10xEditorLink Visual Studio Extension

10xEditorLink is a Visual Studio plugin that allows 10x Editor to communicate with Visual Studio.

Most of the communication between 10x and Visual Studio is implemented using the EnvDTE remote interface, but there are some things that can't be done with this interface which is where 10xEditorLink comes in.

Install the extension from the links below. 10x will then automatically connect to the extension and be able to talk to Visual Studio.

Currently, 10xEditorLink is only used for setting the debug command line arguments, but this will be expanded on in the future.

Download 10xEditorLink for Visual Studio 2019

Download 10xEditorLink for Visual Studio 2022

There is nothing you need to do to setup the extension. It will be loaded when a solution of opened, although it can take around 10 seconds before it is started. You should see this in the output window:

10xEditorLink Output

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