10x settings are stored in .10x_settings files. There are two main files, local settings and shared settings and these files can be opened from the Settings menu.

Settings Menu -> Local Settings...

Settings Menu -> Settings...

The can also be found in the appdata folder



When 10x is first launched it will create these files with the default setting values. To reset them back to the defaults close 10x and delete the settings file. When 10x restarts it will re-create the file.

If a setting is removed from the settings file it will be assumed to be set to the empty string. This can means different things for different settings.

Note that 10x_notepad.exe has its own settigs files which allows you to configure it differently from 10x.



The setting format is:

<SettingName>: <Settingvalue>

Note: there must be space between the colon and the value

To apply your changes simply save the file and the changes will be applied immediately.

Shared Settings

The SettingsPath setting in the local settings file specifies where the shared setting files are to be found. This includes all settings files and sub folders except for the local settings file. By default it is set to ./, the same folder as the local settings file.

Having a separate shared settings file allows you to share your settings across different machines. You can set the SettingsPath to be a shared folder on the network and share your settings across multiple machines.

Note that when you change this setting and save the file 10x will attempt to move the settings files to the new location, so make sure that the folder is accessable and has write premissions.

Settings can be copied or moved between the shared and local settings files. Settings in both files will use the setting in the local settings file.

Workspace Specific Settings

It's possible to override settings for specific workspaces. To do this create a .10x_settings file in the same folder as the workspace and name it the same as the workspace.

For example:


The settings file only needs to contain the settings that you want to override.

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