10x Local License Server

This page explains how to setup up a local license server for 10x.

On startup, 10x needs to check that it has a valid license. Normally, it checks with the PureDev server. However, it's also possible to run your own local license server.

When you run a local license server, the license server checks its license with the PureDev server, and then all instances of 10x check their license using the local license server.

Instead of a license key for each install, there is just one license key for the license server which allows for <n> instances to register.

Why you might choose to run a local license server:

In general, it's usually much simpler and easier to use the PureDev server. However, if you choose to run your own server, the instructions below show how to set this up.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10/11 or Windows Server

  • .NET 4.7.2 runtime (usually already installed in Windows)

  • Visual Studio 2019 runtime (installed by the install bat file)

Local License Server Setup

1. Download the license server: 10x License Server.zip

2. Extract the zip onto your server.

3. Open an administrator command prompt and run InstallService.bat from its directory

install service

Note: Do not run by right clicking in explorer, it needs the current directory to be set.

This will:

  • Install Visual Studio 2019 runtime if necessary
  • install the 10xLicenseServer service
  • Start the 10xLicenseServer service

You should then see the service running in the Windows Services

10x services

4. Start 10xLicenseServer.exe

10x services

5. Register the server

10x services

Enter your registration key name and value and submit

10x services

You should then see the number of licenses you have purchased here:

10x services

6. If necessary, add a rule in your firewall to allow networking to/from 10xLicenseServerService.exe

The setup of the 10x License Server is now complete

The 10xLicenseServer.exe app can be closed and the service will continue to run in the background.

Registering 10x with the license server

In 10x Editor open the registration panel (Help menu -> License Registration...) and enter the local server IP or name into the registration box. If you have changed the port, specify the port after the colon, eg "mylocalserver:1234". If you don't specify a port it will use the default port.

register with local server

The license server will show the licenses that have been registered

10x services

To Unregister:

  • Unregister from within 10x Editor by going to Help -> License Registration... and selecting Unregister

  • Unregister using the server. Click on the client so that it turns red and click on "Unregister Selected"