The perforce settings are in the local settings file.


# Server address for the perforce server, eg:

# Perforce user name
PerforceUserName:                  Name

# Perforce client name

# timeout in seconds for Perforce commands
PerforceTimeout:                   40

The PerforceServerAddress setting must be set for Perforce integration to work.


10x supports the P4CONFIG p4 variable. Read more here.

When a workspace is opened it will search for the p4config file in the workspace directory and then any parent directory.

When checking out a file it will check if there is a p4config file in the file directory or any parent directory.


If you are setting P4EDITOR to 10x_notepad you need to add the -NewInstance arg.

p4 set P4EDITOR="C:\Program Files\PureDevSoftware\10x\10x_notepad.exe -NewInstance"