Visual Studio Debugger Syncing

If the VisualStudioSync setting is set, 10x will connect to Visual Studio and allow you to start and stop the Visual Studio debugger from 10x. It also allows you to sync things such as breakpoints and the active configuration.

If you have a Visual Studio sln workspace open and start debugging (F5):

  • If the sln is open in a Visual Studio process 10x will start the debugger in that instance
  • If it can't find a Visual Studio process with the matching sln it will launch Viausl Studio, open the sln and start the debugger

Before the Visual Studio debugger is started 10x will make the configuration and platform match that set in 10x.

Breakpoints set in 10x will be sync'd to Visual Studio and vice-versa.

Stop debugging (shift+F5) and Restart debugging (control+shift+F5) are also supported

By default the debugger will use the debug command and arguments from the Visual Studio project. These settings can be overridden from 10x. Right click on the project in the workspace tree and select Settings... and select the Debug tab. To override the settings uncheck the "Sync from project" checkbox.

There are some features, such as setting the debug arguments, which won't work unless you have the 10xEditorLink Visual Studio extension installed. Read more here 10xEditorLink

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