RemoveOnInterceptCharKeyFunction() to python API
-added RemoveOnInterceptKeyFunction() to python API
-added AddOnSettingsChangedFunction() to Python API
-added GetSettingsFolderPath() to python API
-show error message if callback function errors and it is removed from the list
-use sensible indent for values when writing settings files

24/03/2022Version (0.31.46)
-fix to crash introduced in last checkin

24/03/2022Version (0.31.45)
-fixed multi-line macros not parsing properly (first token of each line was being skipped)
-fixed functions being declared in functions causing a brace mismatch and the function scope being closed too early
-added support for array reference function args
-fixed function arg arrays not being parsed if they have a value inside the square brackets
-fixed the entire rest of the file being put int the function scope if the function close brace is ommitted
-fixed scoping bug when adding a close brace. Everything after the close brace would be put into the wrong scope

21/03/2022Version (0.31.44)
-added CommentLine and UncommentLine commands (ctrl+K,ctrl+C to comment, ctrl+K,ctrl+U to uncomment)
-stopped . and -> autocomplete showing member classes/structs
-fixed function arg list box for macros
-fixed partially typed macro names showing up in autocomplete
-fixed deleted defines still showing up in autocomplete
-fixed struct not being reparsed when a struct name is added/renamed. eg struct { } MyStruct;
-fixed line comments being terminated by a */
-show "Please wait, scanning files" in the workspace search until the first scan has completed

21/03/2022Version (0.31.43)
-disabled UE PCH logging (left enabled by mistake in last build)
-bumped the parser cche version number to flush out bad data

21/03/2022Version (0.31.42)
-fixed defines (PCH pathss) for UE uprojects and plugins
-updated cantaloupe colour scheme
-made it obvious that Encoding, Line Engines and TabMode menu items are for the current file only

18/03/2022Version (0.31.41)
-fixed crash in FindReferencesPanel selecting reference in file that doesn't exist
-fixed flickering of define tokens when editing line
-fixed indenting of multi-line preprocessor statements
-fixed parsing of constructor initialisers that use {}
-fixed autocomplete not working if used to the right of a preprocessor token
-fixed it finding the wrong include when there are multiple files in different projects of the same name
-fixed it not extending the current line when a new line is added after an empty line

17/03/2022Version (0.31.40)
-fixed macro function args box for macros defines in other files
-fixed macro function args box showing for macros that don't have args
-tidied up text in macro function args box
-fixed hover box sometimes showing wrong line for macros

17/03/2022Version (0.31.39)
-fixed macro function args list box not showing if line is indented

17/03/2022Version (0.31.38)
-fixed preprocessor line resolve using defines defined after the current line
-function list box now supports macros

16/03/2022Version (0.31.37)
-new icon for 10x_notepad.exe
-fixed files being opened in the same window if tool panel (such as WorkspaceSearch) is docked
-fixed goto-def on Super in Unreal

15/03/2022Version (0.31.36)
-fixed memory compression (was broken in a previous build causing full parse to take up a lot of memory)
-made python function AddWorkspaceAdditionalInclude check if value already in list
-fixed block comment not adding * for new lines on first line
-fixed block comment start start line indents not being corrected when formatting
-autocomplete for defines

15/03/2022Version (0.31.35)
-fixed installer hanging around after launching 10x
-made AddWorkspaceAdditionalInclude python function save the workspace settings file after adding the path

15/03/2022Version (0.31.34)
-fixed file modified asterisk missing for duplicated file panels
-added GetAppDataWorkspacePath() python function
-added GetColumnCount and SetColumnCount python functions
-fixed Filters setting not being restored in FindInFiles panel
-fixed active tab not always being preserved when changing column count
-fixed clipboard history list box not submitting and up/down not working
-made clipboard history box use same font as txt editor
-stopped clipboard history list box from showing on ReadOnly text editors

15/03/2022Version (0.31.33)
-fixed local workspace settings file clearing all other settings

14/03/2022Version (0.31.32)
-fixed black panel appearing after changing column count
-fixed tab description hover box not appearing after panel grid panel moved
-fixed duplicate panels forgetting their preferred panel grid pos

14/03/2022Version (0.31.31)
-stopped file opening in last focused text editor panel if current panel is empty
-stopped WorkspaceSearch changing focus when closing if current panel is empty
-added N10X.Editor.IsOutputPanelOpen() python function
-added N10X.Editor.IsWorkspaceTreeOpen() python function
-make current file stay focused when changing column count
-made setting default to "" or false when removed from the settings file

14/03/2022Version (0.31.30)
-fixed crash ahowing autocomplete at start of file

14/03/2022Version (0.31.29)
-another fix for syncing folders in 10x workspaces

14/03/2022Version (0.31.28)
-fixed crash syncing folders after files removed in 10x workspace
-fixed assert reading Unreal projects

14/03/2022Version (0.31.27)
-fixed crash reducing the column count

11/03/2022Version (0.31.26)
-settings now automatically update when workspace settings override file changes
-fixed workspace override settings getting lost when mai settings file changes

11/03/2022Version (0.31.25)
-more fixes to PS4/PS5 building
-fixed edit text box drop downl lists not subbmitting on Enter

11/03/2022Version (0.31.24)
-settings file per workspaces. Add a 10x.10x_settings file to the workspace folder to override settings
-fixed parsing variables with designated initializers
-fixed hang setting column count to 1
-fixed crash moving panels around
-stopped missing settings being re-added to the settings file when it is read
-disabled autocomplete in comments

10/03/2022Version (0.31.23)
-another fix for PS4/5 project building
-added a "Use multi process/distributed build" check box in the Sln workspace local settings

10/03/2022Version (0.31.22)
-potential fix for Run comment not working after updating 10x
-fixed parser formatting using indent mode in settings rather than indent mode for file
-fixed crash setting enu item shortcut for item that doesn't exist anymore
-fixed explicit setting of indent mode sometimes not being remembered
-more PS build fixes

10/03/2022Version (0.31.21)
-support for building PS4/PS5 projects

10/03/2022Version (0.31.20)
-fixed local variables sometimes not being reparsed when new variable added/changed
-improved the choosing of which symbol to use when there are multiple matching symbols of the same name
-added IndentLine and UnindentLine commands (control+], control+[)
-renamed Editor.Tab Mode setting to Editor.IndentMode
-added AutoDetectIndentMode setting (disabled by default)
-added tab mode indicator text box to status bar (click to change tab mode for file)
-can now change tab mode for file from the Edit menu
-added ReplaceAllInFile command (alt+shift+R) for replacing all when Replace panel not shown
-stopped clicking in status bar taking focus away from text editor
-remember the indent mode for files that have been explicit set
-don't clear status bar values when switching to a non-file tab
-added ToggleIndentMode command
-stopped tooltips from being clickable

09/03/2022Version (0.31.19)
-added ReplaceNextInFile command (alt+R) to replace the next value without having to open the FindReplace panel
-added ReplaceTextInitialValue setting so Replace panel can be set independently from Find panel
-fixed scroll bug introduced in last build opening Find panel part way through a file
-don't automatically set the Sel setting in the Find panel (even if there is a selection)
-only set the Sel settings in the Replace panel if the selection is multi-line
-in the Replace panel only set the replace text to the find text if it is empty

08/03/2022Version (0.31.18)
-made FindInFiles and ReplaceInFiles panels use current selection as initial text
-scroll cursor into view if it goes behind the FindPanel
-fixed Sel button not being selected if doing find with selection
-fixed auto resolve not working with functions that return a pointer
-fixed auto resolve not working for functions that return a template
-fixed AdditionalIncludes box when scrolling in workspace settings
-reduced delay on description tooltip for workspace settings panel
-centered 10x image on installer

08/03/2022Version (0.31.17)
-fix for installer sometimes not remembering install path on automated update (attempt 2)

07/03/2022Version (0.31.16)
-fix for installer sometimes not remembering install path on automated update

07/03/2022Version (0.31.15)
-clamp cursor positions after loading in changed file and scroll cursor into view
-update the tab description hover box after SaveAs
-added "all configs and platforms" defines list box to 10x workspace settings
-made settings panels scrollable
-fixed FindAndReplaceInFiles always saving with CRLF line endings
-_MSC_VER define is now set from the current project PlatformToolset value
-made panels restore to their original float size when dragging out
-preserve original float size of panels between sessions
-reduced tab width
-fixed tabbed panel drop down list box being ediable which could result in a crash
-fixed preprocessor bug parsing defines with multiple conditional statements
-early out parsing preprocessor OR statements
-fixed multiple comma separated variable definition parsing when they ahve default values
-fixed CleanReparse not reparsing all files
-fixed new files not being parsed until a restart after changing additional include paths
-fixed parsing of function declarations with noexcept() statements with brackets
-fixed #define names sometimes being interpreted as an identially named symbol

03/03/2022Version (0.31.14)
-fixed header files that are not in any project not getting any defines set (such as __cplusplus define)
-fixed background colour of encoding text in status bar
-reduced workspace name/path brightness in title bar
-changed forwardslash to backslash in workspace path in title bar
-improved check for pure C projects

03/03/2022Version (0.31.13)
-stopped menu appearing on multi-stage key alt bindings
-support for non-pointer function pointer variable definitions
-fixed parsing of functions with function pointers as arguments
-disabled goto-def on function arguments as it was sometimes finding the wrong symbol
-fixed typedefs sometimes not being coloured correctly
-made menu appear when mouse hovers over workspace path (if path longer than menu)
-tweaked positions of main menu button and workspace name/path text box
-added file encoding to status bar
-added FindTextInitialValue setting to allow initial text to only be set if there is a selection (options are: None, Current, Selection)
-if no initial word or selection, made Find/FindReplace preserve the old value
-added ShowContextMenu command for showing the context menu of the current selected element (Shift+F10)
-shift+tab inserts tab instead of submitting autocomplete
-reset the tree scroll when opening a new workspace
-reduced title bar drag long click time
-moved WorkspaceSearch settings button

02/03/2022Version (0.31.12)
-parser support for function pointer variables
-parser support for function pointer typedefs
-stopped alt+space opening app menu if it is mapped to a command
-The Machinary special support: made goto-def on a function pointer try and find a function of the same name in the current .c/h file
-optimised parsing of constructors
-fixed variable type being parsed incorretly if it is the same name as the variable

28/02/2022Version (0.31.11)
-fixed defines not being parsed in additional include files
-made workspace additional include files recursive by default (no longer need /*)

28/02/2022Version (0.31.10)
-more fixes to Unreal defines
-added separate defines settings for 10x workspaces for configs and platforms
-fixed 10x workspaces not reparsing after switching config/platform
-renamed ShowWorkspaceNameInTitleBar setting to WorkspaceTextInTitleBar
-ShowWorkspaceNameInTitleBar accepts (None, Name, Path) to allow showing the full path of the workspace
-fixed memory leak in FindReferencesPanel
-fixed bug causing some files to stay decompressed
-fixed crash opening lots of files at once from a folder outside the workspace
-reduced stall opening large workspaces
-fixed rare crash in LogMemoryStats
-modification to 10x icon
-updated 10x logo on installer
-added .inl files to ToggleSourceHeader command
-made bracket highlighter check prev char

23/02/2022Version (0.31.9)
-more fixes for UE5 defines
-log out "[parser] Detected UnrealEngine" if parser detects Unreal
-log out error if failed to remove python Update function

23/02/2022Version (0.31.8)
-fixed symbol highlighter and word highlighter sometimes not clearing when text is changed
-fixed workspace tree not being docked when you open a workspace for the first time
-fixed docked windows being too small on their first dock
-added .fx to default parser extensions
-fixed 0X hex strings not being parsed properly if X is uppercase
-made focus always return to the last focused file when closing a panel that has focus
-added FocusFile(fileanme) function to python API
-stop dragging window when app focus changes
-fixed rare shutdown hang with directory watcher

22/02/2022Version (0.31.7)
-fixed docking bug introduced in previous build

22/02/2022Version (0.31.6)
-support for complex statements in defines, simple arithmetic, improved support for brackets, conditional operator
-improved detection of project defines for UE4 and UE5
-parser support for unnamed structs in unions
-fixed cursor sometimes now switching back from the window resize cursor
-removed the UI font size setting. Use the UI scale instead
-remember where panels were docked before they were closed
-fixed title bar workspace text box for folder workspaces
-added Parser.DefinedOutBrightness for setting the brightness of defined out code
-made defines set in sln workspace settings override all other defines in the project and code
-increased the resize mouse hover range for resizing panels
-fixed parser missing references for things in templated classes
-small optimisation to parsing files changed outside of 10x
-reduced delay on description tooltip

18/02/2022Version (0.31.5)
-fixed crash setting active workspace in 10x workspaces

17/02/2022Version (0.31.4)
-fixed syncing of 10x workspace files and folders
-fixed preprocessor statements with brackets, eg #if !(0)
-fixed ForceIncludes causing files to include themselves
-fixed text alignment issues introduced in the last build

16/02/2022Version (0.31.3)
-fixed new files added to a workspace after the full parse not parsing until the file is opened
-new "Debug Sln" setting for 10x workspaces to allow debugging via a VS sln
-added "Open as Text" to workspace tree node context menu
-added ShowMenuOnMouseHover setting
-added ShowWorkspaceNameInTitleBar setting
-fixed VS Debugger sometimes not getting enabled
-allow window dragging from anywhere in the title bar (including 10x logo)
-added new workspace substitution macros: $(RootWorkspacefilename), $(RootWorkspaceDirectory), $(RootWorkspaceName)
-fixed Workspace substitution macros being wrong when right clicking tree node to build
-changed context menu Remove menu item to Exclude for sync'd nodes
-fixed crash excluding 10x workspace tree node
-removed border around menu item with open sub-menu
-fixed glyphs for other languages not showing when using the built-in font
-more fixes for running without any installed fonts

14/02/2022Version (0.31.2)
-fixed variables being confused with namespaces
-fixed long click drag moving window outside of title bar

14/02/2022Version (0.31.1)
-fixed config and platform dropdown boxes not working (broken prev last build)

14/02/2022Version (0.31.0)
-new logo
-new app icon
-colour scheme settings for tree nodes
-colour scheme settings for logo
-new tree node images
-fixed active project not showing up in light colour scheme
-fixed crash on startup if calibril or consolas fonts not available. Can now run with no installed fonts.
-fixed HideMenu setting and enabled it by default
-fixed toolbar buttons overlapping when window is resized
-auto-hide menu if window gets too small
-allowed long click anywhere over title bar to move window
-changed default gamma to 2.2
-fixed 10x workspace debug command locking up on second run if process still running
-stopped 10x capturing output of 10x workspace debug command
-fixed escape cometimes not closing floating panels
-fixed crash updating source preview in FindSymbolPanel
-fixed entering search text manually in FindReferencePanel
-made system window menu show on alt+space
-support for 0b00101010 binary numbers
-support for #if defined without brackets
-improved font glyph overlap problem
-fixed new line not indenting if Editor.ExtendEmptyLines is false

08/02/2022Version (0.30.45)
-stopped update installer making new 10x window topmost

07/02/2022Version (0.30.44)
-improved visibility of map scroll bar box in light colour scheme
-changed selected tree item to use "UI.UI Selected Item" colour
-changed default "UI.UI Selected Item" colour in light colour scheme
-added Prev/NextLocationInCurrentFile commands (ctrl+=, ctrl+shift+=)
-fixed bug in Prev/Next location adding extra location
-fixed Page Up/Down with ctrl+alt+arrow multi-cursor
-fixed it not clearing multi-cursors when doing normal page up/down
-fixed scroll bar colour not updating in light colour scheme
-fixed function info hover box colour in light colour scheme

07/02/2022Version (0.30.43)
-fixed syntax highlighting disappearing after last update until file re-opened
-optimised large multi-cursor rect-selects
-made SaveAll save all save all other files instead of stopping on the first read-only files it finds
-fixed long stall caused by Telemetry upload
-made drop down lists select on mouse up instead of mouse down
-stopped shift cursor move from clearing multi-cursor

06/02/2022Version (0.30.42)
-focus new 10x window after update and bring to front
-removed .cs from default parser file extensions
-added CRLF and LF menu items for file line endings

06/02/2022Version (0.30.41)
-added DiscardAllUnsavedChanges python function
-added Parser.Extensions setting to allow setting of the file extensions that the parser parses
-added .hlsli, .asm and .cs to default list of file extensions to parse
-fixed crash closing tabs with middle mouse button
-fixed crash closing files while mouse selection is in progress
-fixed crash selecting with double click twice and then closing file

04/02/2022Version (0.30.40)
-stopped hover boxes from accepting mouse events (fixes annoying mouse wheel sometimes not working bug)
-hide hover box and autocomplete when scrolling with mouse wheel
-stopped autocomplete automatically submitting when autocomplete list gets to 1 item if Parser.Autocomplete setting is false

04/02/2022Version (0.30.39)
-fixed files not being saved when switching workspaces

04/02/2022Version (0.30.38)
-renamed "UI.UI Selection" colour to "UI.UI Selected Text"
-added "UI.UI Selected Item" colour
-added "Open as Text" menu items to sln and project tree nodes to open the file as a text file in 10x
-changed the config and platform dropdown selected item colours
-fixed unsaved files being lost when workspace closed
-fixed "Run" command failing in 10x workspaces
-"Run" command in 10x workspaces now outputs to output panel rather than build panel
-fixed relative paths for files in directly added to sln file
-added "Content" to list of nodes parsed in .filters file
-removed hack that added all .cs files in the .csproj folder
-made mouse double click event also send a normal single click
-fixed bug switching configs where the parser would duplicate the m_WorkspaceFiles list
-added .txt;.ini;.json to the Workspace Search panel ext list dropdown
-adding a new ext list to the Workspace Search text box now adds it to the dropdown
-fixed Workspace Search ext lists not being loaded in
-fixed font size for the WorkspaceSearch full path name
-stopped readonly dropdown boxes changing the mouse cursor to the text bar
-stopped dropdown list button from showing focus border on double click
-made dropdown list disappear when clicking in text box in read only drop down boxes

03/02/2022Version (0.30.37)
-added StopDebugging command (Shift F5)
-added BuildBeforeRun setting (true by default)
-added g_DefaultCursorBlinkRate (auto by default) auto means use OS setting.
-fixed bracket highlighter matching brackets in strings
-support for ggc style errors in biuld output
-Find/FindReplace (case, word reg) settings now saved in workspace settings
-added *.txt,*.ini,*.json files to default filters list in FindInFiles panel
-don't auto-format on close braces and semi-colons in strings
-made indirection autocomplete change . to -> for smart pointers
-show "0 matches" in workspace search is no matches
-fixed Home and End keys from clearing multi-cursor rect select

01/02/2022Version (0.30.36)
-stopped autocomplete showing when typing new function or variable names

01/02/2022Version (0.30.35)
-added SubmitAutocompleteOnEnter setting

01/02/2022Version (0.30.34)
-fixed config/platform boxes being readonly in 10x workspace settings
-fixed 10x workspace settings resetting settings for all other configs than the current one
-fixed hang creating >1 new text file
-fixed 10x workspaces showing full path in windows taskbar
-don't show workspace extension in windows taskbar
-changed default colour scheme to 'Cantaloupe' because I like it so much
-fixed paste in find references preview panel pasting twice
-don't show autocomplete when typing a new namespace name
-fixed goto-def and find references not working on function declarations after loading from the parsre cache

01/02/2022Version (0.30.33)
-fixed crash moving multiple lines down past end of file
-fixed parser lockup parsing attributes such as alignas( without a close brace

01/02/2022Version (0.30.32)
-support for nested namespaces namespace n1::n2 {}
-fixes to FindSymbol sometimes missing member functions

31/01/2022Version (0.30.31)
-added a tab context menu for tool panels such as output and build meaning they can now be pinned
-fixed pinning of tabs
-fixed bug where unsaved files that don't exist anymore couldn't be closed
-autocomplete will now always select the first item allowing for Enter key submit except when typing a new class, struct or enum name
-made 10x restore and focus window when closing with unsaved changes
-fixed it always starting in non-maximised mode if closed when minimised
-fixed column text box in status bar showing incorrect value if line has tabs
-settings autocomplete lists now sorted by match score
-fixed maximised window height being 1 pixel out
-stopped .ini files being indented
-fixed function list box only showing for functions in the current file
-made preprocessor bail out if line gets too long (> 5000 tokens)
-fixed mouse dragging of autocomplete list box scroll bars
-fixed tab flickering moving mouse over tab close button
-stopped it indenting on paste for non-code files
-fixed vertial ruler position (margin, line numbers etc)

30/01/2022Version (0.30.30)
-vertical ruler lines, "VerticalRulers" in settings file
-added ClearMultiCursors to python API
-fixed window starting off screen
-added setting to disable adding * to new line block comments "Parser.AutoFormatBlockCommentsNewLines"
-fixed blank lines being indented by the auto-formatting
-fixed panel horzontal/vertical resizing extending outside of panel
-fixed stalls trying to open files that don't exist

27/01/2022Version (0.30.29)
-fixed config dropdown not showing

27/01/2022Version (0.30.28)
-fixed statements (such as lambdas) to the right of a variable declaration = operator not parsing, eg int value = [](){}
-fixed Find and Help menus not having shortcut key
-added CloseBuildPanel command
-find prev/next now add to the location stack for prev/next location
-autocomplete for colour schemes in settings file
-autocomplete for key mappings file
-fixed "Support 10x" button overlapping config dropdown
-fixed autocomplete list box hanging around when settings file is closed
-fixed Windows Taskbar not unhiding when moving cursor to the bottom of the screen when app maximised
-made AutoInsertCloseBracket only insert the close bracket if the rest of the line is empty

27/01/2022Version (0.30.27)
-renamed Extensions text box to Filters in find/replace oin files panels
-Find/replace in files filters now use wildcards
-empty filters text box now matches all files
-show Filters searched count in find in files output

26/01/2022Version (0.30.26)
-fixed long stall opening workspace if font set to a font that doesn't exist
-font files can now be specified by font name, name of the font file (with or without the .ttf, or the full path to the ttf file

26/01/2022Version (0.30.25)
-fixed crash on startup if font settings is set to font that doesn't exist

26/01/2022Version (0.30.24)
-autocomplete for most settings
-fonts can now be specified by name
-10xLogEnv.exe now signed
-added external library and font licenses to install
-changed default font to JetBrains Mono

24/01/2022Version (0.30.23)
-fixed workspace tree not remembering its position if docked to panel grid
-fixed workspace tree toggle button getting out of sync if closed in panel grid
-create 10x log file with shared_read to allow access while 10x is open
-enable reading of files that are currently being written to
-improved render of small fixed width fonts
-fixed crash in MSBuildVars::GetVariable
-fixed indent lines not rendering if Tabs mode is set to spaces
-fixed map scroll bars sometimes appearing blank after restoring d3d device

21/01/2022Version (0.30.22)
-fixed download error not displaying correctly in updater
-fixed adding workspace references to a 10x workspace
-fixed crash initialising MSBuildBars
-fixed tree scroll bar colours in light colour scheme

20/01/2022Version (0.30.21)
-fixed FindInFiles autocomplete staying around after panel is closed

20/01/2022Version (0.30.20)
-fixed tab colouring for floating/docked windows
-fixed floating/docked panel drag bar colour not updating when switching colour scheme
-fixed foreground coklour for output and build panels in light colour scheme
-fixed hang shutting down waiting for file status monitor to finish (caused a timeout crash)
-don't show drag bar for docked float panels with multiple tabs
-fixed fill docking to float panel
-fixed MoveLineUp/Down not working if cursor at beginning of line

19/01/2022Version (0.30.19)
-fixed goto-def on namespace function declarations not working

18/01/2022Version (0.30.18)
-made Find/Replace in Files use current word for find text
-close Find in Files when opening Replace in Files and vice-versa
-fixed random black boxes appearing in Find in Files

18/01/2022Version (0.30.17)
-re-wrote panel docking
-now uses dock buttons to give more control and avoid accdental docking
-fixed some functions in std::string and std::thread not parsing
-split 10x Output and Build panels into two panels
-stopped Panel Grid extending panels down over empy panels
-fixed crash if scroll bar resized to zero width
-made MoveLineUp/Down work with multiple selected lines

18/01/2022Version (0.30.16)
-fixed FindFunction panel not finding function declarations
-fixed crash in FindSymbol panel
-fixed FindSymbol sometimes missing files

17/01/2022Version (0.30.15)
-fixed white text in find in files results panel in light colour scheme

15/01/2022Version (0.30.14)
-fixed FindSymbols not finding function definitions
-stopped FindSymbol and FindFunction panels from returning function declarations
-fixed goto-def on a function call sometimes going to the function declaration instead of the definition
-fixed Window title for folder workspaces

14/01/2022Version (0.30.13)
-fixes to Light colour scheme
-improvements to automatic colour setting for FindFilePanel datagrid, panel buttons, scroll bars, drop down boxes etc
-renamed "UI.UI Highlihgt" colour setting to "UI.UI Selection"
-made "UI.UI Selection" set the selection colour for all text boxes
-modification to Firefly colour scheme
-fixed some checkboxes in Workspace Search not working
-fixed check tick and sub menu arrow colours in menus

13/01/2022Version (0.30.12)
-FindInFiles optimisation, X3 faster
-added Workspace filters to FindinFiles path dropdown
-re-ordered main menu items
-renamed Navigation menu to Find
-added ShowFindInFilesResults1-4 commands and menu items
-stopped FindInFiles results panel opening file in same tab
-fixed issues loading files with empty last line or last line without a newline

11/01/2022Version (0.30.11)
-fixed crash parsing using declaration

11/01/2022Version (0.30.10)
-Find/replace in files
-fixed bug in Set10XPanelVisible where if a panel isn't open it won't be focused
-tab focus borders on EditTextBoxList and CheckBox

07/01/2022Version (0.30.9)
-removed .ispc/h files from parser as it causes problems with duplicate symbols in cpp/h files.

06/01/2022Version (0.30.8)
-fixed indentation after (void)value; statement
-added .ispc and .isph to list of C++ parser extensions

04/01/2022Version (0.30.7)
-fixed rare threading crash in parser

04/01/2022Version (0.30.6)
-fixed black window on startup
-fixed flickering while resizing

03/01/2022Version (0.30.5)
-fixed incremental parsing of lambdas

01/01/2022Version (0.30.4)
-fixed transparent borders bug on Windows 11
-changed default key mappings for multi-cursor from control+alt+shift+arrow to alt+shift+arrow

29/12/2021Version (0.30.3)
-added IsFindPanelOpen() and IsFindReplacePanelOpen() to python API

29/12/2021Version (0.30.2)
-fixed crash pasting single line of text to multiple cursors
-stopped multi-cursors being added where there is already a cursor (also fixes ctrl+D wrap around problem)

28/12/2021Version (0.30.1)
-fixed hang on startup for certain values of Search.Extensions setting
-fixed column/row not updating in status bar after paste

28/12/2021Version (0.30.0)
-80% memory reduction
-optimised parser cache read
-optimised FindSymbol panel
-optimised switching of configs
-added LogMemoryStats command
-added CppParser.TrainCompression command
-added CppParser.DumpStringTable command

28/12/2021Version (0.29.45)
-fixed crash pasting multi-cursor block copy at end of file

21/12/2021Version (0.29.44)
-exclude boost from parser (again)

21/12/2021Version (0.29.43)
-fixed folder workspace settings not being remembered
-fixed saving folder workspace as workspace

20/12/2021Version (0.29.42)
-exclude boost from parser because it takes too long to parse

17/12/2021Version (0.29.41)
-fixed stack overflow crash parsing llvm

14/12/2021Version (0.29.40)
-fixed syntax highlighting colours flickering when editing preprocessor line
-fixed define out line not being greyed out after restarting

13/12/2021Version (0.29.39)
-fixed bug restoring unnamed file after crash. Unable to close file or quite due to "unable to update file" message box.

06/12/2021Version (0.29.38)
-fixed rare race condition opening workspace that could result in already cached files being rescanned by Workspace Search

04/12/2021Version (0.29.37)
-fixed rare race condition that could cause Workspace Search to not find any files when generating the cache

03/12/2021Version (0.29.36)
-fixed WorkspaceSearch not being bound to any key when first installing 10x

02/12/2021Version (0.29.35)
-fixed collision bug in WStringHashSet class

30/11/2021Version (0.29.34)
-fixed crash parsing Unreal
-fixed threading bug with ListWorkspaceFiles command

25/11/2021Version (0.29.33)
-fixed crash switching panels in panel grid
-stopped read-only list box items being editable with long click

24/11/2021Version (0.29.32)
-fixed comment blocks sometimes not updating
-fixed lines with macros not being commented out in comment blocks

24/11/2021Version (0.29.31)
-stopped unsaved file from closing if SaveFileDialog is cancelled without saving

24/11/2021Version (0.29.30)
-fixed Search not updating results on open for unsaved files

22/11/2021Version (0.29.29)
-made goto-def on a typedef'd type go to the typedef instead of the type
-made goto-def on a typedef go to the typedef'd type. Allows goto-def twice to go to the typedef'd type
-added .gc to the list of C++ parser extensions to parse
-fixed multi-line block comments not updating when typing a /* or */
-parser support for extern'd functions

15/11/2021Version (0.29.28)
-added temporary UnlimitedMemory setting. Reduces switching config time at the expense of twice the memory
-clean reparse after setting project defines, additional include paths and force includes
-improved list box mouse clicking. Now edits item if it is empty or if mouse held over after click
-fixed bugs closing and re-opening workspaces after clean parse triggered

13/11/2021Version (0.29.27)
-made switching config/platform use parser cache
-added CleanReparse command
-cancel hover box when mouse moves out of window and when menu it shown
-fixed 2 sec stall opening large projects
-fixed leak reparsing workspace
-optimised finding of UE PCH files (speeds up main parse)
-fixed FindFile results sometimes not refreshing

13/11/2021Version (0.29.26)
-stopped it indenting after macro lines such as UPROPERTY()
-fixed build output encoding issues when locale is changed

11/11/2021Version (0.29.25)
-removed max core count of 16
-fixed crash opening workspace tree context menu after re-opening workspace
-more hash map optimisations

11/11/2021Version (0.29.24)
-general parser optimisations
-limit the default max core count to 16
-changed from MurmurHash2 to MurmurHash3
-allow mapping of the ; key
-fixed knuth multiplicative hash, now shifts in HashMap
-make sure mutex lock classes are aligned
-optimised FindIncludeFile

10/11/2021Version (0.29.23)
-fixed crash in FindSymbolReferences panel
-fixed stall opening sln workspaces with lots of folder projects
-shutdown optimisations
-optimisation to StringId hash table (speed up to parsing and read parser cache)
-fied FindSymbolReferences showing preprocessed line instead of non-preprocessed line
-fixed "declspec() static" functions not parsing

08/11/2021Version (0.29.22)
-add project pch include to top of all header files before parsing. Fixes stuff not being defined in header files that come from the pch included in the cpp files.
-added Force Includes list box to workspace settings. Adds an include files to top of all files in workspace.
-fixed define config, now defaults to Debug, x64
-enabled syntax highlighting and goto-def in defined out code

08/11/2021Version (0.29.21)
-fixed include not being preprocessed if it is the first line in the file
-eliminated unnecessary allocations from parser

06/11/2021Version (0.29.20)
-fixed crash setting column count to 1

06/11/2021Version (0.29.19)
-added support for constexpr for function declarations
-fixed crash adding new folder to 10x workspace

05/11/2021Version (0.29.18)
-a couple of potential parser crash fixes

04/11/2021Version (0.29.17)
-show assert dialog in debug if debugger isn't present
-made parser ignore lines > 1000 in length
-added Parser.VerboseLogging setting, valid values are: 0: disabled. 1: displays parse times for files. 2: full verbose
-removed CppParser.ToggleVerboseLogging command

04/11/2021Version (0.29.16)
-added support for ([, ], \) keys in key mappings

03/11/2021Version (0.29.15)
-fixed slow parse for very long lines (lines hundreds of thousands of chars long)

02/11/2021Version (0.29.14)
-fixed crash on goto-def
-fixed FindReferences panel not showing any results if the search string if manually typed in

02/11/2021Version (0.29.13)
-another UE5 parsing fix

01/11/2021Version (0.29.12)
-support for PCH files in UE5

01/11/2021Version (0.29.11)
-fixed crash in preprocessor (in right branch this time)

01/11/2021Version (0.29.10)
-fixed crash in preprocessor

01/11/2021Version (0.29.9)
-made context menu appear above hover box
-fixed hover box stopping mouse wheel scroll

01/11/2021Version (0.29.8)
-hide hover box when showing context menu

01/11/2021Version (0.29.7)
-fixed bug in string hash map (could have affected all sorts of things)
-fixed ReparseFile sometimes not running syntax highlighter

31/10/2021Version (0.29.6)
-fixed negative values in preprocessor conditionals

31/10/2021Version (0.29.5)
-support for true and false in preprocessor conditionals
-fixed Search.ExcludeList not working

31/10/2021Version (0.29.4)
-added Parser.TreatUndefinedDefinesAsTrue parser setting
-fixed broken hex define #if statements broken in previous build
-fixed goto-def not working on relative includes for files that are not in the workspace

31/10/2021Version (0.29.3)
-support for relative include paths in preprocessor
-fixed #if SOMETHING resolving to true if SOMETHING isn't defined

31/10/2021Version (0.29.2)
-fixed debug settings getting incorrect values from VS proj file
-fixed debug settings overridden in 10x not being resolved ($(SolutionDir) etc)

30/10/2021Version (0.29.1)
-fixed crash adding workspace reference to 10x workspace

30/10/2021Version (0.29.0)

29/10/2021Version (0.28.79)
-fixed hang setting column count to 1

29/10/2021Version (0.28.78)
-fixed crash setting column count to 1

29/10/2021Version (0.28.77)
-fixed 10x workspaces not opening (introduced in previous build)

29/10/2021Version (0.28.76)
-stopped it opening folder workspace on startup (introduced last build)

28/10/2021Version (0.28.75)
-changed .10x_workspace extension to .10x
-fixed empty scope default function args (arg = {})
-removed python OpenFolder, now use OpenWorkspace
-fixed most recent workspace not opening on startup if it is a folder workspace
-stopped buttons showing white focus border when clicked
-fixed line and column numbers not updating on new lines and switching ficus
-pass in build result to python OnBuildFinishedFunction
-fixed OpenFolder in explorer for 10x and folder workspaces
-parser support for virtual keyword in inherited class
-parser support for declspec in function declarations
-parser support for attributes in using alias statements
-fixes to parsing variables and function args with declspec and attributes
-parser support for _Thread_local
-horizontal scroll on shift + mouse wheel
-stopped treble clicking selecting line if clicking on a different line
-clamp dragging of floating windows to main window
-fixed app title showing wrong filename for folder workspaces opened with / at end

27/10/2021Version (0.28.74)
-fixed divide by zero crash creating new panel
-fixed declspec with templated classes

26/10/2021Version (0.28.73)
-VS sync now sets active project when starting debugger
-stopped Perforce RevertIfUnchanged from reverting unsaved modified files
-stopped Perforce RevertIfUnchanged showing empty message box if the file wasn't reverted

26/10/2021Version (0.28.72)
-fixed find/replace crash

23/10/2021Version (0.28.71)
-goto-def bug: it would sometimes go to an identically named symbol in another class/namespace

22/10/2021Version (0.28.70)
-fixed Run command not working for sln workspaces
-fixed GetMSBuildVars returning wrong value for LocalDebugCommand (and other variables that include the solution name)
-fixed Run command for console exe's

22/10/2021Version (0.28.69)
-stopped 10x_notepad from closing when a workspace is opened (caused by closing when last file is closed)
-fixed potential crash opening workspace when files are open in the default workspace
-stopped it showing the output window when opening a workspace n 10x_notepad
-fixed crash creating multiple new.txt files and then closing them without saving
-made new.txt files uniquely named
-fixed memory leak shutting down while workspace tree is initialising
-fixed it showing the current version changes in the update panel (again)

20/10/2021Version (0.28.68)
-fixed crash rendering workspace tree nodes with non-ASCII text
-fixed non-ASCII workspace tree node names not rendering

20/10/2021Version (0.28.67)
-fixed Debug Command being ignored in 10x workspaces

20/10/2021Version (0.28.66)
-fixed hang logging in to an RDP session
-fixed maps croll bars sometimes not being refreshed after a device reset
-fixed update panel showing change for current version

19/10/2021Version (0.28.65)
-reusing of defs on reparse optimisation. Significantly reduces reparsing while editing
-added Reparse All and Reparse File commands (in Parse menu)
-don't set new key mappings if they have already been mapped
-removed unnamed structs from global def tree

18/10/2021Version (0.28.64)
-fixed crash toggling source/header if no previous file focused
-new workspace tree button image
-new workspace tree node images

18/10/2021Version (0.28.63)
-fixes for pointer types (-> auto fix, auto*, templates with pointer types)
-fixed toggle source/header not working if find pane is showing
-fixed classes and structs not parsing with multiple declspec and attributes
-update "VS Classic" colour scheme

16/10/2021Version (0.28.62)
-fixed stack overflow crash parsing stack_overflow.c in clang.
-fixed DefRef operator< bug for DefRefs with templates

15/10/2021Version (0.28.61)
-fixed parser persistent crash after loading backup file from a previous crash

13/10/2021Version (0.28.60)
-fixed NMake build command (Unreal etc) returning success if build fails

13/10/2021Version (0.28.59)
-fixed parser deadlock introduced in last build
-added ini to list of c++ extensions to parse

13/10/2021Version (0.28.58)
-changed the way references are update when symbols are added/removed/changed. Should eliminate the long shutdown times and the parser sometimes taking a long time to update

12/10/2021Version (0.28.57)
-added CustomBuild to the list of allowed vcxproj element names
-support for relative paths for command line args
-added .usf and .ush to the list of C++ file types

11/10/2021Version (0.28.56)
-added some shader file extensions to the list of files that the C++ parser will parse
-added support for single underscore _declspec statements
-added support for [[attributes]] on function declarations
-added support for static keyword on function declarations
-hack fix for FVector in Unreal

11/10/2021Version (0.28.55)
-parser support for using declarations (using MyNamespace::MyClass;)

08/10/2021Version (0.28.54)
-added AddBuildFinishedFunction() python function
-added AddStartDebuggingFunction() python function. Return true from function to override debug process
-stopped BreakpointAdded python function from being called when switching focus with VS syncing enabled
-fixed variable definitions not being parsed if they appear after a pragma line
-added parser support for _Pragma and __pragma keywords
-added parser support for restrict, __restrict and __restrict__ keywords
-added parser support for volatile keyword
-fixed potential memory overwrite in WorkspaceSearch searching for terms that begin with whitespace
-fixed WorkspaceSearch IN keyword
-added ClangFormat script to format files on save
-disabled move line up/down in output window

06/10/2021Version (0.28.53)
-fixed it not running VS to debug if DebugCommand is set
-fixed the Project settings showing the wrong debug settings if the project config doesn't match the main config

06/10/2021Version (0.28.52)
-fixed crash opening up workspace settings (introduced last build)

05/10/2021Version (0.28.51)
-moved debug command settings from sln settings to project settings
-add extra vcxproj properties from .vcxproj.user file
-initialise debug command settings from vcxproj.user file loading project for the first time
-read in debug command settings from the vcxproj file
-added LogMemory command to show total committed bytes
-log memory usage after parsing
-support for reading vcxproj properties with config settings on the property rather than the property group
-added $(SolutionName) and $(SolutionFileName) build variables
-parser support for attributes between class and class name: class [[attribute]] MyClass
-parser support for declspec before variable name

03/10/2021Version (0.28.50)
-added GetDebugCommand(), GetDebugCommandArgs(), GetDebugCommandCwd() python commands

02/10/2021Version (0.28.49)
-fixed text editor menu items not submitting (broke a few versions back)

01/10/2021Version (0.28.48)
-fixed crash starting up with floating (undocked) panel for file that doesn't exist
-stopped 10x_notepad writing out floating file panels to workspace_settings file on close

30/09/2021Version (0.28.47)
-sped up wildcard searching in Workspace Search by approx X20

30/09/2021Version (0.28.46)
-fixed building VS NMake projects with spaces in the build command line

29/09/2021Version (0.28.45)
-fixed double click word and drag select (broken in last update)

28/09/2021Version (0.28.44)
-fixed double clicking sometimes not working
-removed MouseDoubleClickTime from settings (now uses standard Windows double click detection)
-made treble click duration same as double click (was 200ms now 500ms)

27/09/2021Version (0.28.43)
-fixed crash toggling items in main menu, eg Show Status Bar, Line Numbers etc.

27/09/2021Version (0.28.42)
-fixed text rect-selection from starting from the wrong position after a selection is made with goto-def or mouse double click
-support for NMake build commands with multiple commands
-fixed building of VS projects that have a different name to the .vcxproj file

27/09/2021Version (0.28.41)
-set the working directory to be the project directory for NMake build commands

27/09/2021Version (0.28.40)
-added support for $(SolutionPath) VS build variable

26/09/2021Version (0.28.39)
-allow wildcards in FindFilePanel, FindSymbolPanel, FindSymbolReferencesPanel, CommandPanel
-stopped clicking in results list in find panels from taking focus from text box
-allow matching of file name without extension in FindFilePanel
-multi-select in FindFilePanel
-multi-select in workspace tree
-show all files when FindFilesPanel is first opened
-sort all folders and projects in workspace tree (for VS workspaces)
-stopped .h files always appearing above .cpp files in FindFilePanel
-fixed consolas.ttf warning on startup
-removed tab close buttons from workspace settings panel (closing them could result in a crash)
-swapped the order of UI object focus and OnMouseDown, now focuses first

25/09/2021Version (0.28.38)
-fixed reading VS projects with relative paths
-fixed reading paths with $(variables) in the .filters file

25/09/2021Version (0.28.37)
-added support for VS proj variables: $(MSBuildThisFile), $(MSBuildThisFileExtension), $(MSBuildThisFileDirectory), $(MSBuildThisFileName)
-fixed rare crash re-opening sln workspaces (stopped MSBuildVars being inisitalised multiple times)

24/09/2021Version (0.28.36)
-display GetLastError() message if it fails to open a file

24/09/2021Version (0.28.35)
-stopped formatting putting space between auto and &

24/09/2021Version (0.28.34)
-fixed Build command if active projct config/platform doesn't match current config/platform

22/09/2021Version (0.28.33)
-stopped formatter adding space between auto and *

22/09/2021Version (0.28.32)
-divide max number of processors by CPU NUMA count to fix parser perf problems on some systems
-fixed rename moving the cursor to the start of the line if it was at the end of the line before the rename
-fixed MSBuildVars crash, now falls back to using the msbuild.exe from the command line

15/09/2021Version (0.28.31)
-new built in MSBuildVars library for getting build variables from VS projects. Speeds up project opening.

14/09/2021Version (0.28.30)
-fixed long workspace load time when first opening Unreal sln

13/09/2021Version (0.28.29)
-stopped formatter adding a space between >=

12/09/2021Version (0.28.28)
-fixed duplicated panel scrolling up if edit made after current cursor pos

09/09/2021Version (0.28.27)
-stopped it warning about unsaved changes when closing a file if the file is still open in another panel
-fixed cursors, bookmarks and breakpoints changing lines on undo/redo
-made cursor stay on same line when file is edited in duplicated panel
-made scroll line stay the same when file is edited in duplicated panel
-fixed duplicate file panel mismatch error

03/09/2021Version (0.28.26)
-fixed Visual Studio breakpoint syncing sometimes failing

02/09/2021Version (0.28.21)
-fixed Comment command not removing comments when CommentBlockUsesLineComments setting is set
-made Comment command add remove comments from the line start rather than the current cursor location
-stopped Comment command moving to the next line by default
-added CommentBlockIncrementLine setting, true to move to the next line after commenting a line (false by default)
-added extra logging to Visual Studio breakpoint syncing
-fixed formatter thinking <= ... > is a template and inserting space between < and =

30/08/2021Version (0.28.20)
-made find/replace replace next when Enter is pressed (instead of replace all)
-stopped it adding empty element in autocomplete for unnamed struct members

27/08/2021Version (0.28.19)
-fixed indentation on line after empty scope blocks and other general fixes
-fixed goto-def not working on functions with no declaration if GotoFunctionImplementation setting is false

24/08/2021Version (0.28.18)
-made files open in last active text editor panel rather than current panel (fixes files opening over docked Workspace Search panel)

23/08/2021Version (0.28.17)
-fixed crash re-creating map scroll bar texture
-removed whitespace from start of Workspace Search results

20/08/2021Version (0.28.16)
-fixed ctrl+F find not working after clicking on scroll bar
-fixed crash closing and then re-opening update panel

18/08/2021Version (0.28.15)
-stopped multiple threads from trying to write crash dumps at the same time

18/08/2021Version (0.28.14)
-fixed crash/hang closing workspace while it is async loading for the first time

18/08/2021Version (0.28.13)
-Improved handling of output from command processes. Should reduce load workspace time (delay before workspace tree appears)
-Fixed potential bug if process output fails to convert to wchar. Fix for possible memory overwrite.

17/08/2021Version (0.28.12)
-fixed installer failing for systems that don't have correct .net version installed

17/08/2021Version (0.28.11)
-fixed building of projects with spaces in the name

16/08/2021Version (0.28.10)
-support for auto in range based for loops on c-style arrays
-fixed infinite recursion crash resolving auto's, eg. for(auto test : test)
-stopped it remembering every mouse down in prev/next location

12/08/2021Version (0.28.9)
-fixed crash resizing map scroll bar to 0

12/08/2021Version (0.28.8)
-fixed select all not working in text boxes

11/08/2021Version (0.28.7)
-fixed it adding exponential spaces for new lines when the tab mode is set to spaces
-stopped the output window from showing if starting with a file on the command ilne that doesn't exist

11/08/2021Version (0.28.6)
-fixed crash changing drag select into rect select with alt key (introduced last build)

11/08/2021Version (0.28.5)
-changed default key mapping for multi-cursor rect-select to alt+shift+arrow
-fixed multi-cursor rect select with control held to move to next/prev word
-allow alt to be held after drag select started to turn it into a multi-cursor rect-select
-fixed 10x workspace always complaining that they havn't been saved
-fixed files not being saved using right-click build in the workspace tree
-fixed divide by zero crash in map scroll bar, possibly caused by a small font and huge files
-support ll and ull postfixes on number literals
-support for float exponential literals (eg 1e6f)
-fixed Workspace Search filenames being lowercase

10/08/2021Version (0.28.4)
-fixed wrong indent after unnamed scope close brace
-fixed ctrl+shift+alt rectangular select using arrow keys

10/08/2021Version (0.28.3)
-fixed installer invalidating 10x_notepad pinned taskbar shortcuts
-retry updating of externally modified files if file is locked
-keep trying to update file from disk and show "Updateing file..." (instead of closing file on failure)
-re-ordered text highlighters, so symbol highlight appears behind other highlights
-fixed mouse clicks sometimes not adding to the previous location history
-stopped it indenting after UENUM, UCLASS and USTRUCT macros

10/08/2021Version (0.28.2)
-fixed unsaved files prompt not appearing for modified 10x workspaces when shutting down
-fixed indent lines when Tab setting is set tp spaces

10/08/2021Version (0.28.1)
-added new Firefly colour scheme
-made about panel version string copyable
-made about panel website clickable
-improved default text box selection colour
-made goto-line set current line as default text
-added hover descriptions to 10x workspace build settings
-fixes to multi-cursor shift selecting
-made goto-error commands work with files with relative paths
-fixed workspace settings sometimes not saving
-fixed crash submitting workspace settings panel when opened from the main menu
-set working directory for Run command in 10x workspaces
-standardised all ok/cancel button texts to "OK" and "Cancel"

07/08/2021Version (0.28.0)
-added commands and menu items for opening the workspace settings panel
-renamed workspace 'properties' to 'settings'
-renamed "Row" menu items to "Vertical Panels"
-made mouse double click submit find file panel
-trim search strings in find symbols panels
-support for building VS projects with spaces in their names
-only automatically select the first autocomplete item for indirections in functions
-increased show description hover box delay
-made goto error go to the character (not just the line)
-made goto-error work with Unreal header tool output
-made build commands use workspace folder as working directory
-can now save a folder workspace as a 10x workspace
-added exclude filters to workspace folders
-perforce checkout workspace before saving
-support for parsing % environment variables in Visual Studio project files
-added Remove to file and folder tree nodes
-set sync files and recursive as true by default for create workspace panel
-keyboard support for node tree: arrows, page up/down, home/end, enter
-added Cantaloupe colour scheme
-added new colour setting UI.SearchHighlight, used for find symbol, find references and Workspace search
-made update panel use tab select (Enter now submits panel)
-made 10x workspace build work if msbuild env not setup
-prefix 10x workspace build commands with "cmd /c"
-made ctrl+space submit the autocomplete if it is already showing
-added ShowFunctionArgsInfo command (ctrl+shift+space)
-made SelectCurrentScope default to shift+alt+=
-stopped new commands overwriting existing mappings
-made SaveAll python function return false if SaveAll failed
-increased save file re-try attempts
-changed UI.DragDropDockDelay setting to 300ms to improve drag-drop docking
-made ctrl+space complete the word without showing autocomplete if there is only one item in the list
-automatically upload changlist to website in deploy
-Update panel now shows changlist
-added button in update panel to go to the changlist on the website
-added FindInFilePrevCurrentWord command (ctrl+shift+F3)
-added SelectCurrentWord command (ctrl+W)
-added ListBreakpoints command
-added default shift+alt+= key mapping for SelectCurrentScope
-made perforce revert show an error message box if perforce not connected
-changed bulid to use VSDevEnv.bat instead of vcvars.bat
-renamed setting 'Build.Visual Studio VC Vars' to 'Build.VisualStudioEnvBat'
-allow ctrl+alt key mappings
-new toggle Workspace Tree button image
-made ctrl+space select first item in autocomplete
-added BuildBeforeStartDebugging setting (defults to true)
-made StartDebugging command save all
-made build fail if SaveAll fails
-added support for mapping mouse buttons in key bindings
-move cursor to current indent when clicking on an empty line
-allow multi-key key mappings with ctrl+C, ctrl+V, ctrl+X keys
-make middle mouse button move cursor and select word
-added KeyMappingExample.py
-added AddOnInterceptCharKeyFunction python function
-added AddOnKeyFunction python function
-added AddOnInterceptKeyFunction python function
-added GetKeyMappingsFilename python function
-added SetCursorColourOverride and ClearCursorColour override python functions
-Added MoveCursorUp/Down.Left/Right commands
-fixed main thread stalls while reading in the parser cache
-added Parser.Autocomplete setting to disable autocomplete as you type (still works on ctrl+space)
-parser support for constexpr
-parser support for [[attr]] attributes
-parser support for constexpr
-goto-def now works on auto
-added all stl files to include autocomplete
-made using aliases use typedef colour
-fixed parsing of unnamed structs
-added parser support for FORCEINLINE functions in UE4
Bug Fixes:
-fixed crash loading up backup files if no workspace loaded
-fixed potential bug in perforce revert where the file wouldn't be updated
-stopped Find from selecting the next occurance the first time it is opened with ctrl+F on a word
-stopped breakpoint syncing failing if one of the breakpoints is invalid
-fixed new line after /** */ comment block end adding a * line
-fixed it sometimes getting the VS2017 vcvars.bat
-don't apply general text editor settings to output window (line numbers etc)
-added extra logging to VS debugger syncing
-increased VS Debugger call timeout to 400ms
-fixed hang with shift-F3 find prev
-fixed VS project loader missing files with unrecognised element names
-fixed goto-def crash
-temporarily disabled the Hide Menu setting until it is fixed
-fixed potential null indirect crash in panel grid
-removed list tabs button from WorkspaceProperties panel
-hide list tabs context menu after selecting CloseAll. Fixes potential crash then selecting closed file.
-fixed crash closing window while mouse drag selecting text
-fixed buttons showing over menu when window resizes
-fixed shift+alt key mappings from also bringing up main menu
-fixed checkbox text aliasing
-fixed empty workspace panel appearing after loading workspace when tree is already visible (and subsequent crashes)
-fixed "Create Worksapce" typo in create workspace panel
-fixed potential memory overwrite and crashes loading in parser string table
-fixed clicking in scrolled text boxes
-clamp the autocomplete box to stay on screen
-don't start debugger if build failed
-fixed operator/ functions not parsing
-fixed rare parser crash (iter GetNameTempString wasn't thread safe)
-fixed SetKeyMappingsFilename python function
-don't call python update functions until all scripts have finished compiling
-fixed scripts being execute twice during startup
-fixed initialisation of 10x workspaces (such as file backup restoring, restoring layout, perforce connection etc)
-fixed it sometimes warning about a file being modified externally after a save
-fixed memory corruption indenting new block lines
-made list box new item submit when it loses focus (fixes additional include paths not updating when panel submitted)
-fixed divide by zero crash setting tab width to 0
-fixed unnamed enums with type not parsing
-fixed filenames being lowercase in find symbol panel
-fixed memory leak in Workspace Search
-fixed memory leak in Workspace Search
-fixed workspace tree button getting out of sync when closing with close button
-fixed threading issues workspace tree generating and improved speed
-changed "Workspace Explorer" to "Workspace Tree" in View menu
-fixed output panel opening as a floating window
-warn about closing a modified folder workspace
-show build output even if build command is empty
-fixed output panel appearing floating for new workspaces
-fixed templates not working on function declarations
-fixed it showing error dialog if it fails read/write on one of the File IO retries
-fixed crash closing the update panel
-fixed hang and crash when leaving and rejoining remote desktop session
-improved crash error message box text
-changed forward slash key code back to / to fix comment out code shortcut
-fixed rare crash with middle mouse wheel in remote desktop session
-fix to Path::GetRelativePath
-removed border from website button in update panel
-stopped alt code characters from giving the menu focus
-fixed unicode chars not being recognised as letters (fixes ctrl+arrow skip word)
-fixed (ctrp+shift+space) function args info not showing for templated functions
-fixed middle mouse button from triggering commands if clicked outside of text editor
-removed internal stl and eastl files from include autocomplete
-fixed slow startup when there is noather instance of 10x open
-fixed rare threading crash in FindSymbolReferences
-fixed long startup delay introduced in last build
-fixed function info box not appearing when typing (
-fixed GotoSymbolDefinition from triggering if no text eidtor focused (fixes middle mouse click mapping)
-removed FormattingTests.py from the install and delete it from appdata

20/07/2021Version (0.27.0)
-support for files >2GB
-support for assigning auto variables to the result of a function: 'auto p_test = GetPointer()'
-support for eastl
-support for automatically completing /** comment blocks
-added Editor.AutoAddCloseBracket setting
-added Parser.FormatBracesOnEnterSplit setting for formatting braces pressing enter between {}
-added Parser.AutoFormatBlockComments setting
-undo recently inserted char if user types that char, eg auto ) inserting if user types a )
-renamed AutoAddCloseBrace setting to AutoAddCloseBraceAndFormat
-added AutoAddCloseBrace which just adds a close brace and doesn't format
-added new Parser.OpenBraceOnNewLine setting (true by default)
-optimised reading in large files
-general optimisations to file loading
-fixed long pause opening workspace caused by waiting on the Perforce connect
-fixed long pause opening VS projects with $() variables that can't be resolved
-fixed goto-def failing on typedef with same name as what it is typedef'd to, eg typedef struct Test Test;
-fixed array variables not being treated as pointers
-fixed indirections not working for array variables of classes that have a [] operator
-fixed parsing of auto pointers: 'auto p_test = &test'
-parser support for alignas() specifier
-fixed UE4 Super keyword
Bug Fixes:
-fixed Alt-Gr special chars for European keyboards
-fixed diamond char being added on alt-arrow key release
-fixed crash loading workspace with file that doesn't exist anymore
-fixed European keyboard ^ escape key handling
-fixed Del char being inserted on ctrl+backspace
-fixed ctrl+space adding space (allows ctrl_space to be bound to a command)
-fixed IsGloballyVisible parser crash
-fixed "save changes - no" failing for empty unnamed files
-prompt to save changes before starting update
-fixed crash checking for modified files
-fixed function indentation where open brace is not put on new line
-removed "error opening file" message box loading workspace with open files that don't exist anymore
-fixed the text being typed appearing in the autocomplete as you write define statements
-fixed break after switch case statement {} block being indented
-fixed indentation after switch case break statement
-fixed break after switch case statement {} block being indented
-fixed indentation after switch case break statement
-fixed GetWorkspaceExePath() used for launching the exe and a Python command
-fixed panels not remembering they have been docked to the panel grid
-showing the find and find/replace panels when they are already showing selects the find text
-stopped ctrl+alt+shift+arrow moving panels
-fixed selection getting stuck on after starting multi cursor with ctrl+alt+shift_arrow
-made AutoAddCloseBraceAndFormat move the brace to a new line if Parser.OpenBraceOnNewLine is set

25/06/2021Version (0.26.0)
-pinning of tabs
-made perforce diff diff against the HaveRevision instead of the HeadRevision
-pass all command line arguments when opening file in another 10x process with 10x.exe
-re-wrote file status monitoring. Fixed files sometimes not updating when quickly alt-tabbing
-only show selected function in the function list box after using types args (and show all again if cursor moved back to start)
-made F4 in Workspace Search start from the last submitted search term
-added dropdown to find/replace replace text box
-added FindPanelCursorKeys setting to disable cursor keys selecting contorls in find and find/replace panels
-function list box now only shows selected function when typing args (ignores whitespace)
-delay save until Perforce checkout finished
-renamed OnCharKeyDown python function to OnCharKey
-use WM_CHAR windows message for char key presses instead of WM_KEYDOWN with virtual key code lookup
-added support for Japanese Shift_JIS text encoded files
-if the file is not modified changing the text encoding will now reload the file with that encoding
-added code that tries to automatically detect if a file is encided with Shift_JIS encoding
-added setting CloseFindPanelOnEnter to close the find text panel on enter or F3 (off by default)
-added CloseOutputPanel command
-added ListFileStatusMonitorFiles to list the status of all monitored files
-added ListWorkspaceFiles to list all files in the current workspace
-added shader extensions to default file types list
-directory watcher for instant updating of externally modified files (for open files only)
-show an error message box if a file fails to load
-added VSMSBuildInfo.exe to get the Visual Studio msbuild variables (faster and more reliable than old system)
-added VerticalMousewheelSensitivity and HorizontalMousewheelSensitivity settings
-added ReopenFileInCurrentPanel setting to re-open a file in the current panel even if already open (defaults to false)
-made it always try and check out on save when saving read-only files (if checkout failed on edit)
-for drag-droped files open file in the panel that it is dropped in
-made clicking in TextEditor put cursor on the closest char
-when opening duplicated files favour the one in the current panel
-holding shift when opening a file will duplicate it in the current panel
-fixed parsing of templates with sub-classes, eg Ptr<Class1::Class2>
-fixed parser failing to parse statement after two sequential 'using namespace' statements
-fixed next statement sometimes not being reparsed when editing current statement
-fixed member function arg types not parsing if they are declared in a parent scope of the class
-fixed indirection with brackets not working, eg (*p)->Test()
-fixed goto-def sometimes going to virtual function definition from the parent class instead of the current class
-fixed find reference not working on non-virtual member function definitions
-added Parser.GotoFunctionImplementation setting. Makes goto-def on a function call go to the implementation instead of the declaration. Defaults to true.
-re-wrote include autocomplete. Fixes typing slowdown and improved path matching
-fixed / and . chars dismissing include autocomplete
-fixed it missing include paths for Visual Studio projects. Improves include autocomplete
-parser support for typedef structs and unions
-fixed parsing of functions with ... ellipses
-fixed parsing of variables and function args with square brackets, eg int my_var[]
-fixed bugs with goto-def on unions
-fixed parser breaking if files are edited while initial parse is in progress
-fixed unnamed unions parser bug introduced in last update
-fixed autocomplete for unnamed unions
-fixed goto-def finding function in global scope instead of a parent class
-fixed goto-def finding function in base classes instead of parent (GetDefParents order reversed)
-fixed broken autocomplete on function return values
-fixed bug reparsing using namespcae statements (fixes parser breaking when saving file)
-fixed files being reparsed when saved (introduced with file watcher change)
-fixed global function being found for goto-def on member function that only has declaration with no definition
Bug Fixes:
-fixed autocomplete out of bounds crash for empty lists on up/down key
-fixed uninitialised variable causing new files failing to save with read-only message
-stopped find panel showing over horizontal scroll bar
-fixed config drop-downs not disappearing after clicking on tree view
-fixes to telemetry
-fixed the crash dmp file not being deleted after creating the gzip file
-stopped autocomplete being dismissed on up/down if there is only one entry
-stopped function list box eating the up/down arrow keys if there is only one item
-fixed FileStatusMonitor getting stuck in a loop if it is inturrupted by switching focus
-fixed last char still being highlighted after deleting file find text
-fixed tab select not working on find/replace 'Sel' button
-find and find/replace panels: stopped text box cursor keys from selecting prev/next control if there is a selection
-stopped find and find/replace left cursor key wrapping around and selecting rightmost button
-fixed 10x_notepad not showing the current file in task bar if user clicks on UI outside of text editor
-fixed crash shutting down with pinned panels
-fixed panel pinning not saving correctly
-fixed GotoFunctionImplementation setting not being restored when workspace is opened
-fixed right click build in workspace explorer building the active project instead of the selected on
-fixed bug where closing a file, modifying it externally and re-opening file would open the old file
-check for file modifications in all systems when a file is opened
-copy over Snippets.py to fix compile warning on startup
-fixed ctrl+backspace inserting Del char
-fixed crash submitting WorkspaceSearch panel with no results
-fixed python compile error with snippets.py
-fixed python scripts not getting installed on new installs
-fixed externally modified files not always reloading and resulting in no text
-made FileStatusMonitor log to file instaed of output window
-fixed hang reloading externally modified files
-fixed docked panels not remembering their dock state and size when reopening
-fixed floating panels not remembering their position when reopening
-fixed "error updating file" warning when closing unnamed file with 'discard changes'
-fixed new file containing discarded changes from closed new.txt with discard changes
-fixed backup file not being cleared when closing unnamed files
-fixed ctrl+space key mapping not working (due to WM_CHAR change)
-fixed files being opened multiple times in current panel with ReopenFileInCurrentPanel setting enabled
-stopped current workspace being added to FindFile panel files

19/05/2021Version (0.25.0)
-support for partial template specialization
-support for templated function specialization
-support for inherited smart pointers
-support for resolving square bracket operator overloading
-stl support (limited to a subset of stl so far)
-made FindSymbol panel preview put function at top of text editor
-support for perforce p4config variable. If p4config is set to a file (eg p4.txt) it will look for that file in the same directory as the sln file and read the client and user settings from the file and reconnect.
-stopped recent files going into taskbar right click menu for 10x.exe (still does for 10x_notepad.exe)
-added extra logging to PerforceConnect
-hide include autocomplete list when typing second " or >
-rewrite of indenting, now always works off previous statement indent. Fixes many issues.
-made installer show message if newer version
-added support for __ALIGN() macro
-added support for typedef enums
-backspace cancels indirection autofix
-don't try and autofix indirection if user has edited previous change
-enabled auto-fix indirection by default
-support for aliased templated types (fixes std::vector [] operator indirections)
-made autocomplete not select any items for non-indirection autocompletes
-stopped enter from submitting autocomplete if no item selected
-only allow ( to submit autocomplete if item is selected and it is a function
-don't auto-add function brackets on autocomplete submit if user submitted with a (
-improved autocomplete fuzzy matching for split words
-added SubmitFirstAutocomplete setting to disable tab submitting first autocomplete item when there is no selection
-stopped ( from submitting autocomplete when there is no selection
-stopped autocomplete scores affecting order until scopre > 5
-added SubmitAutocompleteOnOpenBracket setting to enable/disable the submitting of autocomplete on (
-rename class now renames constructors and destructors
-increased priority of first letter fuzzy match
-increase fuzzy match score if case matches
-tweaked fuzzy match weightings
-set default key mapping for ShowInWorkspaceTree to ctrl+T
-optimisation to token parsing, eliminated array resizing as token are parsed
-parser optimisation, moved more arrays to local thread arrays to reduce allocator contention
-parser optimisation to GetOrCreateCppFile to only take the exclusive lock if creating
-parser optimisation, only resize token array if larger
-fixed bug causing parser slowdown over time (m_UpdatingParseThreads)
-read parser cache optimisations for lots of cores
Bug Fixes:
-fixed installer invalidating pinned startmenu/taskbar shortcuts
-fixed FindSymbol panel not showing all functions by default
-fixed indenting of double braceless if's
-fixed unclosed ( affecting the indenting further down the file
-fixed syntax highlighting failing for externally modified files or files that are saved during the reading of the parser cache
-fixed indentation sometimes failing if you type too fast
-fixed enum indenting
-made F4 go to first item in workspace search
-fixed Workspace Saerch line numbers being off by one
-fixed variables not parsing after a /* */ comment block
-fixed parsing bug where symbols would sometimes be invalidated during initial parse and not come back
-fixed bug where symbols declared after a scope close brace could be put into the previous scope
-made ctrl+backspace delete white space first, then word
-fixed indentation after class access specifiers
-fixed infinite recursion crash in FindDef
-fixed autocomplete not submitting on (
-fixed functions not indenting correctly if there is an enum further up the scope
-fixed up/down keys dismissing autocomplete when there is no selection and only one item in the list
-fixed auto adding of close brace not working for member functions
-telemetry fix. Now goes idle after 30 sec of no input
-fixed destructor definition parsing
-fixed auto-add of } not working on const functions
-fixed autocomplete in class scope not including any class members
-fixed some small shutdown leaks
-fixed slowdown processing build output

02/05/2021Version (0.24.0)
-formatting: adding and removing of whitespace and indenting lines
-added FormatSelection command (ctrl+K,F)
-added FormatFile command
-auto-formatting, format block on } and statement on ; and preprocessor on #
-added Parser.AutoFormat setting
-increased key-combo delay from 500ms to 1000ms (eg, ctrl+S,S to save all)
-re-wrote key combo handling to stop it picking up the second key press that might be mapped to something else
-re-wrote automatic indenting. Covers many more cases, including multi-line statements
-always set indentation of preprocessor lines to zero
-disabled autocomplete in comments and strings
-added preprocessor keywords to autocomplete
-stopped indent lines using parser indent values for empty lines (now works it out of previous lines)
-added CancelAutocomplete command
-automatically dismiss autocomplete after typing else and endif keywords
-added Parser.ExactMatchAutoComplete setting to allow setting the list of keywords that dismiss the autocomplete
-many fixes and improvements to formatting and indenting
-auto-indent line after moving line up/down
-added Parser.IndentCaseStatements option for indenting case statements (true by default)
-added new CppParser.ToggleVerboseLogging command
-added exclude filters for parser. Files that match these filters will not be parsed.
-exclude filters default to /Engine/Plugins/ to eliminate Unreal Engine plugins
-support for custom indenting with AuotIndent. Indenting is now based on the indent of the previous statement
-added GetSetting and SetSetting to python API
-added ExcludeFilters to sln workspace local settings
-added ExcludeFilters setting to sln local settings
-changed default for Parser.ExcludeFilters to ""
-re-enabled prioritising open files in parser. Makes syntax highlighting come in quicker
-renamed Editor.FormatOnPaste setting to Editor.UpdateIndentsOnPaste
-renamed Parser.FormatOnCloseBrace to Parser.UpdateIndentsOnCloseBrace
-added more parser verbose logging
-added support for a bunch more Unreal API macros
-clamp sizes of floating panels to app window
-parser support for partially written functions
-optimisation to map scroll bar (not updating indent lines)
-reduced allocator contention, general parser optimisations - 30%-50% speedup on iniital parse
-parser optimisation - stopped it trying to resolve L in L"" wide strings
-removed limit on MaxCoreCount setting for > 12 cores
Bug Fixes:
-fixed 10x command panel not working on commands that needed a file to be focused
-fixed crash syncing settings to VS debugger
-fixed classes with preprocessor lines in the definition not parsing
-fixed files being marked as modified if the undo group was empty (meant that the modified flag couldn't be cleared)
-fixed file outside of project not being updated when modified externally
-fixed symbol renamer failing to check out files but modifying files anyway. Now checks out all files first before doing any renaming and cancels if a checkout fails.
-fixed crash in 10x command panel submitting command that doesn't exist
-made AutoAddClose brace to only happen on functions and if,for,while statements
-fixed class definitions with preprocessor lines in parents
-fixed parser bug with unmatched block comment end
-fixed rare corruption in formatting
-fixed Editor.AutoIndent setting. Previously wasn't doing anything, now if disabled indents based on prev line
-stopped clipboard history from showing system clipboard values
-fixed crash showing clipboard history if the history is empty
-fixed bug where no files would be parsed if ExcludeFilters is empty
-fixed close brace not being indented correctly if UpdateIndentsOnCloseBrace is disabled
-fixed parsing of Unreal functions with preceding API macro
-fixed relative formatting bug with structs if AutoIndent turned off
-fixed parser not re-parsing next line when editing
-fixed incorrect auto-indenting after preprocessor lines
-fixed stall pasting very long line
-fixed FindReferencesPanel not resetting the current search when workspace closed
-fixed threading bugs in parser due to missing locks
-fixed race condition causing parser to miss some edits
-fixed Delete key not working if cursor beyond the end of the line
-fixed modified file backup
-fixed bug where typing a { in a function could cause stuff lower down the file to stop parsing
-fixed unnamed unions not parsing correctly if they are defined in a different file
-fixed bugs parsing multi-line defines
-fixed args not being coloured as variabled in function declarations
-fixed autocomplete not sorting correctly for namespaces
-fixed autocomplete usage scores not saving

07/04/2021Version (0.23.8)
-new improved fuzzy matching, now consistent across all tools
-added GetWorkspaceBuildConfig() and GetWorkspaceBuildPlatform() python functions to get the config and platform for the currently active workspace
-Compile single file for UE4
-made find symbol fuzzy matching work on symbols with scope, eg MyClass::MyFunc()
-added IsShowingAutocomplete python function
-added ShowMessageBox python function
-increase autocomplete score for keywords that are used in the current function
-added PerforceConnect command to allow reconnecting after 10x has started
-added PerforceHistory command
-added PerforceShowInP4v command
-added PerforceTimelapse command
-added PerforceRevisionGraph
-made double click in find symbols source preview goto source
-made goto next/prev error skip lines with identical filename/line
-fixed external changes not always being picked up by parser
-autocomplete fuzzy matching now supports word first-char matches, eg mtf matches MyTestFunction
-the symbol highlighter now contributes to the autocomplete usage score. 10x will start to learn what you are interested in as you are browsing around the code
-autocomplete match scores are now stored globally rather than per project, and shared by all tools
-autocomplete usage scores now work by symbol instead of just the text
-FindSymbolReferencesPanel now contributes to autocomplete find usage score
-made Build continue if SaveAll fails to save non-code files
-made FindSymbolPanel highlight matching text
-highlighting of text match in FindSymbolReferences find symbol dropdown
-increased mouse wheel scroll step for list boxes
-added SetKeyMappingsFilename python command
-added ResetSettingsToDefault python command
-added ResetKeyMappingsToDefault python command
-removed SpacesAsWildcardsForFindFile from Workspace Search setting, now uses same fuzzy filtering as autocomplete
-new fuzzy matcher that works with lowercase fuzzy filters
-fuzzy matcher will now match words in lowercase strings, eg mytest => myfuzzytest
-improved fuzzy matching of first letter chars and allow text at end of filter to match remaining text, eg mftref => MyFuzzyTestReference
-added AddWorkspaceAdditionalInclude python function
-added SetWorkspaceSettingsEnabled python function
-changed default colour scheme to VS+VAX
-now checks all modified files every time 10x gets focus
-support for auto keyword
-support for range based for loops
-support for simple lambda expressions (so far only parsing of arguments and variable assignment)
-added more automated python test scripts to test parser
-re-wrote the parser re-parse of modified code, fixes lots of bugs and missing references
-significantly reduced memory overhead for open files
-clear visible lines for TextEditor's that are not visible
-optimised listing of large amount of text
-parser memory reduction: 5% memory saving, 3-5% in parse and read parser cache time
-general optimisations to autocomplete
-optimised workspace search, results now appear 30% faster
-optimisation to eliminate stalls on main thread dealing with parser updates
-optimisations to FindSymbolPanel
Bug Fixes:
-skip preprocessor lines in class definitions
-support for more Unreal preprocessor statements in variable defnitions
-fixed comma separated variable definitions not parsing if they contain * or &
-fixed goto-def missing variables in namespace for functions declared with Namespace::FunctionName
-fixed it missing operator functions if they only have a declaration
-fixed parsing of member functions with more than one double colon on their definition name (Namespace::Class::Function)
-fixed building of Unreal projects with relative paths to Build.bat
-fixed VisualStudioLink build dependency
-fixed RemoveDef not invalidating the entire scope of the def
-tightened up parsing of class parents, which was causing things to be parsed as classes that were not classes
-fixed UE4 not building if there is a space in the project path
-fixed BuildAll not using NMake command
-fixed crash if autocomplete showing and cursor moved past end of line
-added VisualStudioSync setting to allow disabling of syncing breakpoints and config with Visual Studio
-memory leak fixes
-fixed leak cancelling workspace tree creation
-fixed leak in Array and HybridArray MoveTo
-fixed leak in ThreadPool TaskContext
-fixed leak of VSProject
-fixed crash dumps for stack overflow exceptions
-fixed UIObject IsShowing to be false if parent is not showing
-fixed leaks closing workspace
-fixed autocomplete bug where autocomplete is not being dismissed on close bracket
-fixed MakeUppercase and MakeLowercase with multi-cursor selection
-fixed leak re-parsing defs (missing RemoveDef event from Cppfile)
-fixed open workspace failing after opening a folder workspace
-fixed default workspace settings not being saved
-fixed bug in Path::NormalisePath for paths starting with ../
-fixed crash double clicking past end of last datagrid row
-fixed autocomplete not picking up symbols from using namespace declarations (cpp only)
-fixed crash opening workspace with empty docked panels
-fixed perforce diff
-fixed pause submitting autocompete on large projects
-fixed perforce revert not reverting unsaved changes
-re-wrote perforce diff to use .NET API instead of command line
-fixed message box sizing for text with long paths
-fixed it missing file modifications outside of 10x
-fixed workspace search not checking file modification times on startup for file paths that differ in case
-fixed workspace search Rescan not checking file modification times
-fixed parsing/skipping of multi-line macros
-fixed it not remember dock position of panel after re-opening
-fixed reading of project files with unknown filename element types
-fixed resolving of templated types within an indirection
-fixed focus crash closing Search panel with close button
-made autocomplete usage score increase when typing symbol name without submitting autocomplete
-fixed mouse clicking in autocomplete list box
-fixed autocomplete not showing in a line after an open bracket
-fixed crash building single file that isn't in a project
-fixed telemetry crash reporting
-fixed crash scrolling through find symbol results
-fixed extra undo after adding char to empty indented line
-fixed bug reading state file causing an increasing pause on startup over time
-fixed crash/hang on startup with 0 width map scroll bar
-fixed find panel right key moving to buttons instead of clearing selection
-fixed EditTextBox cursor sometimes not being visible when moved
-fixed things being focusable behind explusive top level panels (message boxes). Fixes escape not always clearing message box
-fixed line index being off by one in find symbol panel
-fixed existing symbol references not being updated after adding a new symbol
-stopped multiple autocomplete list requests being triggered at once
-fixed crash entering paths in Additional Include paths panel
-fixed random parser crash
-fixed ResetKeyMappingsToDefault python function
-fixed autocomplete not working while function list box visible
-fuzzy autocomplete automated test
-fixed open folder not working for files opened with non-absolute paths
-fixed autocomplete not working in function args where it can't find the function for the function list box
-fixed workspace name not showing for folder workspaces that are opened with a / at the end of their name
-fixed existing references not updating when defining the symbol, eg, write MyValue = 1; then define it before int MyValue; MyValue = 1 would not appear in the references.
-stopped local variables going in to the global references map
-fixed symbol highlighter stopping working if it tries to find references on a non-symbol
-fixed additional include files not being reparsed when changed externally
-fixed rare crash loading up corrupt search cache files
-fixed random parse failures in files that are open during the initial full parse
-fixed parser missing stuff in UE UObject base class
-fixed scope being inserted at wrong index for FindSymbol panel results

26/02/2021Version (0.22.0)
-autocomplete for includes
-indent lines
-show whitespace
-allow function list box to show at same time as autocomplete box
-obtain msbuild variables for each project for each configuration and caches them off
-added ToggleReadOnly command
-added VSDebuggerReconnect command to re-connect to the Visual Studio debugger
-show function info box above cursor
-changed F8 to map to GotoNextResult (same as F4)
-added RemoveAllBreakpointsInFile command (ctrl+shift+F9)
-added RemoveAllBookmarksInFile command (ctrl+shift+F2)
-read in the per-project configs for each solution config
-get the additional include paths and resolves them for all projects (needed for include path autocomplete)
-build variables in project file paths are now resolved (fixes the missing files warning on startup)
-10x now gets the build exe path correctly for the Run command (instead of having to get it from the build output)
-CompileSingleFile support for files in projects that have a different configuration to the solution configuration
-BuildProject supports projects that have a different configuration to the solution configuration
-added LogWorkspaceSettings command to log all project build variables
-Unreal is now built using the NMake command line command (Build.bat ...). This appears to give slightly different results from running msbuild on the sln.
-Run command now uses args and working directory from local debug settings
-stopped output panel from focusing when building
-increased mouse wheel scroll speed for DataGrid
-made menu items activate on mouse up instead of mouse down
-made column count default to 2 on first install
-made multi-cursor paste paste same value to each multi-cursor if the clipboard contains only one line
-disabled the read-only tab button and added a Read Only menu item
-made "ok" only message boxes dismissable with Enter key
-made update panel accept Enter and Escape keys
-added CppParser.ListWorkspaceFiles command
-removed python AddCommand function, no longer needed as all python functions can be commands
-python commands can now be entered without the ()
-aded ListCommands command (also triggered on "help", "?"
-added Exit command
-added Update command that automatically updates if there is one available
-added command panel
-added VerboseLogging setting to log additional stuff out to the .log file (may be a small perf hit)
-added menu item for toggling line numbers
-made Enter key submit menu items
-support for .NET Core projects
-changed default key mapping for Rename to ctrl+R
-changed default key mapping for FindFunction to alt+M
-optimised reading of .sln and .vsxproj files
-optimisation to parser cache reading
-optimised clipboard copy for huge text selections
-parser support for this->
-parser support for Super
-added support for 'final' keyword on functions
-added fuzzy matching for word first chars, eg "mtf" matches "MyTestFunction" and "my_test_function"
-parser support for parent classes/struct without public/protected/private qualifier
-parser support for variables with 'enum' qualifier
-fixed local structs not being parsed if they are in a function sub-scope
-fixed local struct definitions in unnamed scopes in member functions
-fixed comma separated variable definitions with assignments (bool value1 = 1, value2 = 2;)
-fixed word autocomplete not returning results from the current classes parent
-fixed get references not working on on-member function declarations
-fixed goto definition/declaration not work on non-member functions
-fixed virtual references sorting
-sort virtual function references by parent -> derived
-fixed inseting text with autocomplete moving cursor to end of word
-fixed find references returning virtual functions of all classes rather than just the parents and derived classes of the current class
-fixed autocomplete not working on indirection from a typedef'd type
-re-enabled stricter variable parsing in sub scropts of functions
-fixed parsing of templates with typedef'd template args (fixes UE4 TArray [] operator)
-increased the autocomplete usage score weight if the match is at the start
-fixed autocomplete of functions not adding to the usage score
-disabled "more..." for indirection autocomplete, now only globals are put under "more..."
-increased autocomplete starts-with weight
-reduced autocomplete usage score weight
-fixed crash with fuzzy filter
-fixed autocomplete not showing with ctrl+space if cancelled with escape
-fixed autocomplete list not resizing when scrolling with mouse wheel
-fixed parsing of default function args
-fixed referencing files not being reparsed when a file was modified outside of 10x, fixes Find References missing references until the referencing file is opened
-fixed references not being updated on startup if files modified while 10x was closed
-made parser ignore UE4 NoExportTypes.h. Stops parser getting wrong base classes, such as UObject etc.
-moved parser cache to Cache\Parser
-fixed function list box not showing after re-typing an open bracket on function with no args
-fixed autocomplete fuzzy filtering sorting higher than contains match
Bug Fixes:
-fixed Find+Replace Find text box not highlighting find text on focus
-fixed context menu not disappearing when clicking on object that can't be focused
-stopped it removing all breakpoints when regaining focus if it fails to get the list of breakpoints from the debugger
-fixed crash after update when OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup is set
-fixed additional includes Update crash and stall
-fixed hang clicking on Update or cancel button while update is in progress
-stopped font cache being corrupted if it crashes writing the file
-stopped output window always showing opening a file in 10x notepad (introduced last build)
-stopped output window always showing at (2,0), now shows at column count-1
-stopped CppParser.ListWorkspaceFiles making the editor freeze
-fixed whitespace tab rendering bug
-guard against infinite recursion on focus change when syncing breakpoints
-fixed overlapping chars rendering bug
-stopped TextEditor::SetLines from extending all lines before replacing
-fixed files sometimes not updating when modified outside of 10x
-fixed whitespace background colour sometimes being incorrect
-fixed bug with tabs overlapping after changing the read-only status
-made buttons only accept left mouse button presses
-fixed hang doing a find-prev from the end of the file for text that doesn't exist
-made unsaved files warning panel resize based on filename length
-fixed message box text layout for multi-line text and long path strings
-stopped 10x locking up if Visual Studio link never returns
-fixed bug where 10x wouldn't be notified of the debugger stopping if the app exited
-fixed Workspace Search word matching
-force re-connection if Visual Studio sync call times out
-show message box if re-connect fails
-fixed VS debugger syncing missing debugger disconnected events
-fixed crash submitting autocomplete past end of line
-fixed function declaration goto-definition not working on function defintions with multiple scopes in their definition eg void A::B::Function()
-fixed files in Additional Include folders not being written to the cache (cause of the long pause at end of cache read)
-fix for Visual Studio debugger syncing crash
-stopped VS Debugger sync from timing out when launching VS
-fixed "start recording" text box not showing after showing a message box
-fixed workspace tree panel not showing on ShowInWorkspaceTree if it is docked in a tabbed panel
-fixed crash updating while parser is reading cache
-fixed showing menu with alt+key not clearing previous menu
-fixed function list box not showing if editing function with no args
-stopped the autocomplete from adding brackets to function calls if they already exist
-fixed bookmarks and breakpoints being moved to 0 or -1 when file changes externally
-clear out all old bookmarks and breakpoints from workspace file
-fixed slowdown after long debugging sessions with the Visual Studio syncing
-stopped the autocomplete showing after typing open bracket for function call
-fixed Workspace Search not updating results until text is changed (now updates on focus)
-stopped output window from being edited with alt-up/down and undo redo
-fixed GotoNextError not working for errors with whitespace at start
-fixed crash building if no file focused
-fixed case of workspace Search filenames for text results
-fixed potential corruption of Search cache file
-fixed bookmarks being carried over to newly opened workspace
-fixed F4 skipping multiple items in Search panel
-fixed clicking in Search panel moving selection down multiple lines
-don't build if SaveAll fails
-fixed scroll bar drag not working if hovering over panel resize edge
-fixed Unreal Rebuild

25/01/2021Version (0.21.0)
-re-write of auto complete filtering and sorting, prioritises local scope, distance from cursor, function scope, members, usage count etc.
-fuzzy matching in autocomplete
-autocomplete now recognises typed words and increases their usage score
-AutoAddFunctionBrackets setting to automatically add the '(' bracket when autocompleting a function (and also ')' if no args) - defaults to true
-AutoCompleteHideLowMatch setting for hiding of low scoring autocomplete results
-ctrl+space expands "more..." autocomplete items
-highlight match text in autocomplete
-auto-size autocomplete list when scrolling
-ctrl+space shows autocomplete even if no text entered
-show function list box after autocompleting function call
-added "Generate Crash Dump" menu item
-added MaxCorecount setting
-automatically generate a crash dump if 10x takes more than 2 minutes to shut down
-escape now closes sub-menus
-find and find & replace history dropdown
-parsing of SharedPtr in UE4
-parsing of UPROPERTY() and mutable variables in UE4
-support for ref-qualified member functions (& and && after function decl)
-parser support for template declarations with sub templates (fixes UE4 UniquePtr)
-support for autocomplete on . operator for classes with overridden -> operator
-skip MS_ALIGN() and GCC_ALIGN() macros (improved UE4 parsing)
-parser support for noexcept
-total parse time: 16% speedup
-total read parser cache time: 30% speedup
-capped default max core count to CoreCount * 0.375 if system has > 12 cores. Eliminates bad perf on some 32core systems
-optimisations to full parse and parser cache read
-reduced parser allocations for better multi-threading
-improved DefRef hash code distribution
-new class heirachy cache
Bug Fixes:
-fixed open workspace and build progress spinners not showing
-fixed OpenFolder opening the parent folder
-fixed control, shift and alt keys getting stuck on when launching a console sub-process from python
-fixed the function dropdown showing the parent scope name instead of the function
-stopped C++ keywords from going into autocomplete more...
-fixed AltGR key
-put 30 second timeout on getting the project include paths from msbuild
-made msbuild terminate once include paths have been found (can take a long time on some projects)
-fixed shutdown hang
-fixed crash building with no workspace open
-force refresh of Find Reference panel even if it's showing the same symbol when it is opened
-fixed file not updating after reverting
-fixed new line not indenting correctly when file has tabs but setting is set to spaces
-fixed auto-insert braces using wrong tab indent for new line
-fixes to VS debugger integration - disconnect if VS closed, handle error codes and COM retry on failed calls
-double click to select result in FindSymbolPanel
-update file after Perforce RevertIfUnchanged
-fixes to auto-indent
-fixed incorrect font for project context menu
-fixed symbol dropdown hanging around if find references panel closed while dropdown showing
-fixed additional include paths not being submitted when panel closed
-fixed "[vs-debuger] Lost connection" message on opening solution
-fixed virtual functions in find references not working for functions and classes in separate files
-fixed find references not updating if virtual functions added or removed
-fixed find references missing function declarations
-fixed find references not working on function declrations
-fixed typing after indirection (or ctrl+space) showing global autocomplete instaed of indirection autocomplete
-fixed parser thinking that rhs statements with * or & are variable definitions
-fixed Workspace Search not searching modified files
-fixed crash entering rooted path in Workspace search
-fixed EditTextBox dropdown hanging around after panel closed while dropdown showing
-another rewrite of the focus stack to fix bugs unfocusing objects in the middle of the stack
-fixed crash showing context menu while another context menu is visible
-parser fix for indirecting off class constructors
-fixed parser failing the line after a preprocessor line
-fixed parsing of operator() function definitions
-fixed drop down list button not hiding dropdown list
-fixed crash in autocomplete
-fixed focus stack assert closing file
-fixed parser not skipping of preprocessor lines
-fixed autocomplete failing to find function args for functions with default arguments containing brackets
-fixed first global variable in file failing to parse
-fixed autocomplete bug where it would miss variables declared before a previous scope block
-fixed ctrl+space not showing autocomplete for word autocomplete
-fixed copy-paste from multi-cursor selection to a new multi-cursor selection

06/01/2021Version (0.20.0)
-parser support using aliases "using x = <type>"
-'show autocomplete' command (ctrl+space) to manually show the autocomplete dropdown
-autocomplete now hides never-used symbols behind a "more..." option
-sort autocomplete results by locals first, then parent scope, then globals
-added Perforce commands 'Diff', 'Revert' and 'Revert if Unchanged'
-added DiffExe setting for custom Diff apps
-Visual Studio debugging syncing of breakpoints
-Visual Studio debugging now selects correct instance based on open solution
-Visual Studio debugging launches currently selected config/platform
-Find Function panel now sorted by order of functions in file
-Symbol colouring for Find Symbol and FindFunction panels
-symbol colouring in Workspace Search results
-parser support for function with (void) args
-parser support for function with unnamed args
-save and restore clipboard history between sessions
-AutoInsertBraces setting, after typing an open brace inserts a close brace and puts cursor on in scope
-added OpenLastWorkspaceOnStartup setting to open the last workspace on startup
-Find Symbol References now includes all virtual functions from parent and child classes, and function declarations
-Find Symbol and Find Symbol References panels now use text selection colours for highlighted line and text (can be overridden in the colour scheme)
-symbol display names now always contain the parent class/namespace
-'check for update' now shows update panel if update available, and message box if not
-removed namespace column from Find SymbolPanel and added filename(line) column
-Find Symbol panel now uses current word as starting text
-added 'Purchse Subscription' menu item
-moved autocomplete symbol scores into workspace settings file
-improved output and search colours in light colour scheme
-menu link to previous versions website page
-25% speed up of total parse time
-12% speedup of read parser cache time
-optimised converting of N10XWStringArray to resuce allocations
-made parser line strings use custom allocator
-symbol display names are now constructed on dmand
-optimised DefRef template args to use hybrid static array<2>
Bug Fixes:
-fixed Find Symbol References panel not updating after clearing find text
-fixed bug with 10x workspace files not reading in cache and not updating if new files added
-fixed the width of the Find Symbol References dropdown
-fixed Find Symbol panel not refreshing results when it gets focus
-fixed Find Symbol References dropdown sometimes not showing
-made support parser extensions case insensitive
-fixed shutdown hang
-fixed parser recursion warnings parsing using namespace statements
-fixed comma separated variable definitions from being resolved to other symbols of the same name
-made find symbol panel include macros
-fixed Find Symbol results being shown multiple times
-fixed tab focus focusing hidden objects
-stopped symbol highlighter hightrying to highlight the text you are typing

21/12/2020Version (0.19.0)
-added FindFunction panel for finding a function in the current file
-added filter mode dropdown to find symbol panel ("All Workspaces", "Current Workspace", "Function (current file)"
-parser support for types with && rvalues
-added prev/next panel tab commands (ctrl+page up/down)
-added .10x_settings extension to 10x file types in installer
-rename symbol now checks out files if necessary
-rename now warns if it can't modify a read-only file
-added .usf and .ush to default Workspace.Search ext list setting
-changed VS_VAX brace and bracket colours to (215,215,215)
-re-write of UI focus stack (again)
-re-write of UI layering system
-re-write of 10x active panel tracking
-added UI indicator that key recording is active and log to output window
-changed SelectNextMultiCursor to move the current cursor to the next match
-moved SelectNextMultiCursor to Control+D
-update current highlight when text changed
-removed control+R,R rename key mapping from defaults (comnflicts with new Contorl+R FindFunction)
-moved DuplicateLine to control+shift+D
-moved duplicate panel to alt+shift+D
-stopped text being editable outside of symbol rename section
-Menu now uses object focus stack and closes on select to restore focus to previous item correctly before command triggered
-sped up parser cache reading by 33%
-optimised string table reading by reserving memory up front
-optimised parser file ref cache reading by using HashMap instead of Map
-reduced allocations in parser Line class by using Hybrid static array
Bug Fixes:
-fixed crash starting debugger
-fixed ... args not parsing anymore
-fixed crash loading project file with file entry that doesn't have an include attirbute
-fixed recent files not showing in Windows taskbar right click menu
-fixed bug with rename symbol that it wasn't updating closed files
-fixed bugs tab-selecting controls and drop-down focus
-fixed .10x_workspace files not opening as workspaces when opened from command line arg
-fixed tab-selecting controls in find symbol panel
-stopped symbol renamer from cancelling if you don't type fast enough(?!) should fix rare symbol rename crash as well
-fixed general bugs in drop-down list focusing and unfocusing
-fixed Workspace Search not reading extension settings
-fixed symbol renamer getting stuck on if started twice
-fixed text selection colour outside of rename section
-fixed allocator bug causing twice as much memory to be allocated for parser hash maps
-fixed symbol renamer not starting on first char of word
-fixed crash bug selecting recent workspace that no longer exists, clearing message box and then selecting menu again
-disabled clipboard cut and paste if TextEditor is read-only
-fixed find Sel button not being selectable in tab select
-fixed control+up/down changing selected item in Search panel

10/12/2020Version (0.18.0)
-made bracket highlighting also check prev char for brace/bracket
-added ExtendEmptyLines setting
-added MapScrollBarWidth setting
-made SelectAll a key-mappable command with menu item
-added SelectCurrentScope command (control+shift+space)
-added SelectCurrentBracketScope (control+shift+M)
-added settings and scripts to Search panel files
-put values that match case at top of auto-complete list
-parser now supports defines (goto-def, auto-complete etc, not full preprocessor yet)
-parser support for unnamed enums
-unions are now coloured as classes/structs
-tab indenting with multi-cursor select
-added shift-tab without selection to delete preceding tab
-toggle breakpoint command (F9)
-added ClearAllBreakpoints command
-added Prev/Next breakpoint commands
-moved 10x menu items to new Help menu and added links to website and bug database
-added List Commands menu item
-update menu items shortcuts after version update
-added AddBreakpoint and RemoveBreakpoint python functions
-added AddBreakpointAddedFunction and AddBreakpointRemovedFunction python functions
-added RemoveAllBreakpoints python function
-added descriptions to all python functions
-added GetWorkspaceExePath() python function
-added LocalSettings.10x_settings file, local settings store the shared settings path, license and perforce settings
-added PerforceOpenForEdit command. Also added it to the main menu and file tab menu
-if a file failed to check out in perforce try checking out again on save
-support for {} initialisers in variable definitions, eg int value {};
-added local settings to sln workspaces, includes debug exe, args, working dir and addition include paths settings
-improved text editor context menu colours
-refresh parser when file extension is changes in save-as
-added context menu for sln workpace tree node, includes Build, Rebuild, Copy Path, Open Folder and Local Settings
-10x workspace additional includes now supports \* for recursive
-parser support for extern "C" scopes
-parser support for preprocessor lines in enums
-dumps now write MiniDumpWithData. Slightly bigger but they are zipped by 10x
-typing an open bracket/brace with selection brackets the selection
-added BracketSelection setting (defaults to true)
-made arrow keys cancel multi-cursor drag rect select
-made all multi-cursors paste the same value if a single string has been copied to the clipboard
-stopped goto prev/next error from including warnings
-can now map mouse prev/next buttons, mapped to prev/next location by default
-support for member variables declared as multiple comma separated values, eg. int m_Value1, m_Value2;
-support for goto-def and auto-complete for class statics if class is typedef'd
-added .md to Search ext list
-fixed build cancelling, now works on UE4
Bug Fixes:
-fixed multi-cursor rect-select rendering bug
-stopped parser from trying to parse sln files ever opened
-fixed bug clearing all bookmarks in closed files
-fixed text clipping bug in perforce error message box
-fixed file getting re-checked out after reverting the file in perforce
-fixed crash resizing panels to zero
-fixed Workspace Search crash for searches starting with *
-fixed hang in text editor regex find using *
-fixed Search highlighting being wrong for lines with whitespace
-fixed bug alt-clicking without dragging, then moving cursor, then using ctrl+alt_shift+arrow to drag select rect. Selection would start from the alt-click position
-fixed txt and shader files not showing in workspace
-fixed types in strings being coloured by the parser
-fixed bookmark and breakpoint rendering if line contains both bookmarka nd breakpoint, now shows both
-fixed hang exiting 10x
-fixed "fatal error" lines not being picked up in build output
-fixed incorrect text background colour in find references panel
-fixed hang in build
-stopped 10x crashing if shutdown during build
-fixed 10x potentially missing last line of build output
-ensure that 10x output window is in focus when showing command list
-fixed paths showing as lowercase in find references panel for external files not in solution
-fixed functon declration files showing up as lowercase in find rerferences panel
-removed "module" from C++ keywords
-fixed bug where modified files would not be detected for newly opened files until 10x lost and re-gained focus
-fixed GotoBuildError for errors with () in the path
-fixed crash typing template< at end of file
-fixed enter not submitting Find Symbols panel when preview text editor has focus
-fixed potential crash submitting Find Symbols panel with no results
-fixed Build All command
-fixed parser incorrectly finding non-scoped member functions if the definition is in the current scope
-fixed bugs with multi-cursor drag rect select sometimes starting from wrong position
-clear prev location stack after opening workspace
-fixed bug where it would say that a new unsaved file had been modified outside of 10x
-stopped function args list box from disappearing while cursor is still within the function ()
-stopped bracket selection from inserting open.close brackets if just a '(' char is selected
-fixed line numbers being off by 1 in Symbol References panel
-fixed crash building workspace before it has finished async loading
-fixed build getting stuck and not working again if there was an error before msbuild launched
-fixed rename symbol not working if cursor at end of a word
-fixed class parsing with templated parent with multiple template args, eg. class MyClass : public MyBase1, public MyBase2
-pointed Workspace Search help to new 10x documentation page
-fixed incorrect text background colours after undo
-fixed symbol rename not updating all values on delete and backspace
-fixed Search file type text box overlapping checkboxes when resizing in DPI scaled mode
-made control+shift+tab (ShowSwitchPanelPanelPrevItem) bring up recent files panel if not already showing

22/11/2020Version (0.17.0)
-remember docked panel sizes when showing/hiding
-parser support for unnamed structs and unions
-parser support for variables declared at end of struct/union definition
-parser support for final keyword on classes
-typedefs now coloured the same as whatever the typedef is defined to
-support for typename keyword in parser
-added duplicate line command (ctrl+d)
-added insert line command (ctrl+enter)
-name auto-update installer file uniquely for each version to avoid file locks
-support for raw multi-line string literals R"(...)"
-parser support for enums with ": <type>"
-allow key bindings to override alt-key menu shortcuts (eg alt+f)
-made auto-complete show results from all namespaces
-made Find Symbol panel include function declarations in results
-added Parser.AutoFixIndirection setting
-menu items for viewing and changing text encodings and BOMs
-support for big and little endian for UTF-16 files
-changed default key for SelectNextMultiCursor to ctrl-alt-shift-D
-made cursors not line wrap for multi-cursors from rectangular select
-pasting of rectangular region now pastes as original region from cursor point
-added clipboard per multi-cursor
-reduced startup time be around 100ms
-font cache loading optimisation
-optimised state file IO
Bug Fixes:
-fixed crash renaming symbol
-stopped hidden panels (such as Search panel) from showing up in the (ctrl+tab) switch file panel
-fixed folder workspaces failing to open from recent workspaces menu
-fixed potential crash bug closing a workspace while the async open is in progress
-fixed failure to open file in goto next error command if file has ../ back directories
-fixed undo for block comment command using line comments
-fixed text backgrond colour sometimes being wrong after undo
-fixed crash drag-selecting words using ctrl+mouse click/drag
-fixed filenames being lowercase when opened in certain ways, (eg from symbol renamer)
-fixed files not opening in Search panel when entering absolute paths
-fixed crash duplicating a panel with an open text edit undo group
-fixed bug where the source text editor in the Find Symbol panel would sometimes stop updating
-fixed crash in Find Symbol panel (scrolling past top of file)
-fixed rare crash in Workspace Search
-fixed crash closing file, changing it's read-only flag, and then re-opening file
-fixed toggle comment bug with block comments
-fixed mouse double click drag word select
-fixed bug where a BOM header would be automatically added if a file has a non-ASCII character
-fixed bug in utf-16 encoding read/write
-fixed crash converting invalid UTF-8 text files
-fixed wrong file getting focus after exiting the menu
-fixed copied lines being out of order for rectangular selected region

13/11/2020Version (0.16.0)
-sort auto-complete list by most freuqently used values
-made auto-complete list filtering async
-read-only tab button to show and toggle file read only status (shows red if a read-only file is modified)
-made perforce check-out async and show message box if failed
-added ToggleComment command (ctrl+shift+/). Handles line and block comments
-moved search window from alt-a to control-shift-s
-compile and execute python scripts on save
-add python scripts to Find-File
-added settings files to Find-File panel
-write out additional includes to parser cache
-key-mappings for rectangular multi-cursor selection (alt+control+shift+arrow)
-moved multi-cursor select next menu item to new multi-cursor sub menu in edit menu
-support for class and struct prefix on variable types
-moved DuplicatePanelLeft/Right to alt+<>
-added NULL to parser C++ keywords
-detect settings files and script changes on returning focus
-made Multi-curosor select next use the current selection if there is one
-added horizontal mouse wheel support for scrolling left/right
-parser support for class __declspec() statements
-parser support for (named) unions
-support for drag-reordering of tabs
-shift-tab to unindent current line
-optimisation to parser and removal of recursive warnings parsing using namespaces
Bug Fixes:
-fixed parser crash deleting and re-adding namespaces
-stopped it doing a full def parse if any files have changed since the cache was written
-fixed pop-up float panels (such as Find-File and Search) growing each time they are opened
-fixed def_index out of bounds parser crash
-stopped alt key shortcuts in find and find-replace panel from triggering 10x commands bound to those keys (eg, alt-a in find-replace triggering search window)
-fixed crash doing find or find/replace with rectangular selection
-fixed typo in Workspace Search setting (Search.SerchCurrentWord)
-fixed extending of all lines in selected range
-fixed multi-cursor select next for words at end of line
-fixed crash control + drag-selecting words
-fixed progress bar not going away in notepad mode
-close crash dump file handle so 10x doesn't hold on to a lock on the dump file
-stopped it unnecessarily re-parsing all files that have been modified since the first cache write
-fixed bug where the syntax highlighting would fail for modified files on iniital read
-fixed potential crash in ParseThreadUtils::ParseType
-fixed parsing of template types with namespace or class scope (eg std::vector<int>)
-fixes to file modification checking when returning focus

04/11/2020Version (0.15.5)
-added Additional Includes to 10x workspace properties
-added Parser.AdditionalIncludePaths setting for global parser include paths
-made source code panels in Find Symbol and Find Symbol References panels resizable
-check out workspace files when saving
-added error message boxes if failed to write workspace or create nodes
-allow creating new folders inside folders
-properties panels tree nodes
-added Virtual folder option
-allow adding of explicit folders and files to sync'd folders
-allow adding of referenced workspaces to referenced workspaces
-show full path in new file/folder panels
-improvements to light colour scheme (tab context menu, find symbol, find references, workspace search)
-made button colours consistent across colour schemes and special cased light colour scheme button colours
-remember the panel grid position of files when opening a file
-made auto-complete include items from other files
-made auto-complete work in global scope
-made auto-complete work after 1 character instead of 2
-made auto-complete check using namespaces
-restore files back to previous positions after changing column count
-made worksapce background colour match UI colour
-new VS-Classic and VA-VAX colour schemes
-Improved parsing for enums (fixed bug parsing enum as it is typed, and auto complete for old C-style enums
-optimisations to auto-complete when there are a large number of items
-fixed slowdown on main thread during full workspace parse (VMem InsertPageInFreeList fix)
Bug Fixes:
-made parser ignore preprocessor lines (fixes a lot of parsing bugs)
-general bug fixes to 10x workspaces
-fixes relative paths for sub folders and referenced workspaces
-remove child nodes when sync folder disabled
-renamed Add File/Folder mennu items to "Add Existing"
-renamed Refresh menu item to Resync
-fixed map scroll bar rendering bug when resizing the window to be smaller
-improved close button colouring on float panels
-fixed async bugs in parser Database, with Parsing, writing cache and updating files
-fixed mouse cursor not being reset from the text bar after closing edit text box
-reduced float panel title bar height when docked so that it aligned with tabbed panels
-refresh tree node layout when child nodes are removed
-fixed find symbol references panel not showing/focusing if no text editor focused
-fixed text background colours and hover/select line rendering in datagrid
-fixed parser not recognising variable declarations using built in C++ and MSVC types
-fixed Search panel text match colour not updating after colour scheme change
-fixed float panel title text colour being wrong in light colour scheme
-fixed Find File not returning any results
-fixed config and platform settings not being preserved on startup
-fixed broken paste history
-fixed crash opening file in notepad mode
-fixed debug command sometimes not finding existing VS process
-removed extra title bar from Find Symbol Referenced Panel
-fixed selection and hover line rendering in datagrid
-fixed colouring of tabbed panel context menus
-fixed filenames showing as lowercase in find symbol panels
-fixed clearing of multi-corsors not updating the text fore colour for the previously selected text

22/10/2020Version (0.14.0)
-10x workspaces
-Open folder
-Run and Debug commands for sln workspaces (launches VS for debug)
-added "open", "compile", "copy path" and "open folder" to workspace tree node context menu
-added ... to all menu items that open a new panel
-added code file extensions for (almost) all code file types to open file dialog
-drag-drop folder from explorer to open folder workspace
-improved timings on drag-drop panel docking and removed flicker of dock target
-eliminated potential pause updating output panel text
Bug Fixes:
-fixed config and platform dropdowns not remembering setting on restart
-fixed bug with file modified times not being initialised correctly on workspace load
-fixed bug saving using Save-As and then re-opening the original file, it would open the wrong file
-fixed wrong font in workspace tree
-fixed parser crash bug where the parser cache could get out of sync, cache now locked while writing
-set parser threads to be below normal prioerity to try and avoid locking up the system
-fixed EditTextBox not scrolling horizontally
-fixed selection alignment issues in EditTextBox
-made it easier to check checkboxes, now accepts mouse click on label
-fixed drop down list box dropdown focus problems
-fixed tree node sizes not updating on resize
-fixed tree scroll bar not updating on startup
-clamp context menus position to screen size
-fixed bug with Tree not refreshing properly after collapsing node
-fixed crash selecting item in find symbol references panel

30/09/2020Version (0.13.0)
-goto-def for includes now works with Windows/SDK includes
-a number of key improvements to the parser
-parser support for class templates
-parser support for square bracket indexers
-parser support for template return types in templated class functions
-parser support for smart pointer indirection
-parser support for unnamed function args
-parser support for square bracket indirection autocomplete eg array[0]->
-parser support for templated function return types
-add default key mapping ctrl+r, ctrl+r for symbol rename
-parser support for typedef'd operator[] return type
-set min size for scroll bars and make it easier to drag them when small (useful for very large files)
Bug Fixes:
-show message box if D3D fails to initialise
-fixed text back colour being wrong click-deselecting menu item
-fixed tab close button being visible on blank tab after selecting Close All from the ... menu when no documents are open
-fixed crash in undo symbol rename
-fixed long stall opening large files
-fixed rendering of lines > 16383 chars
-fixed Perforce throwing an exception and causing a crash dump if it can't connect to the server
-removed duplicate files in find file panel for files referenced by multiple projects
-fixed floating panels such as the unsaved files warning getting smaller by 1 pixel each time they are shown
-fixed parser bug where it wouldn't parse functions with multiple args
-increased g_MaxKeyComboInterval to 500
-fixed find file panel clipping problem on last line
-fixed key combos (eg ctrl+s, ctrl+s)
-fixed drag-select-rect scrolling
-fixed text background colour wrong after deselecting multi-cursor select
-fixed "Read Workspace" spinning not being removed in notepad mode
-improved TextEditor scroll into view
-fixed pause due to text-highlighting for very large files
-fixed potential memory overwrite when saving key mappings file
-stopped scroll into view from using the scroll margins when typing text
-fixed auto-complete not working for function args on first line of function
-made spinner anim spin clockwise
-stopped scroll bars showing up/down arrows if bar already at top/bottom
-removed 2 separator lines from beginning of tools menu

22/09/2020Version (0.12.0)
-goto definition for #include
-brace/bracket highlighting
-rectangular selection dragging with multi-cursor support
-parser support for comma separated variable declarations (int a, b, c;)
-support for cut/copy/paste per multi-cursor
-added option to installer to not add the explorer shortcuts
-added RestoreRecentlyClosedFile command (ctrl+shift+T)
-added setting to make the switch file panel switch between files in the current panel
-shift+enter in Find panel to go to previous match
-shift+enter to go to previous match in find/replace panel
-enter in find/replace panel goes to prev/next match if find text box focused, and replaces if replace text box focused
-made python interface thread safe, or throws error on functions that are not thread safe
-added AddPreFileSaveFunction and AddPostFileSaveFunction python functions
-added ClearBuildOutput python function
-added CheckForModifiedFiles python function
-added SetStatusBarText python function
-added LogToBuildOutput python function
-added ShowOutput python function
-added ShowBuildOutput python function
-added ShowProjectInWorkspaceTree python function to show the specified project in the workspace tree
-added AddProjectBuildFunction python function to add a callback on project build
-added SetLine python function
-added GetFileText python function
-added IsFileReadOnly python function
-added GetCurrentFileLineCount python function
-added SetFileText python function
-added SaveAll python function
-general optimisations for opening large files
-disabled backups and map scroll bars on files > 128MB to speed up editing
-shutdown optimisations
-made symbol highlighter async to eliminate stalls when editing while parsing
-fixed stall pressing app close button
Bug Fixes:
-made find/replace always select the Find text when opened and made it remember the last find
-made find/replace select the text box text when moving focus between text boxes
-fixed [python] prefix being added mid line in python logging
-stopped find/replace jumping to the next occurance of the current word when opened
-fixed InstallFolder and InstallIconsOnDesktop installer variables not being preserved, which also caused a rare hang in the installer
-update menu item shortcuts after changing key bindings (previously required restart)
-fixed bug in KeyMappings::HandleKeyCode if key binding removed on saving key bindings
-fixed filename popup sometimes not disappearing if mouse moved outside of main window
-fixed crash opening large files, now copes with up to 2GB files
-fixed crash in Search panel auto-completing full paths
-fixed hang in regex find
-fixed toggle source/header finding wrong file for matching files with different extensions (eg. .cpp, .c)
-fixed filename hover box not disappearing when closing a file with middle mouse button
-fixed crash dragging panel out of last column that is split vertically with column count set to auto
-fixed save not preserving line endings (\r\n vs. \n)
-fixed bug in Search panel that could cause it to miss some files in a case sensitive search (files and norm files mismatch assert)
-fixed text background colour for multi-cursors selecting over highlighted text
-fixed symbol highlight flickering when selecting line
-fixed text wrapping in message box for long paths
-fixed bug selecting text with shift click when start of selection scrolled out of view
-fixed flicker of selected symbol when selecting text
-fixed "Show In Workspace Tree" sometimes failing
-fixed Tree ScrollNodeIntoView
-fixed Switch File Panel scroll bug after lots of files deleted
-fixed scroll bar not being draggable if behind scroll step arrow button
-fixed current tab disappearing after closing a lot of files in the current panel
-stopped shift click select resetting the selection start position
-find current word (ctrl+F3) now selects current word if at start of word
-fixed find/replace not replacing last occurance if it is the end text in the file
-fixed Search panel returning results twice for currently open files
-fixed delete line not working on last line of file
-fixed delete line not working if only one line in file
-stopped it writing out the parser cache each time if it can't find a workspace file
-made parser progress bar show for first parse after reading cache
-stopped it exiting in notepad mode when discarding changes on an unnamed file
-fixed wrong background colours after undo of selection deletion
-fixed crash loading up workspace settings for panel that 10x was unable to create
-fixed find/replace replacing with last find text instead of replace text shown
-made python GetLine not crash if index out of bounds
-fixed right-click not setting cursor pos in some circumstances
-only try and highlight symbol if it looks like a keyword

04/09/2020Version (0.11.2)
-support for multiple progress bars and spinners (hover over progress bar to see all of them)
-new Search panel UI, now uses datagrid with columns
-added Search.TextMatch colour setting
-added Search.HighlightLineColour colour setting
-added spinner for tasks that don't have a progress bar (such as building)
-removed FastScroll
-moved Search settings into main settings file (Search.PathMode, Search.ExcludeList, Search.MaxFileSize, Search.SerchCurrentWord, Search.SpacesAsWildcardsForFindFile, Search.MaxResults, Search.SortOpenFilesByOpenFrequency, Search.Extensions
-moved Search settings to appdata State folder and Search cache to appdata cache folder
-added FolderAndFile path mode for search results (and set to default)
-added progress bar for Search indexing
-removed leading whitespace from Search results
-colouring for errors and warnings in 10x output panel
-prefix all 10x output with [10x], [parser], [python] etc
-show message box if trying to open a non-existant workspace
-made parsing of 'using namespace' support multi-namespaces eg "using namespace Name1::Name2"
-lots of optimisations to the parser database, both CPU and memory
-optimised reading the parser cache
Bug Fixes:
-removed custom key repeat settings, now uses the Windows key repeat, fixed all stuck key repeat bugs
-can now map the equals and F12 keys
-fixed bug parsing // comments in /* blocks (could miss the end */)
-fixed file names being lowercase in Search results
-fixed multi-row select in Search results
-fixed Search File Types text box setting alignment
-fixed selection being reset when shift-clicking section and moving mouse
-fixed bug in installer which caused the "invalid install" error on startup
-fixed workspace tree nodes clipping
-fixed crash scrolling through symbols in FindSymbolPanel and moving mouse over datagrid
-fixed crash changing column count
-fixed Rebuild Project command
-fixed file duplication bug where making changes in a duplicate panel would cause file to go out of sync with file on disk
-fixed bug in SymbolRenamer, symbols in other open files wouldn't get updated
-clarified error message for source and workspace files that don't exist
-fixed exponential recursion of parsing multiple unfound using namespace lines
-reduced Token length overflow causing some symbols to not be parsed correctly
-fixed bug causing it to show registration panel after 1 day
-stopped it showing message box about not finding default workspace after update+restart

19/08/2020Version (0.10.9)
-registration and subscription management, and added 'support 10x' button link
-prev/next result for Search results and build errors (F4, Shift F4)
-show current build errors/warning in status bar
-added key mappings for duplicate panel left/right
-general improvements to word and symbol highlighting
-renamed HighlightCurrentWord to HighlightSelectedWord and added new setting HighlightCurrentWord
-If HighlightCurrentWord and HighlightSelectedWord are both enabled and finding the symbol fails highlight current word
-added SettingsPath setting to settings
-put most frequently opened files at the top of the FindFile panel
-fixed text-find not working in output window
Bug Fixes:
-fixed crash parsing boost header, caused by line overflowing packed index in Token
-fixed loading projects with absolute instead of relative paths
-open file in previously focused panel before Search panel was focused
-workspace now remembers docked search panel
-fixed bug with output window text editors not detecting focus change
-fixed find word for lines with multiple matches
-focus edit text box when docked search panel gets focus
-escape in docked search panel focuses prev panel
-move last pasted text to top of past history list
-fixed Search not returning any results for open files not in the workspace
-fixed crashes with certain operations if no text editor focused
-fixes to UI focus stack
-OnFindSymbolReferencedPanelCancelled now restore focus correctly
-fixed bookmarks being moved to line -1 when closing workspace
-remove invalid bookmarks opening workspace
-fixed toggle source/header finding wrong file in workspace when workspace has multiple files with the same name
-fixed main menu returning focus to wrong panel when closing
-improved message box text formatting
-fixed crash getting next word if corsor past end of line
-made message box text colour match main UI
-fixed Find in Workspace crash
-fixed null TextEditor crash switching panels
-fixed TextFinder range out of range crash
-fixed toggle source/header again
-fixed crash opening find symbol references with alt-shift-f
-fixed clipping of tree nodes
-fixed message boxes not getting focus and detecting key presses
-word-wrap on message box paths
-fixed text clipping bug for files with a lot of text
-fixed warning about UI.Scale auto setting
-fixed tree node size bug (making it difficult to click on the node)
-fixed text editors sometimes being scrolled horizintally when opening workspace
-fixed crash loading workspace with undocked text editor
-fixed search results not updating when case/word checkbox changes
-fixed problem dragging main window by clicking to right of tools menu item
-fixed wrong tab being activated when closing file or moving panels around
-fixed cursor position being updated in duplicate text editor panels
-fixed bug maximising main window with double click
-fixed LiberationSans-Regular.ttf not being included in the data file

31/07/2020Version (0.9.0)
-paste history list box (ctrl+shift+v)
-find panel option to find in selection
-keep showing find highlights even after find panel closed (remove with escape)
-general fixes to FindPanel and FindReplacePanel
-symbol references highlighter - highlights all references of the current symbol under the cursor
-show full path of file when hovering over tab
-highlight all occurances of the currently selected word
-added duplicate panel, duplicate left and duplicate right commands, and to file context menus
-improved line indenting
-check for updates every hour and "check for updates" menu item
-improvements to Monokai colour scheme
-general imrpvements to backup system
-added GetBuildConfig and GetBuildPlatform to python interface
-double-click mouse drag and ctrl-mouse drag to select words
-improved file modified detection (threaded, and check all files in solution)
-check for modified files when build completes
-shift-del to cut line
-ctrl-shift-L to delete line
-added CloseAllOther and CloseAll options to the tab context menu
-added SetBildConfig, SetBuildPlatform, GetActiveProject, SetActiveProject python commands
-fixed crash loading workspace with docked find symbol panel
-when closing file focus next file in tabbed panel (not last focused panel)
-fixed path completion opening files by path in Search panel
-find text highlighter now supports, case, word and regex
-added settings options to disable auto indent and formatting
-fixed goto prev/next location not working in output window
-fix for regex search only finding first match in line
-files now always opened with the correct path case
-stopped TextEditor scanning entire text file on every key press
-fixed building single file for files in sub-folders
-fixed crash clicking in output window
-fixed -> being corrected to . on unknown clas types (eg std::shared_ptr)
-fixed currently open unnamed modified files appearing in new 10x instance
-fixed goto prev/next location for output panel tabs
-added alt-F4 mapping to goto next error
-fixed ctrl+F3 not selecting word if only match in file
-fixed workspace tree not being populated if hidden when solution loads
-fixes to file backup after renaming file (caused crash on restart)
-fixed line numbers when adding or removing lines
-keep word entire selected when word drag selecting to the left
-fixed crash drag-selecting words past end of file
-moved example python script to alt-H
-fixed focused button borders

09/07/2020Version (0.8.0)
-fixes and improvements to drag-drop docking and panel grid
-find and find-replace panels now support case matching, word matching and regular expression matching
-made find panels use main UI colouring
-added UI Highlight colour to colour schemes (currently used for find panel selections)
-fixed text editor horizontal scroll bar not always updating
-fixed default colour schemes not being installed
-added DragDropDockDelay setting to allow changing the delay before the drag-drop target rect is displayed
-fixes to moving panels in panel grid (caused by recent drag-drop docking changes)
-made all exclusive pop-up panels use FloatPanel allowing moving and resizing of the panel
-show path to crash dump in crash message box
-fixed drop-down menu item arrow image scaling
-fixed drop down menus not using the main UI font
-clamp dragged panel positions to window so that they don't get lost
-fixed clicking in selected region not having any effect
-fixed cursor switching to resize cursor while dragging panels
-changed the update button to a menu item
-unsaved files warning panel now lists all unsaved files
-added tab-focus for buttons. Can now focus buttons and move between buttons using tab and arrow keys on all panels
-improved colouring of buttons
-fixed backup/restore for unnamed files
-fixed restored files not appearing in the switch file panel
-find and find.replace panel now share state, current file value, find flags etc.
-fixed wrong panel closing when clicking on the close tab button if not in focus
-fixed backup files not being cleared after closing modified file with unsaved changes
-fixed find panels not updating layout if main window resized
-fixed replace panel infinite loop on replace-all
-fixed menu item text having wrong back-colour
-fixed double-click not sending second single click
-fixed save-as showing with with / instead of \
-fixed menu item highlight colour

23/06/2020Version (0.7.1)
-drag-drop docking of all panels, including pop-up panels
-line numbers
-build output error and warning colouring
-can now click with shift held to select region
-fixed control+delete to delete to end of word
-cancelling of build (ctrl+break)
-added support for mapping isert and pause/break keys
-added insert+control key mapping to copy
-stopped projects in folders also being added to root of workspace tree
-added ctrl+shift+z key mapping for redo
-improved layout of workspace tree nodes
-fixed key mappings not updating until restart
-added setting for margin width and colour
-goto prev\next location and switch panel now includes output panel
-switch panel now includes output panel
-sort all nodes in workspace tree
-add unnamed file to recent files when saved
-improvements to colour schemes
-changed crash dump name format so that it sorts correctly
-show red border in Find panel to indicate no matches found
-fixes to UI rendering (off by 1 pixels for panels with borders)
-fixed close-all context menu item in tabbed panel

29/05/2020Version (0.6.1)
-fixed message box not showing if it failed to open a file from explorer
-fixed 'about' 10x dropdown menu diappearing after a few seconds
-re-open opened files after updating if no workspace opened
-fixed bug handling build output
-fixed hang on shutdown. Bug would also have stopped the sln build from working for some people
-fixed search not finding text with space at end of line
-fixed map scroll bar rendering issues when window is resized
-fixed pre-scaled DPI images frmo being resized by 1 pixel
-made settings use default font if no font specified
-fixed crash closing empty column filler panel
-made workspace tree context menu Rebuild menu item rebuild instead of build
-added move line up/down command (mapped to ctrl-shift-up/down)
-fixed telemetry crash dump counting
-fixed 10x_notepad.exe not adding new file on startup
-made UI scale setting default to 'auto' if no scale specified
-fixed warning about invalid UI scales
-fixed crash resizing workspace tree to zero pixels
-fixed resizing of columns outside of panel grid area
-fixed text editor horizontal scroll bar not updating when text is appended
-added ShowInWorkspaceTree command (found in file context menu)
-fixed being able to resize columns through pop-up panels
-fixed key repeat bug when caps-lock key is pressed
-new monokai colour scheme
-fixed "Close All" in tabbed panel
-stopped it showing bar mouse cursor in config dropdown and improved selected item visibility
-added ctrl-W and ctrl-F4 key mappings to close current file
-made CloseFile command work for output panel
-added settings for default columns for file types
-support for hex colour values in colour schemes
-added "C++.Member Function" colour scheme setting
-added "C++.Type" colour scheme setting
-added microsoft standard c-runtime types to parser
-colour scheme colouring for member function declarations
-fixed workspace layout not being saved
-improved finding of vcvars bat file (now uses vswhere.exe)
-fixed long stall closing a workspace
-fix to sub-pixel rendering
-changed default UI font to "LiberationSans-Regular" because it works really well with freetype sub=pixel rendering. Also, changed gamma back to 1.8 now that sub-pixel rendering is working properly

20/05/2020Version (0.5.0)
-more Alt-Gr key bug fixes
-fixed broken Alt-Arrow keys for changing/moving panels
-cpp/header toggleing now supports more C++ file extensions
-fixed broken text background colour in text editor after undo/redo
-fixed Windows task bar title not updating after saving an unnamed file
-fixed auto-complete in Search panel when entering a file path
-refactor of .sln workspace code ready for custom workspaces
-support for more C++ extension types for icons in workspace tree
-added DisablePresentWhenIdle. Setting this to false fixes the low mouse refresh rate with G-Sync
-fixed crash if it fails to connect to a perforce database and added output in log reason giving reason
-fixed bug where closing a file, modifying the file outside of 10x and re-opening the file would miss the modification and show the original contents
-added telemetry
-threaded SHAddToRecentDocs to save 30ms opening a file
-added option to disable putting icon on desktop in installer
-Edit TextBox improvements, undo, select prev/next word, ctrl-delete word

08/05/2020Version (0.4.0)
-fixed "save modified files" dialog not showing when shutting down
-fixed crash if no active project set
-fixed problems with menu and focus change
-fixed issues with Alt-Gr
-added error message if building with no active project
-fixed default active project not being set for some solutions
-fixed problem restoring file from backup file
-fixed editor selection being cleared on right click
-fixed bug with key repeat sometimes getting stuck
-fixed find panel crash when switching windows
-TaskManager re-write, reduces number of threads created. Improves startup time on machines with a lot of cores
-fixed y/n dialog keypresses typing char in text editor
-fixed crash reading empty settings file
-changed search default to to Alt-S
-startup optimisation: threaded perforce connect
-fixed crash playing back a key sequence while recording a key sequence
-optimisation opening large files with chars from extended char set

01/05/2020Version (0.3.11)
-added ctrl-delete and ctrl-backspace for deleting word
-keyboard mavigation for menu
-support for Win7
-fixed render target resizing issues when primary display is lower-res than secondary display
-fixed restored window getting smaller on each restart when opening on secondary display that is lower-res than primary display
-fixed crash maximising on secondary display when it is to the left of the main display
-moved window state (pos, size, maximised) from settings file to state file
-added message box on crash
-changed search shortcut key from alt-F to alt-A so that it doesn't clash with menu shortcut
-fixed ctrl-alt-click for multi-cursor
-fixed crash deleting with multi-cursors
-made switch-file panel loop around
-made ctrl-F highlight current find text if find text panel already visible

24/04/2020Version (0.2.0)
-async loading of solution workspaces and creation of the workspace tree (removes UI pause when opening large solutions)
-support for docking workspace tree on the left (see WorkspaceExplorerDockMode in settings)
-resizing of workspace tree panel
-middle click on tab to close file
-general optimisations to solution loading
-fixed reading of files encoded in Windows-1252 ANSI
-fixed displaying of Windows-1252 ANSI chars in build output
-fixed unicode chars not appearing until the file is modified when DPI scaling enabled
-support for building projects with . in their name
-support for building projects in sub folders
-fix for intermettant parser crash on Startup of some projects
-fixed crash switching away from files that have the find window open
-installer now registered file C++ associations correctly
-fixed recent files jump list (right click in icon in task bar)
-fixed crash closing workspace if there is no active file
-added more C++ extensions for parser to recognise
-added (all files *.*) filter to open file dialog
-added key repeat delay settings (see InitialKeyRepeatDelay and KeyRepeatDelay in settings)
-changed default close file shortcut to Control+F4
-added setting for the mouse wheel scroll step (see MouseWheelScrollStep in settings)
-changed default mouse whell scroll step to 3 lines
-added mouse double click speed to settings (see MouseDoubleClickTime in settings)
-changes default mouse double click time to 500ms
-disabled pasting into output window
-fixed Windows 'bling' sound when alt key is pressed
-clear build output when closing workspace
-added extensions to the list of extensions recognised by the workspace tree
-improvements and fixes to async map scroll bar rendering
-pool system to limit number of map scroll bars in memory
-fixed mouse showing bar cursor to right of scroll bar
-stopped map scroll bar flicker when resuming from lost device
-made 10x_notepad open .sln files as text files
-double click to expand/collapse workspace tree nodes
-fixed tab text disappearing after changing DPI in settings
-fixed tab text in output panel not being DPI scaled
-changed default font gamma to 2.4
-fixed .10x_settings files opening in 10x when right clicking in explorer to open with 10x_notepad
-fixed open and cancel buttons not working in Find Symbol panel
-made open file dialog add .txt if no extension specified
-fixed pasting of text and opening of files with \n instead of \r\n
-fixed rare crash switch away from and back to 10x
-fixed rare crash in find symbol panel (find while database switch in progress)
-optimisations to find symbol panel
-added setting to disable goto-definition with control+click (see ControlClickGotoDefinition in settings)
-remember active project on restart
-new icon

08/04/2020Version (0.1.11)
-Fixed crash if it can't find the font file
-Fixed rendering problem is windows taskbar docked to the side of screen
-Fixed window dropshadow not rendering when resizing window
-Added appdata/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Fonts to the font folder paths
-Added full crash dump setting
-Removed file associations from installer
-Improved UI font rendering. Changed default UI font to Calibri light, size to 10 and gamma to 1.8
-Fixed crash on startup caused by windows locale setting that causes date to parse differently
-Log build command to output window
-Fixed crash building caused by extended-ansi chars in build output
-Added .cc file parser extension list
-Support solution paths and configs with spaces
-Fixed build using wrong solution name when switching solutions
-Added context menu to project nodes for "build", "rebuild" and "set active project"
-Made active project node more visible

06/04/2020Version (0.1.0)
-10x Alpha Launch